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- StumbleUpon. Best friends at final fight... & TOBOKOZ. Top 20 Earth Pictures found on Stumble Upon. Everybody knows that Stumbleupon is an great source for beautiful photography, nature, pets, arts and much more.

Top 20 Earth Pictures found on Stumble Upon

They have millions of users and they are probably the most wide used source for finding quality content. Today, we collected 20 popular photographs from Stumbleupon. Most of them have been seen for more than million times each. We hope you’ll enjoy… Photo Source Photo Source Photo Source Photo Source Photo Source Photo Source Photo Source Photo Source Photo Source. Husband banned from Target. Husband banned from Target After I retired, my wife insisted that I accompany her on her trips to Target.

Husband banned from Target

Unfortunately, like most men, I found shopping boring and preferred to get in and get out. Equally unfortunate, my wife is like most women - she loves to browse. Yesterday my dear wife received the following letter from our local Target. Dear Mrs. Over the past six months, your husband has caused quite a commotion in our store.. 1. 2. 3. Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived. The Vault - The Internet's Greatest Flash Games. Obey The Game.

24 Anime Motivators. Japanese Emoticons - anime manga smiles animated kaoani kaos smilies GIF blobs. Z-Type. Sugar Sugar. Just weird: Guys vs. Cartoon Video. Good Reason: Why are atheists so rude? - StumbleUpon. It was Orientation Day on campus.

Good Reason: Why are atheists so rude? - StumbleUpon

People can sign up for clubs (including the UWA Atheist and Skeptic Society), and there are always tons of church groups doing their schtick. So I like to see what's out there. Here's a conversation I had. It went pretty much just like this. StumbleUpon. Canada A land of vast distances and rich natural resources, Canada became a self-governing dominion in 1867 while retaining ties to the British crown.


Economically and technologically the nation has developed in parallel with the US, its neighbor to the south across an unfortified border. Canada faces the political challenges of meeting public demands for quality improvements in health care and education services, as well as responding to the particular concerns of predominantly francophone Quebec. Canada also aims to develop its diverse energy resources while maintaining its commitment to the environment. The land now occupied by Canada was first inhabited approximately 16,000 years ago by aboriginal peoples. The beginning of the 20th century saw Canada's early involvement in World War I due to British control of its foreign affairs.

Today, Canada is characterized by its socially democratic programs such as universal health care, the Canda Pension Plan, and Canada Student Loans. Under the cherry tree. Blog Archive & 10 More First World Problems - StumbleUpon. 30 Amazing Digital Manga Artwork - StumbleUpon. It is a long time since we shared Manga artwork and Anime inspirations. This art is remarked with special style in lines, colors and shades that is inspired from the Japanese and Chines culture. Although its special eastern style, Manga art has many fans and lovers all around the globe. Before continuing reading this post did you already join our Twitter and subscribe to our RSS feed?

If not, rush and join us now to receive updates of new posts and free resources. Today, I thought it is a good idea to share with you some amazing Manga artwork and Anime digital paintings that are vary in style and subject while sharing the same Manga style of artwork. Tags: anime artManga Artmanga collection — Rafiq Elmansy Rafiq Elmansy is a graphic designer and runs his own design studio Pixel Consultations. When Anime Fansubs Went WRONG - StumbleUpon. It'll be too selfish of me not to share it to everyone for a great laugh ;-) This is just SO DAMN WRONG!!!

When Anime Fansubs Went WRONG - StumbleUpon

Ah my brain!!! I can't get that image out of my head!!! Ok, Cherry Blossom, we get the meaning even without any translation.................... Travel places in Japan. Sakura light-up at Chidoriga-fuchi in Tokyo 千鳥ヶ淵. An afternoon nap markedly boosts the brain's learning capacity. If you see a student dozing in the library or a co-worker catching 40 winks in her cubicle, don’t roll your eyes.

An afternoon nap markedly boosts the brain's learning capacity

New research from the University of California, Berkeley, shows that an hour’s nap can dramatically boost and restore your brain power. Indeed, the findings suggest that a biphasic sleep schedule not only refreshes the mind, but can make you smarter. Students who napped (green column) did markedly better in memorizing tests than their no-nap counterparts. (Courtesy of Matthew Walker) Conversely, the more hours we spend awake, the more sluggish our minds become, according to the findings. “Sleep not only rights the wrong of prolonged wakefulness but, at a neurocognitive level, it moves you beyond where you were before you took a nap,” said Matthew Walker, an assistant professor of psychology at UC Berkeley and the lead investigator of these studies. In the recent UC Berkeley sleep study, 39 healthy young adults were divided into two groups — nap and no-nap. - StumbleUpon.