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How To Spot a Fake Designer Bag. Is that Chanel bag real or fake?

How To Spot a Fake Designer Bag

Photo: Getty A designer handbag has a special type of power. Not only can it instantly update every piece in your closet, but it can give you an undeniable spring in your step. The only caveat? They’re expensive, and only getting more so—Chanel, for example, is on average rising prices of bags 20 percent a year. As the market for designer bags has grown, so has the market for knockoffs.

I Did NOT Wake Up Like This: 35 Things It Took Me 35 Years to Master. Hi There :) Over the past month or so, I’ve been preparing myself for turning 35.

I Did NOT Wake Up Like This: 35 Things It Took Me 35 Years to Master.

And of course, everyone around me is freaking out on my behalf. For whatever reason, as it got closer and closer, I became more and more comfortable with it. 30 was my favorite year but I am pretty certain that this may be the best one yet. 40-things-everyone-should-do-in-Italy-in-their-lifetime. 30 Questions to Ask Your Kid Instead of “How Was Your Day?” — The Synapse. Here's Where Budget Travelers Actually Go On Vacation.

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Uk.businessinsider. A List of Clubs & Organisations That Empower Black Girls. — Bino and Fino - African Culture For Children. Recipe. Real estate. What to do if CPS Shows up at Your Door. Sometimes children are harmed in their homes.

What to do if CPS Shows up at Your Door

This does not make every parent a suspect. In our current hyper vigilant age, there are more parents being reported to CPS than ever before. Loving parents who refuse a recommended medical treatment for their child can be reported by a doctor who might fear losing his license to practice medicine.Neighbors or estranged family members may report a family despite the lack of grounds to support any allegations of abuse.Parents with a sick child seeking a second opinion have been reported to CPS by hospital or medical authorities. Could Flea Markets Be the Key to Black America's Financial, Political Power? Could Flea Markets Be the Key to Black America’s Financial, Political Power?

Could Flea Markets Be the Key to Black America's Financial, Political Power?

By Dr. Samori Swygert “Do for self.” “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps.”


Education. Quick Home Upgrades That Deliver Big Results. 17 Bad Habits You Can Kick Using Nothing But A Smartphone. 1.

17 Bad Habits You Can Kick Using Nothing But A Smartphone

Bad Habit: Turning off your alarm (or hitting snooze 100 times) Source: Five more minutes seems so harmless. Until it's two hours and you're late for everything. How US Companies Stash Billions Overseas — Tax-Free. This post first appeared at Mother Jones.

How US Companies Stash Billions Overseas — Tax-Free

Once again, the Obama administration has set its sights on American companies that stash untaxed revenue abroad. Its 2016 budget, unveiled earlier this week, proposes to stick a one-time “transition toll charge” of 14 percent on the more than $2 trillion in corporate earnings parked overseas, regardless of whether they’re brought back stateside. The estimated $280 billion in tax revenue would be earmarked for upgrading highways and infrastructure. The proposed one-time tax is aimed at just one of the various loopholes and maneuvers that domestic businesses use to offshore their profits, beyond the reach of Internal Revenue Service. The best known trick is so-called tax inversions: US companies can move their headquarters abroad, avoiding the taxman while keeping executives stateside, scoring government contracts, and taking full advantage of public benefits for employees.

A look at how US companies take their money and run — for the border: Stop Trying to Be Good — Be Black. The "Pass the Mic" series showcases voices, perspectives and ideas that spark interesting conversations.

Stop Trying to Be Good — Be Black

Some of the most iconic images of nonviolent protest from the 1960s show well-groomed black folks being beaten, bitten by dogs and dragged by police officers. I marvel at the fashion worn by these meticulously coiffed protesters, who knew they would return home — if they returned home — with blood on their nylons and busted loafers.

Wouldn't sneakers and jeans have been more comfortable, or less expensive to replace? Nevertheless, I understand the sartorial choices of our forefathers and foremothers who occupied public spaces that had been privatized by Jim Crow.


Homeschool Curriculum - You are here: Home » Homeschool Curriculum EBook homeschool curriculum instantly download to your device in .pdf file format.

Homeschool Curriculum -

Click on a CATEGORY below. For a detailed product DESCRIPTION or to view EXCERPTS, just click on the product that interests you! Homeschool Curriculum - - Home. 33 Things I Do Almost Every Day That Make My Day So Much Better. Where-apple-gets-tantalum-your-iphone-304351. My Favorite Lessons from the Life of Fred Books - Educents Blog. You’ve seen it on Educents, maybe on Facebook or Instagram, but you’re still wondering, “What is Life of Fred, and why is everyone so interested in it?”

My Favorite Lessons from the Life of Fred Books - Educents Blog

Life of Fred (some call it Lof) is a series of math books that are nothing like the text books you may remember. The Fred books are filled with adventure, humor, cross-curricular lessons, and everything needed for a perfect math resource. Each book tells the story of Fred through various chapters. The stories are interesting; my children hardly notice the mathematical aspect of the lessons.

At the end of each chapter, it’s “Your Turn to Play” and students are asked solve problems. Elementary Series Overview The elementary series includes 10 books. The Ultimate List of High School Credit Courses. * Updated 8/14/13 The time is here… Transcript Time.

The Ultimate List of High School Credit Courses

First stages are unfolding and I’ve found myself with burning eyes from researching online. So far I’ve come up with a list (which I borrowed from parts of the Florida Department of Education’s course listing of all 9th-12th Grade and Adult Education course names). Remembering The Forgotten: Denmark Vesey, The Charleston Church Founder Who Was A Slave Rebellion Leader. Denmark Vessey, the leader of a historic slave rebellion was a founding member of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Wednesday’s tragic shooting has thrusted Denmark Vesey back into the national spotlight as many noted that the shooting described as a hate crime took place nearly 200 years after Vesey unsuccessfully tried to organize what would have been the largest slave revolt in American history. It was a struggle that later resulted in the historic South Carolina church being razed by angry white men. Emanuel AME Church, known as “Mother Emanuel,” is said to be the oldest AME church in the South. Part-Time Homeschooling . Education . PBS Parents. Though homeschooling often seems like an all-or-nothing endeavor, a small group of “part-time” or “partial” homeschoolers is proving it doesn’t have to be.

Parents engaged in partial homeschooling may opt to teach just one subject at home, or teach most core subjects at home but send their child to school for “special” subjects like art or music. The sky is the limit—just as long as the local school is open and flexible. For Victoria van der Laan, partial homeschooling means that her eight-year-old daughter Tigerlily attends a local “nontraditional” charter school three days a week and stays home for one-on-one learning the other two days. Van der Laan, who lives in Albany, New York, began the arrangement in September 2011. 7 Black HomeSchool Bloggers You Should Know.

About Hoops Sagrado. Hoops Sagrado Video: What Happened When Scientists Put African Americans On An African Diet And Africans On An American Diet. In recent years, public health experts have acknowledged that lowering the risk of the cancer among people of color in the United States, particularly African Americans, will require diet and environmental changes that can only come about through a combination of government intervention and individual fortitude. However, questions remain about what the ideal food selection should look like for African Americans, a group plagued by significantly high rates of obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other physical ailments. A recent study suggests the answer may lie in the diets of their counterparts across the Atlantic Ocean in the rural parts of the Motherland.

In a study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh, 20 African Americans and 20 South Africans switched diets for two weeks. Welcome to Forbes. Chicago Teen Accepted to 26 Colleges, Earns $3 Million in Scholarships. Presents yumPower Kids. Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning. Nonprofit Organization and Program Photographer » South Carolina Photographer.

Lost Posture: Why Some Indigenous Cultures May Not Have Back Pain : Goats and Soda. SchedulerWizard. Airline Seat Maps, Flights shopping and Flight information- Best Airplane Seats - SeatGuru. Attractions For Kids and Families Around USA. Artist Kia Dyson Makes Stunning Digital Collages About Contemporary Black Identity. A List of African Clothing Kids Stores — Bino and Fino - African Culture For Children. Finding African clothing for your little one can some time require some serious searching on google or tracking down an African themed market close to your area.

This is especially true if you live in America, Europe and Asia as part of the Diaspora. 5 Little-Known CLEP Study Resources - SpeedyPrep. Many CLEP students I’ve talked to have had trouble finding good study material that actually prepares them to pass, so I thought I would share some of the best study resources with you today. The Ultimate STEM Guide for Kids: 239 Cool Sites. The 10 Most Functional Foods In The World Which Destroy Cancer Cells. Many specific proteins, enzymes and coding within our immune system may be activated to kill cancer cells. There is no such thing as a cancer cell that cannot be defeated by the human immune system. How to Plan Your Homeschool Year - Real Life at Home. The Brainwashing of African Americans during and after slavery. A MUST READ NOW ! The Brainwashing of African Americans during and after slavery.

During the enslavement of the Africans in America they were given a religion that taught them to believe in white deities- a white God, white messiah, white angels and white prophets. PlantNet will Identify Plants from a Picture.