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Google reveals its design principles | Branding To ensure a strong brand identity, every organisation needs a design style guide , to ensure that all its visual assets adhere to consistent principles. And that applies just as much to the planet's biggest company, Google, as anyone else. Since January 2012, under the leadership of team manager Christopher Bettig and design/project lead Roger Oddone, Google has been working on creating a solid, yet flexible set of guidelines for using its visual assets for both its vendors and its own designers. Google reveals its design principles | Branding
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Repair is Beautiful - Repair is Beautiful Repair is Beautiful (2012) ‘The use of imperfect or incomplete tools draws on the imagination in developing the skills to repair and improvise.’ Richard Sennett REPAIR IS BEAUTIFUL began with the idea of solving frustration. Repair is Beautiful -
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Upcoming Events McLaren Mur à Mur Commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Norman McLaren's birth April 11th to June 1st, Montreal Festival for Art, Interaction and InformationJune 10-13, Minneapolis Nuit Blanche Stats About : DAILY TOUS LES JOURS About : DAILY TOUS LES JOURS
Rio 2016 Branding Case Study London 2012 just ended and everyone will now look forward to the next olympics in Rio 2016. I would like to share a very close inside look on how the branding for Rio was done, that were 139 agencies in the fight to design this brand and Tatil Design nailed it. Imagine a brand born with a huge challenge: to represent the Passion and Transformation of a city and an entire country, and project these values to the rest of the world. A brand that must express unity. Inspire achievement and optimism. Avoid clichés and present Rio de Janeiro as the site of the largest sporting event in the world — to its very own Cariocas, and to athletes and people around the world. Rio 2016 Branding Case Study
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