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Tessellations. Tessellations are all around us!


A tile floor is a good example. Encourage your students to find other tessellating patterns in the world around them. Then make your own tessellations inspired by artist M.C. Escher. Tessellation Kids Project. Tessellations are a fun way to use interdisciplinary connects with Art and Math.

Tessellation Kids Project

I used a lot of vocabulary to connect this project back to the students TEKS. Practice Multiplication with Simple Spirolateral Math Art. For the Love of Art: 6th Grade: Frank Stella Protractor Series. We've been studying Frank Stella's Protractor Series.

For the Love of Art: 6th Grade: Frank Stella Protractor Series

After learning about the artist and analyzing his work through a PowerPoint, students began drawing their own designs using a pencil, protractor, and ruler. Next day, students outlined their design with sharpie, and started coloring with colored pencil. I had several students tell me this was the most favorite project they've ever done... they are easy to please! Frank Stella's Protractor Series. Math Art for Kids: Pi Skyline. Symmetrical Paper Cut Aliens! This lesson is based on symmetry so as far as teaching kids cool subjects, this one is perfect.

Symmetrical Paper Cut Aliens!

In my opinion, there is nothing more pleasing to the ear than hearing a six year old explain symmetry, let alone saying it. It’s a fun word…lots of syllables that when spoken correctly (or very near to it) earns a pretty respected look from parents and teachers. Kids LOVE this word.So now turn the word into creepy, strange, whimsical ALIEN and you have one hour of pure joy on your hands. Step One: Creating the Alien. Not easy for wee kids, but the older they are, the easier it’ll be to teach. Second option: For older kids, give them a pair of scissors and instruct them to create their half of an alien body just by cutting. Step Two: Decorating the Alien It really helps to have small scraps of paper (get out your scrap box), sequins, googly eyes, plastic and aluminum gizmos…anything that the kids can use to decorate their aliens.

How to Use Creative Art Projects to Make Your Students Love Math - WeAreTeachers. Château et soleil Paul Klee -  Put on Your Math Goggles! Seeing Math in a Paul Klee ⋅ Inspiration Lab. Oil Pastel on Acetate - Art Projects for Kids. Grid Paper. Stain Glass Mandal Design. I learned this fake stain glass design lesson at an art conference and had so much fun folding the paper to create this artwork.

Stain Glass Mandal Design

What I love about this project is anyone can be successful and create a beautiful masterpiece. The steps to create this art work: 1. 8 1/2 X 11 White computer paper. 2. Fold the paper in half. 3. Fold in half again and stand up, make sure the crease is at the base. 4. Still in the folded position, fold the corner in to make a triangle. 5. Compass Math Art: Round and Round. Mondrian for Kids: "Stained Glass" Window Art. Fibonacci Valentine. Part of Wordless Wednesday… It’s time for math and love to intersect again!

Fibonacci Valentine

Want the instructions to build one yourself? Check it out over on cwist! See below! Supplies Construction paper in 4 colorsScissorsGlue or glue stickPencilRuler Instructions Pick one piece of construction paper to be the background. From the other three pieces of construction paper, cut the following squares. Four 1-inch squares (2 of one color, 1 each of the other colors)Two 2-inch squares (different colors)Two 3-inch squares (different colors)Two 5-inch squares(different colors) DIY Geoboard with Fabric Loops – Crayon Box Chronicles. Trapezoids, squares, and right triangles, oh my!

DIY Geoboard with Fabric Loops – Crayon Box Chronicles

We love finding interesting ways to learn shapes and colors. Our DIY geoboard is durable, educational, and sets-up in a snap. This project has been a long-time coming for me, probably two years. I wanted to wait until C was three and had a basic understanding of shapes. He’s fanatical about shapes and colors, so I knew he’d gravitate to it! What is a geoboard? A geoboard is a manipulative tool used to explore basic concepts in geometry such as shapes, angles, measurement, area, and perimeter. To create our simple DIY geoboard, you’ll need the following materials: Pegboard(2) Flat Screws, 1/4 in – 20 x 1 in, 50 packNuts, 1/4 in – 20, 100 packFabric Loops We purchased our pegboard, screws, and nuts from Home Depot.

Remember fabric loops? To begin, insert the screw from the bottom of the pegboard through the holes and screw the nut on top of the board (white side). Super Cool Math Art with Parabolic Curves. 21 Math Art Projects for Kids. Rallye mathématique de Savoie, archives - RallyeCoop54. Bienvenue sur le site du RallyeCoop54​ Les énigmes de saison Chaque début de période, une énigme de saison est à disposition des écoles sur ce site.


Il s'agit de problèmes de recherche originaux, où la démarche importe plus que le résultat. Dans l'idée de les mutualiser, nous publierons sur le site les travaux que les écoles nous aurons fait parvenir (vidéos, photos ou images numérisées) par voie postale ou électronique. Maths Juniors. Bonjour à tous voici quelques informations concernant la semaine des mathématiques.

Maths Juniors

Nous vous rappelons que le 4ème défi sera en ligne pour le 12 mars. A bientôt, Semaine nationale des mathématiques Du 12 au 18 mars 2018 se déroulera la 8ème édition de la Semaine Nationale des Mathématiques. Comme les années passées, le département s’engage fortement dans cette action nationale. Ainsi, chaque jour des activités mathématiques ludiques seront proposées pour chaque classe via un site dédié. Vous trouverez toutes les informations concernant cette manifestation en suivant les liens ci-dessous : Defis maths. Défi maths express…