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TripAdvisor développe son application Facebook pour profiter des avis "d'ami d'un ami" Read It Later : [CRM] Civiliz, l’outil de dialogue instore qui a séduit la SocGen et Quick. L’explosion des avis utilisateurs portée par l’usage des applications SoLoMo (Etude Nomao) Savez vous qu’en 4 ans le nombre de commentaires postés sur le web a été multiplié par 8 ?

L’explosion des avis utilisateurs portée par l’usage des applications SoLoMo (Etude Nomao)

Que cela soit pour les restaurants, les bars et cafés ou les lieux de culture et de divertissement, les internautes aiment partager leurs découvertes. En particulier en France où plus d’un million d’avis ont été postés. Nomao, moteur de recommandations locales, vient de publier une étude à ce sujet. Retours sur les chiffres clés… Voici l’évolution du nombre de commentaires écris chaque année pour la France, le Royaume-Uni, l’Espagne, l’Allemagne et l’Italie. Autre information intéressante fournie par l’étude : au global, 90% des commentaires sont positifs. 87% des commentaires localisés en France le sont, un poil en dessous de la moyenne européenne. Pour obtenir ses données, Nomao a étudié plus de 300.000 expressions dans 5 langues. Foursquare CEO plans to take on Yelp with new social recommendations.

Yelp shares soar more than 60% in IPO - Mar. 2. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Shares of reviews site Yelp soared more than 64% Friday, in its initial public offering.

Yelp shares soar more than 60% in IPO - Mar. 2

Yelp (YELP), a San Francisco-based ratings and reviews site, priced its IPO late Thursday at $15 per share. Shares jumped to about $24.50 at the start of trade and held around that point for most of the day, closing at $24.58. That values Yelp at $1.47 billion. Yelp sold 7.1 million shares in the offering on the New York Stock Exchange, so the company will raise about $106.5 million in the IPO. Founded in 2004, Yelp has developed an ubiquitous brand and amassed more than 18 million reviews of restaurants, salons, dentists and other businesses. Yelp is worth $1.5 billion… Now what? So Yelp shares popped in the company’s first full day of trading, closing up more than 60 percent over the initial price of $15 per share.

Yelp is worth $1.5 billion… Now what?

This is just the latest in a string of tech IPOs — after Brightcove and LinkedIn — with big first-day gains. And now at $24.58 a share, Yelp has a market cap of about $1.5 billion. So what’s Yelp to do with its new riches? Well, if it’s anything like LinkedIn or Zynga, it will start sniffing around for acquisitions to augment its existing platform, to integrate new features and to add talented engineers. Here’s a list of some interesting possible acquisition targets for the company. Foursquare To be honest, this is a bit of a long shot, and yet … I can’t stop thinking about how perfect this marriage could be. All that said, there’s plenty of reasons why such a hook-up wouldn’t work: Foursquare’s most recent financing round valued it at approximately $600 million, according to reports.

Tello The takeaway Notice a common theme? How Yelp's Business Works. Yelp Closes 5-Star IPO Day With $1.47 Billion Valuation. For Yelp, this has been a very good day.

Yelp Closes 5-Star IPO Day With $1.47 Billion Valuation

The restaurant review site was received exceptionally well by Wall Street during its first day as a publicly traded company, closing at a price of $24.58 per share, up a full 63 percent from its $15 IPO price. Yelp shares traded at strong prices all day, hitting a high of $26 per share and never falling below its $22 opening price. It’s a warmer reception than we’ve seen with some other recent web IPOs: Shares of Zynga, for example, dipped below the IPO price within the first minutes of its stock market debut back in December. The fact that Zynga was solidly profitable at the time of its IPO while Yelp is still operating in the red just goes to show how unpredictable the stock market can really be, and how many things are at play when the market is determining a company’s value. Of course, today is just the first step in Yelp’s new life as a publicly traded company — it’ll be interesting to see how things shake out in the weeks and months ahead. Yelp IPO Wants To Raise $107.25M At A $898.1 Million Valuation.