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Huawei Officially Announces Huawei Watch and TalkBand B2, N1 At Mobile World Congress. If you measure the success of a product release by the element of surprise, Huawei might not score too well. We found official product videos for the new Huawei Watch yesterday, ahead of today's announcement. Huawei's TalkBand devices showed up in ads days ago and in their own wearables app yesterday. If you measure its success by how much attention and anticipation it generates, you might say that Huawei's new wearables have had a smashingly successful release, especially considering their absence from many Western markets until now.

Finally, we have gotten official word on the release of three wearables: Watch, TalkBand B2, and TalkBand N1. We'll take them one-by-one. Watch While Huawei gets props for making a truly interesting device, this name...well, it's so bland that it borders on the absurd. As you might expect, handsome watches will be running Android Wear, bringing with it all the Google goodness. Not bad for the first try! TalkBand B2 TalkBand N1. Microsoft Band help, tips and tricks | Windows Central. How to connect the Microsoft Band with HealthVault & other services The Microsoft Band is not widely available, but lucky owners got treated to an update earlier this week. Some of the new features include the Bike Tile, virtual keyboard, Quick Read, and much more. It also lets Microsoft Band users integrate their data with two additional services: HealthVault and...

How to use Quick Read on the Microsoft Band The latest Microsoft Band update released earlier this week added some new features and functionality. One of those things is the new Quick Read function. It's another option to scan incoming texts, emails and other notifications on your Microsoft Band. How to use the Microsoft Band keyboard The Microsoft Band received an update earlier today and one of the cool new features is the virtual keyboard. How to add your Starbucks Card to your Microsoft Band Despite there being no official app for Windows Phone, you are able to pay for your Starbucks beverages using your Microsoft Band. The ASUS ZenWatch video review walkthrough | Android Central.

Got two minutes? Here are the broad strokes of the ASUS ZenWatch, the first Android Wear from the Taiwanese manufacturer. And two minutes really is all it takes to convey that this is arguably the best-looking Android smartwatch thus far, from the stainless steel body to the hefty leather strap. And should you want to use something else, that strap is plenty easy to swap out. On the negative side? Well, there's not a lot. ASUS doubles up on some of the software, and it tends to nag you about installing other apps more than anyone else we've seen so far. But otherwise you get the same Android Wear experience as on other smartwatches — only in a design that definitely turns heads. When you're done here, be sure to check out our complete ASUS ZenWatch review!

How to take a screenshot on your Android Wear device | Android Central. While not the biggest deal ever, taking a screenshot on your Android Wear device has been a hassle since launch. That is until now, with the latest Lollipop and Android Wear app updates enabling remote screenshot capture of your Android Wear device on your connected phone. It just takes a few steps, and you'll be taking full-quality Android Wear screenshots and sending them off to where they need to be. Whether you're developing apps and need a quick way to grab screens, or just want to share your new watch face with friends, this is something you'll want to know how to do.

Learn how after the break. First, some prerequisites. Once you meet all of the above criteria, you'll need to enable developer options on your connected phone. Note: If you previously had Developer options turned on on your phone, toggle them off and back on again to make sure that the Android Wear app is aware of the change. Now go share your screens! LG G Watch R review: A full circle. GSMArena team, 01 December 2014. Introduction Smartwatches have been around for a long time now, ever so reluctantly trying to infuse the tech spirit into one of the oldest accessories in the history of the world - the time piece.

But a wrist watch is meant for more than telling the time - it's also a fashion statement. And as cool as the square smartwatches may be, they can only get you so far. With that in mind, Android Wear has inspired the introduction of the first wave of round smartwatches - the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. LG G Watch R official photos Unlike Motorola, LG has managed to make the display on its round smartwatch perfectly round, without the "flat tire" visual effect. And even though there is no mechanism inside, just like a classic watch, what's on the inside matters. Key features Main disadvantages Leather band is a bit on the cheap side The screen is too easy to accidentally turn on Android Wear needs more polish, and more functionality No choice for casing colors.

How To Get Rid Of That Annoying 'Ok Google' On Your Android Wear Watchface. Some of you Android Wear users out there may have taken notice of something that has become quite a few people’s pet peeve. We are talking about the ‘Ok Google’ that pops-up on top of the watchface of your Android Wear device. This pops-up to let users know that they are able to say “Ok Google” into their Android Wear device to trigger Google Now, the problem with this is that figuring that out is a one time thing. People do not need to be constantly reminded that they are able to say “Ok Google” by a pop-up on their Android Wear device. And what makes the pop-up worse is that it pops-up right over your watchface which can be annoying.

So, naturally, people want to know a way to get rid of the ‘Ok Google’ that keeps overlaying their Android Wear watchface, that is where this article comes into play. In order to get rid of the ‘Ok Google’ pop-up on your Android Wear device all you need to do is simply say “Ok Google” a few times and it should disappear. See, wasn’t that super easy? Google Play Music on Android Wear: How to use it and what it still needs | Android Central. One of the primary reasons for me to get a smartwatch was for music. Not to listen from it, per se, but to control music from it. Being able to leave the phone inside while I walk my laps is still a somewhat tantalizing idea, and sometimes necessary, as workout clothes (or any other kind of clothes for that matter) for ladies like me often don't have the luxury of sizable pockets. So, with the recent updates to Play Music and Android Wear bringing this welcome change, let's see about getting these jams from our phones to our wrists — and why it doesn't work as well as we would've hoped.

When you update Play Music, a new app shows up on your Android Wear device. However, opening it up proves to be a bit of a bummer, as the app tells you it's empty, and that it needs to be loaded from your connected phone first. There's even a convenient button that will take us into the settings in the Play Music app on our phones so we can start loading it up. This needs work. If, if, if... There's now an open-source smart toothbrush that tracks your oral hygiene | Connectedly. Ever felt like your toothbrush just doesn't cut it anymore in today's world of connected devices? The folks at Goodwell feel the same way, which is why they've launched a crowdsourcing campaign for a minimalistic sensor-toting brush made out of aluminum.

Here's what Goodwell says about its toothbrush: Our toothbrush is a supremely minimal and has a modern aesthetic with a sustainable platform that the toothbrush market today is missing. Sustainable because it is made of materials that last but also because it's lifecycle is literally a lifetime, unlike traditional toothbrushes that you throw away 2-4 times a year. The brand posits that we throw away about 300 toothbrushes in our lifetime, which isn't all that great for the environment. There are several tiers: For $69, you the toothbrush, and if you're looking for matching accessories to go with it, you'll be shelling out $79 and $89 respectively.

.klatz: smartwatch and handset. EN. How to control your music with Android Wear. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to control your music with Android Wear. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this depending on how you listen to your music. Don’t worry, we’ll go over both ways. You can also watch the tutorial video above to see how it’s done. The video contains a number of Android Wear beginner’s tutorials so check it out!

Control your music with Android Wear with the app itself Many music apps such as Google Play Music have Android Wear support built in. Start listening to music on your Android device.On your Android Wear device, you’ll see what looks like a notification with a play or pause button. Control music with Android Wear using a third party app If you’re using a music app that doesn’t have Wear support, don’t fret! Download Wear Music Controller by clicking here. That’s really it. If you need additional help or you want to talk more about Android Wear, check out the Android Authority forums! What will Android 5.0 Lollipop do for Android Wear? Earlier this week, Google announced the next version of its mobile operating system: Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The new software development kit (SDK) should be released sometime later today (October 17th), and ROMs for the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, and Google Play edition devices should start to roll out “in the coming weeks”. What about Android Wear? Why weren’t wearables powered by Android mentioned, and what will Android Lollipop do for smartwatches? Watch Face API Searching the Play Store for watch faces for Android Wear will bring up dozens of results.

If it were just a watch face, developing apps to accomplish this relatively simple task wouldn’t be that difficult. When Android Lollipop is released for smartwatches, things should get really interesting really quickly! Project Volta With every new version of Android, Google likes to throw in some new “Project” that it’s been working on. For Lollipop, among other improvements, we’ll see Project Volta. Audio Processing Battery Life. This wearable is a smartwatch and a handset, meet .klatz. Android Wear smartwatches, the Pebble, and Apple Watch are pretty snazzy wearable devices, but they need to be tethered to a smartphone to be fully functional. The newly released Samsung Gear S is a smartwatch with cellular connectivity, as is the Goophone Smartwatch, released last year. To make or receive calls on any of those devices though, you are relegated to a Dick Tracy mode, talking to your wrist and having a spoken conversation in the open for all to hear.

It amounts to convenience at the expense of privacy. That is where .klatz comes in, this device is not a standalone phone, but rather than having to talk into your wrist, you can unclasp this device and use it as a Bluetooth connected handset. Unlike other tethered smartwatches however, .klatz adds some focus to basic functionality, like telling the time, offering caller ID, and allowing you to use it as a device to talk on. What makes .klatz different from other smart wrist-worn devices is that it is a stiff cuff. How to use Android Wear like a pro! How to control your music with Android Wear. PULS Smart Band First Look. Reveals Puls Smart Band. Ultimate guide to Pebble | Connectedly. The Pebble may have been a first smartwatch for many, but it was far from the first smartwatch made available to the public.

And in fact, the Pebble wasn't even the first smartwatch from Eric Migicovsky. Stepping back for a moment — for those not familiar with the name — Eric Migicovsky is the founder of Pebble. Along with that little tidbit, we've got so much more information about the Pebble in that's worth knowing. What follows will be a deep dive on everything from the history of Pebble, to the different models, the mobile apps and the Pebble Appstore, as well as a bit for those looking to develop for the Pebble — and for the users looking to customize and get the most out of their smartwatch.

So, from the original inPulse smartwatch from Allerta, to what we now know as the Pebble, we should get started on the history lesson, which as many will remember, revolves greatly around Kickstarter. In this Guide History Wrist-First: This is Pebble Pre-Pebble Kickstarter Retail Availability Watches. Moto 360 Tips & Tricks. The Moto 360 has been a roller coaster of emotion since it was announced back in March.

First, the hype was insane as we all drooled over the round design. As the wait for official details dragged on the excitement slowly died, but then it ramped back up when the device went on sale and quickly sold out. Early reviews talked about terrible battery life, which killed the excitement once again. But now, after a big software update, all problems seem to have been fixed. Whether you’re just getting on the Moto 360 train, or have been riding it for a while, there are some handy tips and tricks you should know. Quickly access the Settings Getting to the settings menu on an Android Wear device can be tedious.

Swipe to mute, check battery, and hide cards Getting notifications is the main purpose of having the Moto 360, but that doesn’t mean you always want to be bothered. When the 360 is muted all of your notifications and cards are pushed below the watch face instead of overlaying. Omate’s Lutetia is a smartwatch designed with women in mind. Omate’s first smartwatch ended up the center of some controversy due to quality issues and the company’s inability to deliver on all its promised features, but that hasn’t stopped them from keeping in the game. Not too long ago we learned about the Omate X, a watch that’s less about delivering a phone-in-a-watch experience and more about giving us a simple notification/companion device. Now Omate has revealed another companion watch, this time geared towards women and dubbed the Omate Lutetia.

The Lutetia is powered by the same Mediatek Aster MT2502 platform as the Omate X, giving it week-long battery life and the ability to work with Android and iOS. In addition to delivering notifications, the watch also has music controls, spotwatch functions, a timer, basic voice control features, weather and a pedometer. As for the looks? The first thing you’ll notice is the circular display, which is somewhat akin to the Moto 360, though without the flat tire look.

Tip: Flip The Moto 360 Face Down When Not In Use To Save Battery Life In Ambient Mode. The Moto 360 isn't a perfect device, but it's still probably the king of Android Wear smart watches for the time being. One of the cool things about the 360 is the smarter way it makes use of ambient mode (not the ambient light sensor, that's different).

The screen will stay on so you can see it without the full wrist-flip gesture, but you can make use of ambient mode to save power when you're not wearing the watch—just lay it face down. The Moto 360 knows to put the ambient screen completely to sleep when your arm is at your side or otherwise in a position where you cannot see the watch. It will also go to sleep after a few minutes of laying face up on a table. You can use this little trick to save battery life if you're not going to have the watch on for a bit, and there's not a charger nearby. LG to launch the G Watch R in Europe in November for €299. LG to launch the G Watch R in Europe in November for €299. Unlocked Mobiles in UK starts taking Samsung Gear S smartwatch pre-orders.

Microsoft announces keyboard for Android Wear devices; see how it works with this video. MOTA SmartRing reaches crowdfunding goal of $100K. Motorola moto 360 - Device Review. Oru Watch is a dual-display smartwatch with everything you've ever wanted in a wearable. Hands on with Apple Watch! Motorola Moto 360 Review. First 12 things every Moto 360 owner should do. How to Unlock the Motorola Moto 360 Smartwatch Bootloader. Moto 360 vs Pebble Steel. The best Android Wear smartwatch. Samsung reported to release a new Smartwatch with fingerprint Scanner.

Video: Moto 360 vs. LG G Watch. Huawei is releasing an Android Wear smartwatch in 2015. Youtube. Moto 360 review | Android Central. Hands on with Apple Watch! Smartwatch Buyers Guide | Connectedly. Concept: Microsoft Sporty Smartwatch. 10 things you need to know about the Apple Watch. 24 hours with the Moto 360. Moto 360 vs. the LG G Watch R! | Android Central. How to customize your Moto 360 watch face with Motorola Connect | Android Central. The Garmin Vivosmart tracks your activity and gives you smart notifications. Samsung Gear S Specifications. MOTA SmartRing promises to offer Android app alerts on your finger | Android Central. ASUS ZenWatch – Always Within Reach. Want notifications on your wrist but smartwatches not fancy enough for you? Bluetooth LED bracelet on the way. Android Wear vs Pebble: how do they compare? Want notifications on your wrist but smartwatches not fancy enough for you? Bluetooth LED bracelet on the way. Androidcentral. OXA Bluetooth Wristband Bracelet.

Evolution of the NFC Ring. Watch?v=IkbAw6lVBbA&feature=youtu. Watch?v=nQOobq3Zx4M&feature=youtu. Martian Notifier Smartwatch Review. Samsung Gear Live First Look. Moto 360 First Look! LG G Watch First Impressions. Moto 360 vs LG G Watch vs Samsung Gear Live - an early look. LG G Watch Video Review.

Android Wear walkthrough. Samsung Gear Live hands-on. Sony Smartband SWR10 Review. [Video] Watch the Tizen Developer Conference Keynotes. Wondering what Tizen looks like on the Samsung Z? Here's a Video Preview. Sony Smartband review. Sony Smartwear - An In Depth Introduction to Sony's SmartBand and LifeLog. Android Wear Everything you need ready at a glance. Runtastic Orbit keeps things focused on the run.

Samsung reportedly launching SIM-enabled Gear Solo at IFA. Toshiba's new fitness band lasts two weeks on a single charge. Martian and Guess team up for smartwatches in 2015. Gear Fit and Gear 2 users can now connect with Endomondo | Android Central. How to factory reset your Android Wear watch | Android Central.