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Intro to Technology 2015

Tweet pearltree. About Pearltrees. A video introduction to Pearltrees' "meaning" organizational system. Personality100: PhD-certified Personality Test. Encyclopedia of Earth. Survival Exercise Scenarios - Description of a Group Dynamics Team Building Exercise.

Overview - Group Survival Scenario Exercise A classic group communication and decision making exercise, with many variations.

Survival Exercise Scenarios - Description of a Group Dynamics Team Building Exercise

Works for a wide variety of ages and purposes, indoors or outdoors. Consensus can be hard to reach, however, set the aim for all participants to at least partially agree to each ranking on their final list. Encourage groups to complete the task without the use of tactics such as voting, trading in or averaging. Watch for participants avoiding conflict or changing their minds simply to come to agreement.

Scenario Type 1: Choose Survival Equipment Your plane crashed...your group needs to choose the 12 most useful items to survive... Choose / rank equipment items in terms of their relative survival value: Cornell University Library. MLA Citation Style The Modern Language Association (MLA) establishes values for acknowledging sources used in a research paper.

Cornell University Library

MLA citation style uses a simple two-part parenthetical documentation system for citing sources: Citations in the text of a paper point to the alphabetical Works Cited list that appears at the end of the paper. Together, these references identify and credit the sources used in the paper and allow others to access and retrieve this material. Note: A parenthetical reference to a familiar historical document -- i.e., the United States Constitution -- no longer requires a corresponding entry in the Works Cited list.

Citing sources in the text In MLA style, writers place references to sources in the paper to briefly identify them and enable readers to find them in the Works Cited list. Give only the information needed to identify a source. 50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About. Technology and education are pretty intertwined these days and nearly every teacher has a few favorite tech tools that make doing his or her job and connecting with students a little bit easier and more fun for all involved.

50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About

Yet as with anything related to technology, new tools are hitting the market constantly and older ones rising to prominence, broadening their scope, or just adding new features that make them better matches for education, which can make it hard to keep up with the newest and most useful tools even for the most tech-savvy teachers. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the tech tools, including some that are becoming increasingly popular and widely used, that should be part of any teacher’s tech tool arsenal this year, whether for their own personal use or as educational aids in the classroom. Trello. Free Web & Mobile Prototyping (Web, iOS, Android) and UI Mockup Tool. Easy Online Meetings With HD Video Conferencing.

Red Pen. Free calls to friends and family. StumbleUpon. Log In. Sign In. Dropbox. Symbaloo. FileBlimp FileBlimp - Cloud Storage Built for Education. Google for Education: Save time and stay connected.

Education - ownCloud. TeamDrive - Sync your data fast and securely. Classroom 2.0. Twitter. Pinterest. Instagram. Facebook. ATutor Learning Management System: Information: Learning Management System. For a Brighter Future. Moodle - Open-source learning platform. Online Education Technology for Teachers and Students. Top 10 Technology Blogs for Education. Editor's note: This is a cross post from College Online where "The Innovative Educator" is named in the top ten ed tech blogs list.

Top 10 Technology Blogs for Education

I'm thrilled to be mentioned with all these other wonderful bloggers. I know and follow most of them and look forward to getting to know better those I don't. Education, as with all aspects of culture, is greatly impacted by the forward progress of technology. Several blogs are maintained by well-known individuals in the field of education. Webinars: Free educational technology webinars. Best EdTech Websites of 2014. It's been a busy year here at the Common Sense Graphite Websites desk!

Best EdTech Websites of 2014

Throughout 2014, we rated and reviewed hundreds of websites for their learning potential, using our research-backed rubric and rigorous process of evaluation. Because it was just too hard to pick only 10, here are 14 fantastic edtech websites we reviewed this year. How about that -- 14 for 2014! Big History Project This forward-thinking curriculum blends history, the humanities, critical thinking, and science for a fascinating look at life’s bigger questions. Curriculet. 10 Best Edtech Websites. The Ed Tech Roundup - Home. Conferences, Workshops & Webinars - Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education. No matter where you are in your career, CSEE's professional development will help you achieve your character and spiritual development vision in your classroom.

Conferences, Workshops & Webinars - Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education

You'll learn from both the nation’s top experts as well as a dynamic community of like-minded independent school leaders and educators. Skill Development: CSEE provides unparalleled training for educators so you can confidently develop students of strong moral character, empathy, compassion and civic engagement. Conferences, Webinars, Workshops. Webinar: October 13 Maximizing Your Small Business Tax Savings Webinar November 10 Understanding the WISC-V Pre-Conference Training November 3 MBTI Training, Therapeutic Training Scottsdale, AZ Pre-Conference Workshops November 4 Financial Aid, Learning DisabilitiesScottsdale, AZ IECA National Conference November 4-7 Scottsdale, AZ Webinar: December 8 The Latest Trends in Independent Educational Consulting.

Conferences, Webinars, Workshops

Conferences, Workshops and Webinars. Conferences, Workshops and Webinars Conferences, Workshops and Webinars Collaborating with colleagues and sharing ideas about what works, what doesn’t and what’s around the corner expands your ideas on what it means to be an educator.

Conferences, Workshops and Webinars

AdvancED professional learning includes trainings, workshops, conferences and webinars that not only provide valuable networking opportunities but insights from acclaimed practitioners and recognized educational experts, as well as rich information regarding the AdvancED Accreditation Process and Standards. Professional Learning Online Store Media Room Copyright © 2015 AdvancED All Rights Reserved Terms of Use.

Webinars and Teleconferences. Self Study Option: Pay $25 for individual access to previously recorded courses and still get CE credit!

Webinars and Teleconferences

Most are available for CPH re-certification credits as well as laboratory credits. Select a course title below for a complete description, the course brochure and to register your site. For additional savings, a few courses are part of a series. EdTechTeacher. The Daring Librarian. The Innovative Educator. KQED Public Media for Northern CA. Edudemic - Education Technology Tips For Students And Teachers. 5 of the Best Collections of EdTech Resources on the Web. With new #EdTech ‘dailies’ published on Twitter every moment, whole sites dedicated to online resources for teachers and more educators hosting their own blogs than ever before, the plethora of online material for teachers to use can be bewildering to navigate.

5 of the Best Collections of EdTech Resources on the Web

Some sites do a fantastic job of pulling together resources from all over the web in one place and sorting them clearly by subject or area of interest, making a teacher’s life much easier and providing just one simple bookmark to remember rather than hundreds. Here are our top picks of the best collections of #EdTech resources on the web… 1. Web 2.0 Guru Recently moved to a new website but still as fantastic as ever, this is a diverse and exciting collection of electronic teaching devices helpfully sorted by both category and subject, making it incredibly quick and easy to use. 2.

EDUC 511: Essentials in Educational Technology and Learning. Lessons Worth Sharing. Educational Technology for Teachers. Free Technology Tools for Teachers. 21centuryedtech - home. eSchool News (@eschoolnews) AustralianTeacherMag (@EducationHQ_AU) EdTechTalk (edtechtalk) Edudemic (@Edudemic) Techlearning (techlearning)