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Linguistics. Ten rules for writing fiction. Ancient history. Rome. Mythology. Archaeology. Internet African History Sourcebook. © This text is copyright. The specific electronic form, and any notes and questions are copyright. Permission is granted to copy the text, and to print out copies for personal and educational use. No permission is granted for commercial use. If any copyright has been infringed, this was unintentional. The possibility of a site such as this, as with other collections of electronic texts, depends on the large availability of public domain material from texts translated before 1923. Internet East Asian History Sourcebook. There is no way of avoiding the fact that China is the central culture of Eastern Asia. Massively larger than any of her neighbors, China may have developed its cultural forms in relative isolation, but since the advent of Buddhism has both absorbed outside influences and disseminated its own culture.

Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese cultures are not comprehensible without taking into account power of Chinese culture in art, literature and religion. Chinese culture itself is highly complex, and the other East Asian cultures also reflect local circumstances and traditions. For instance the (later) Chinese ideal of a scholar-gentleman contrasts strongly with Japanese warrior ideals. It is not going to far to suggest that the very different responses of the various East Asian to the Western intrusion of the past two centuries reflect the variety of previous historical developments.

See my Brooklyn College: Chinese Cultural Studies class page. General. Internet Indian History Sourcebook. Women Homosexuality: General It has proved to be extraordinarily difficult to find much information about South Asian homosexuality. Hindu Ramakrishnan: "Bisexuality: identities, behaviors, and politics" , Trikone April 1996 [At Internet Archive, from U Texas] Vatsyayana: Kama Sutra , Part 2.

The Vinaya [Buddhist Monastic Precepts] WEB Shri Krishna as Kali and Lalita [At Shivashakti] Although the sexual relationships of Indian gods often follow heterosexual expectations, the individual God/dess may change form and be incarnate as another. WEB Tantrik Links [At Shivashakti] Tantricism was the "short path" to Enlightenment in Hinduism and Buddhism. Muslim 2ND Richard Burton: Terminal Essay , from his edition of the Arabian Nights . Further Resources on Indian History As in a number of other historical areas, a real problem with much of the online material on South Asian history is that it is presented with manifest nationalist (or other ideological bias)

. © This text is copyright. Byzantine and Medieval Studies Links. Introduction. Update Information 2006: In 2006 the Internet Medieval Sourcebooks and associated sourcebooks are undergoing a major overhaul to remove bad links and add more documents. 2. This project is both very large and fairly old in Internet terms. At the time it was instigated (1996), it was not clear that web sites [and the documents made available there] would often turn out to be transient.

As a result there is a process called "link rot" - which means that a "broken link" is a result of someone having taken down a web page. 2. 3. Note: This site aims to present medieval sources. Sourcebook Contents The Internet Medieval Sourcebook is organized as three main index pages, with a number of supplementary documents. History: Ancient History in-depth. Ancient & Classic Cultures - Homework Center - Multnomah County. Open Educational Ressources. Thinking & Learning.

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Modern History. History of China. Social structure. World Poverty Map. Example of application of the SOM: The Self-Organizing Map (SOM) can be used to portray complex correlations in statistical data. Here the data consisted of World Bank statistics of countries in 1992. Altogether 39 indicators describing various quality-of-life factors, such as state of health, nutrition, educational services, etc, were used. The complex joint effect of these factors can can be visualized by organizing the countries using the self-organizing map. Countries that had similar values of the indicators found a place near each other on the map. The poverty structures of the world can then be visualized in a straightforward manner: each country on the geographic map has been colored according to its poverty type.

Educational Resourses for Special Needs. Kimball's Biology Pages. World's Virtual Library (148,000+ FREE eBooks, eTexts, On-Line B. N Welcome!

World's Virtual Library (148,000+ FREE eBooks, eTexts, On-Line B

Over the last decade, a quiet revolution has been going on in the development of a large library of "digital" or "electronic" books. While there are still large gaps, a very substantial body of "Western" thought is available in the form of downloadable or on-line books. Most major writers, from Plato to Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Proust, or John Le Carre, are accessible on the Internet. Subjects range from the highly scholarly to the contemporary and popular -- especially as more commercial publishers discover the virtues of "on-line" distribution. This index is intended as a "Meta-index" for most major eBook sites, along with thousands of smaller specialized sites.