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A Regional President and a few Mayors making the Italian quarantine laws clear. English subtitles are fairly accurate.… Italian expression of the day: 'Acqua in bocca' Sometimes, learning Italian feels like a struggle.

Italian expression of the day: 'Acqua in bocca'

All the endless verb conjugations to remember, the words that mean ten different things, and confusion over which gender has been assigned to an inanimate object. No wonder many of us regularly feel like giving up in frustration. But one thing that's enjoyable about studying Italian is learning idiomatic expressions - those phrases that don't translate literally, but give the language so much of its colour. The meaning of today's idiomatic phrase could be hard to guess. Acqua in bocca literally translates as "water in the mouth" and it means you should keep something quiet. Instead of someone saying, “Keep it to yourself,” in Italian, you’d be told to “keep the water in your mouth.”

Obvious, right? After all, if you've got a mouth full of water you won't be doing much talking. Quello che so lo dico. Quello che non so lo tengo per me. … Venetian grammar. A peculiarity of Venetian grammar is a "semi-analytical" verbal flexion, with a compulsory "clitic subject pronoun" before the verb in many sentences, "echoing" the subject as an ending or a weak pronoun.

Venetian grammar

As will be clear from the examples below, Venetian subject clitics are neither "redundant" nor "pleonastic" because they provide specific information, not present on verbal endings. Independent/emphatic pronouns (e.g. ti), on the contrary, are optional. Italian: (Tu) eri sporco ("You were dirty").Venetian: (Ti) te jèra onto or even Ti te jèri/xeri onto (lit. "(You) you were dirty").Italian: Il cane era sporco ("The dog was dirty").Venetian: El can el jèra onto (lit. I modi di dire che usiamo ancora oggi inventati da Dante Alighieri. How to prepare an Italian antipasto platter. The Venice Insider sur Twitter : "If you love the #Italian language and you want to practice it in a fun and easy way, I can recommend subscribing to the newsletters of @dmhales. You will at the same time learn about #Italy and its traditions.… HBO's Big Italian Bet With 'My Brilliant Friend' so excited for this!!

Cala Gonone, Sardinia. □ @Cassini_jon @bmarczewska @BrindusaB1 @NadiaZanelli1 @fra852 @GaiaGaudenzi @scastaldi9 @albertopetro2 □ David Hettinger Pranzo Italiano… Biagio Angrisani sur Twitter : "Indovina chi è venuto ieri ... - Ci sono giorni nei quali anche i professori s’interrogano e così Roberto Vecchioni pubblicò nel 1977 “ Due giornate fiorentine “ canzone dicasi autobiografica - Dispiace per coloro che non c. Breathtaking picture of #Positano! #Travel #Amalficoast #Italy… The Malatestiana Library of Cesena. The world offers its observers few examples of the past in which time has taken a sudden, abrupt stop.

The Malatestiana Library of Cesena

Pompeii is one example; a city preserved by the disaster that smothered it. When time takes a stop, we can imagine exactly the thriving city seconds before. A man abandons a still-wet painting, a woman wraps her arms around a frightened child. The Biblioteca Malatestiana is another singular example. It is the world’s first monastic humanist library. To this day the door requires two keys. Inside the reading room designed by Matteo Nuti we see the simple and efficient design. Sacred tomes are found on the left side of the corridor and classics on the right.

You don’t take books out of this public library. 343 volumes are chained in place. Across the hall from the reading room is the Biblioteca Antica, the private library of Pope Pius VII. The old library and reading room are part of a complex that includes a modern library and media center and small archaeology museum. Details.

Inferno Illustrations by Gustave Dore. Inferno illustrations by Dore Inferno Illustrations by Gustave Dore The illustrations shown here by Gustave Dore have an almost magical ability to transform the words of Dante -- and those of Dan Brown -- into beautiful images.

Inferno Illustrations by Gustave Dore

They conjure this world in a way that we might not have imagined, and thereby add immeasureably to our experience of this other place. Illustrations specifically related to Dan Brown's novel can be found here. Our journey through the underworld begins with the image above. Stunning shot of #Positano! #Travel #Italy. How to Find Cheap Accommodation in Italy. Top Tips for Saving while Seeing the Sites of Italy – Walks of Italy Blog. @Qiqque ¿Por qué Dante Alighieri? @maurette79 : Porque es uno de los más grandes poetas de la historia de la literatura y nunca está de má… Decameron Web. Decameron: The Italian text of the Decameron is based on V.

Decameron Web

Branca's Einaudi edition (1992). Read Italian Text The English translation of the Decameron (J. M. Rigg, 1903), while somewhat dated in its language and style, has a highly literal approach to translation which gives readers a reliable crib for exploring the original Italian text and is easily readable on its own. Other translations of the Decameron: Decameron, translation sometimes attributed to John Florio, 1620.

Text Research Tools: Minor Works: Corbaccio – see also Dr. Firenze Made in Tuscany. Dante Project (2.0) Dante Project (2.0)