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Connections - classroom connectivity. TriLife. Blog – Stay Calm and Conquer Cancer. The day of my surgery, Paul’s grandson, Eli, was coming to visit us.

Blog – Stay Calm and Conquer Cancer

This has been planned for months. So when I received my diagnosis and the date of my surgery, I felt terrible. I wanted to put it off until he left but if I had, the surgery would have taken place the first of the year. EdTechMason. A Taste of Being Foreign to a Language – EdTech – Christine Pinto. Last week my brother and I went to an American Sign Language social with other students learning ASL and people in the community.

A Taste of Being Foreign to a Language – EdTech – Christine Pinto

I have no idea what came over me, but I decided to tag along. This was different for me since I am the type of person who likes to be home when I can and catch up on things. I know my brother is passionate about signing and developing an understanding of the culture, but I had never really seen him in his element. The great handshake. Be The Teacher They Never Forget! Shift This - Shift Stories. Video Games Are Not the Enemy. Video games are continuing to grow as a mainstream form of entertainment.

Video Games Are Not the Enemy

Whether it’s tapping away on a smartphone or mashing the buttons on a controller, kids (…and adults) are increasingly turning to interactive entertainment over more passive activities like watching TV or movies. Along with this rise comes the recurring complaints about the negative impacts video games are having on our society: a lack of social skills, overexposure to violent and mature themes, addictive obsession, general lethargy. While these arguments certainly hold water in certain contexts, at their root they tend to blame video games for larger underlying issues. The fact of the matter is that video games are not the enemy.

In actuality, video games can be the catalyst for meaningful growth and relationship building. Games Can Build Skills Ever since I was a kid, games have played instrumental roles in my education. Most importantly, the process is fun! The Gamification Movement. An Apple For The Teacher: How to Make Your Word Wall More Effective. Word Walls can be used to improve literacy in all curriculum areas by helping students build vocabulary, improve spelling in written work, and explain ideas through oral communication.

An Apple For The Teacher: How to Make Your Word Wall More Effective

When I first began teaching, I made the assumption that more is better when it came to my Word Wall. I put up EVERY word I could think of, but the students never used it. Then I tried the opposite approach (well, I didn't really try - I just kept forgetting to put words up). Personal Professional Learning Redefines Thinking, Teaching, and Learning. Guest post: Susan Zanti, M.Ed.

Personal Professional Learning Redefines Thinking, Teaching, and Learning

Secondary Instructional Coach, Loudoun County Public Schools, VA Education and the way we teach have changed. There is no doubt about it. Are teachers keeping pace with the changes? Learning Lab Education Radio: Student Centered Learning: Uncovering vs. Covering. Please Call The Cops 'Cause You're Killing Your Students! - Edwords Blog. Cognitive Overload.

Please Call The Cops 'Cause You're Killing Your Students! - Edwords Blog

Unfortunately, we do that a lot. We often overwhelm students with information when we present it to them. What's worse, we teach them to do the same to others when they present. We are killing them. Well... So, it is only fair we call the police on ourselves... More Than My Content. Blue Egg 3. Where sharing mistakes is okay. in fact it's encouraged. Loving Literacy. The Underdog's Advocate – A school leadership guide to success in the modern classroom. Just One Principal's Thoughts. Laura Robb Reading & Writing Resources - Grades 4 to 8 - Author, teacher, coach, speaker. R.E.A.L. – Tara M Martin. Work in Progress. Rachelle Dene Poth. I have been teaching there for 18 years.

Rachelle Dene Poth

I am also the Spanish Club Sponsor, the Foreign Language Department Chair and a Member of the Technology Committee. I enjoy finding new ways to use technology with my students and my purpose is to provide a variety of experiences for them that are more than just learning the language of Spanish. I want to help prepare them for the future and be able to use a variety of tools in their high school and future careers. I have had the opportunity to take students to PETE&C and PAECT to participate in student technology showcases. Rick Jetter Educational Consultant. Taking Flight By Being Grounded. Beyond LiteracyLink. Dr. Mary Howard, Leading Expert in Literacy and Independent Reading Consultant - Reading Connections. Steele Thoughts. Reflections of an educational learner and leader. Teach Like a Pirate. Feed Your Brain Archives - Hack Learning. Focus 2 Achieve Info. Tech Talk. Todd Nesloney. Adam Welcome. Ditch That Textbook.

Alex Corbitt. It's All about Leadership - About. Iteacher imother. Leading In Limbo - Leading In Limbo. HOME - Teacher Tech. Mathkaveli – Let Mathematics Tell You a Story. Learning and Leading. The Principal of Change – Stories of learning and leading. Valerie Tilton    Instructional Coach                                                   Columbia High School - HOME. JasperFoxSR.Com. Welcome - Empowering ELLs. Teaching Tidbits: Small Changes for the Final Stretch of the School Year. 10 Adobe Spark Classroom Ideas – 3 Marketing Skills your teen isn’t being taught in school — Teenection. I was really good at “doing school” when I was a kid.

3 Marketing Skills your teen isn’t being taught in school — Teenection

I knew all the ins and outs of the academic world and was able to breeze through most of my coursework. I enjoyed the process of learning new things and pushed myself to understand concepts as deeply as possible. Looking back, there is little surprise that I became a teacher. Fast-forward to my early thirties when I found myself entering into the world of entrepreneurship as a writer. For all my successes in the academic sphere, nothing in that experience had prepared me for the world of business. In the 21st century, entrepreneurial skills are crucial to a successful future.

What this means is that today’s teens need to find other ways to acquire this vital skill set rather than relying on schools to serve as the vessel. Thankfully, whether it is through online courses that will be offered to parents and teens through Teenection (check out the E-courses page on our website!) So where do you start? 1. So it falls to parents. 2. New Land, New Opportunity - Inspiring English Language Learners - Teaching with QR, AR, and VR - EdTechMason. Teaching with QR, AR, and VR Technology allows educators to transform teaching and learning by engaging and empowering students in ways previously inconceivable.

Teaching with QR, AR, and VR - EdTechMason

In recent years, software has been advancing exponentially allowing educators to facilitate and inspire creativity, collaboration, communication, and creativity skills. Real Talk Intervention. What We Ask of Our Students and What We Do – The Principal of Change. Please watch this video created by Rick Burkett and his students: This connected with me on so many levels.

What We Ask of Our Students and What We Do – The Principal of Change

We talk about innovation and creativity all of the time in schools, but compliance continues to be our dirty little secret. Work in Progress. More Than A Lesson: Building Confidence. I have learned that I can do little in the classroom if my students do not have confidence in themselves. From the very first day of school I work to build a class culture that breathes confidence, love, and support. I want my students to know that our classroom is a safe haven where they are believed in, always. Project Based Learning. #bowtieboys - Joseph - Teaching for life skills, not test scores. I’m New Here by Anne Sibley O’Brien – The ESOL Mentor Teacher. Teaching in Spain: An Englishman and a Greek. English Language Learners - Elementary English Language Learners.

Stories from the Field – ELLstudents. Going Beyond 'Turn & Talk': Academic Conversations for ELLs Posted by Sarah Ottow on A lot of my time as a coach supporting schools is spent observing teachers and providing targeted feedback to help boost language development for their English language learners (ELLs). I also train and coach school leaders to more effectively evaluate teachers of ELLs. In both cases, educators often wonder why their ELLs' oral language isn't where they want it to be when they are using the infamous strategy of 'turn and talk'.

Newcomers at Grade Level and Beyond. I Am Claudius – Not really, but that is one of my nicknames. Home. The Big Tech Coach Blog. eNewsletter for Tech Integration - Home. Abraham Alarcon's Blog. Teaching Tidbits by Anabel Gonzalez. Erica M Dean, M.Ed, M.A*Educator & Teacher Leader - Welcome. Vroom. Fueling Education. The One-Room Globe Trotter. Home. A place for us to share ideas. The Art of Teaching and Learning – Roger W. Davis. Somewhere In The Middle - of my teaching journey.

Tech ⎋ut Learning. Mrcoacheli. The Superintendent’s Corner – Innovation in Education.