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Steampunk DIY Projects

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A Victorian RV. Step one is the removal of all of the seats.

A Victorian RV

I invited a bunch of friends over for a mid-winter barbeque and we finished in a couple of hours. An angle-grinder with a cut-off disk made short work of the rusted and frozen bolts and let us get the seats out without having to crawl around underneath the bus. We striped the seats down and I re-used as much of them as I could and separated the rest of the components for recycling. Once you get the seats out the space will seem HUGE and you'll imagine that you can fit all sorts of things in there.

This is an illusion! Steampunk Motorcycle. An Interview By Meredith Scheff Wandering through the industrial neighborhood of West Oakland, You'll find more than a few warehouse art studios, each one filled to the brim with all manner of projects; from giant robots to huge metal art - and of course steam machines.

Steampunk Motorcycle

A few days ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited into the studio of one of the artists that reside there; a fine chap by the name of Tom Sepe. After sending out a call for willing subjects (aka, interview-ees), Tom contacted me and, with but a few words, lured me into his studio. Those words were simply: "Want to come see my electric-steam hybrid motorcycle? ". Steampunk Lab Site. Steampunk Workshop Site.