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Untitled. Free Woodworking Plans - Alphabetized. Rejuvenating solar garden lights — with nail polish! | Solar LED garden lights are everywhere these days, and by ‘everywhere’ I mean ‘in our yard.’ We’ve had some for a few years now, and simply through exposure to the elements, the plastic that covers the solar cells becomes so opaque that only a small amount of light gets to them any more. With the solar cells deprived of even that meager light that we get in Massachusetts in the winter, the solar cells don’t recharge the battery, the battery doesn’t power the LED, the LED doesn’t light up, and our yard has a serious bling deficiency. Eleanor and I took our solar garden lights inside to see if we could make them bright again somehow.

My first thought when confronting the frosted-over plastic was to try to ‘polish’ it with a fine-grit sandpaper. I had 400-grit handy and tried it on one cell, the bottom one in this picture. The top shows how weathered the cells were to start. The sanding helped a little. The nail polish made the weathered old solar cells crystal clear again! Like this: How to Clean between Oven Glass. Here’s what you will need to clean between your oven glass panels: Wire hangerClorox Glass WipesRubber band Since writing the post on how to clean the oven, I have received so many questions about how to clean between oven window glass, so today I am finally posting a tutorial for you!

Step 1: Remove the drawer from below the oven. Step 2: Build a cleaning contraption. Luckily I had saved a wire hanger from the dry cleaners, for just an occasion like this! I straightened the hanger and then attached a cleaning wipe to the hook on the end. Use a rubber band to secure the wipe, to make sure you don’t lose it in between the glass! I recommend using a glass cleaner wipe, such as these Clorox glass wipes. Step 3: Lay down on the floor and look under the door of your oven.

Step 4: Slide the cleaning “contraption” up through the slats. Push it up between the oven window glass, cleaning from side to side as you move it up, farther into the door. Step 6: Enjoy your clean, streak-free oven door! Save. How to Build Under-Cabinet Drawers & Increase Kitchen Storage - Step by Step. You could build the drawers with nothing but hand tools and a circular saw, but a table saw and miter saw will give you faster, better results. A nail gun is another big time-saver, though you can hammer everything together with 1-1/4-in. finish nails instead.

All the materials are available at most home centers. In the hardware aisle, choose “full-extension” side-mount drawer slides (see Photo 3). That way, only 3 to 5 in. of the opened drawer will be covered by the overhanging cabinet front. Choose hardwood plywood like birch or oak for your drawers. How to Paint Your Countertop. Um… Can you paint a kitchen counter top?

Yup, you sure can! I was amazed to find so many great products that you can use to revive your old counter top. Did you know you could do this? Here is a step-by-step for painting a counter top. There are a few different methods and products you can use to accomplish the same thing. I have even seen it done with a paper towel and multiple colors to make it look like granite. I am a chicken of sorts and would be afraid of it turning out like a 6th grade art project, but hey! Here is how you paint your counter top: Pick a color that will last, unless you intend to switch it out or do it again. I did find another product that doesn’t require a primer, that is especially made for counter tops. If you have a wood countertop, you can use Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel and you can create beautiful stainless steel counter tops. *This would have made my day in every single place I have ever lived before now.

How to Drill Your Own Water Well. Dishwasher Repair Tips: Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes - Article. Step 1: Simple cleaning solutions 1 of 3 Photo 1: Clean the spray arm Remove the spray arm and clean out the holes. This also allows access to the filter for cleaning. Spray arms like the one we show simply snap off. Others require you to unscrew a cap on top. 2 of 3 Photo 2: Clean the filter Clean the filter. 3 of 3 Photo 3: Clean the float Make sure the float moves up and down freely.

If your dishwasher is running but the dishes aren’t getting clean, one of these simple fixes could solve your problem. Insufficient water in the dishwasher also can cause poor cleaning. Dishwasher parts Figure A: Anatomy of a Dishwasher Follow this diagram to locate the basic dishwasher parts. Step 2: Replace the inlet valve 1 of 2 Photo 4: Remove the inlet valve Remove the inlet valve to clean the screen or replace the valve. 2 of 2 Photo 5: Clean the filter screen Check to see if the screen is plugged.

Inlet valves that are starting to fail sometimes make a hammering noise. Back to Top. The Care and Feeding of Cast Iron: Cleaning and Seasoning Cast Iron Cookware. Learn the tricks and tips to cleaning and seasoning cast iron cookware. The hallmark of any country kitchen is an old black cast iron skillet sitting atop the woodstove. And there's good reason for that: Whether you're baking biscuits in a cast iron Dutch oven, flipping pancakes on a cast iron griddle over a woodstove or pan-frying chops on a modern electric range, cast iron makes the best cookware.

When it comes to cast iron its important to learn about cleaning and seasoning cast iron cookware to get the best from your cookware. Types of Cast Iron Cookware Cast iron cookware has been used steadily in America since the 1600s, though over the last half century or so it has been known primarily as an outdoor cookware, used mainly by campers, hunters and living historians. But with more and more people discovering its virtues, there has been a resurgence in the use of cast-iron cookware in the home.

Cast Iron Cookware Maintenance Choosing Cast Iron Cookware Seasoning Cast Iron Pans See also: # 76: How to Replace a Broken/ Cracked iPhone Screen. I cracked my I Phone glass… twice. The first time I shattered it…the phone was unusable. The second time, it was at least still usable…see below. Both times, the BF came to the rescue! He is kind of a pro now It takes 20 minutes (depending on crack severity), a few tools, a 10$ I Phone replacement glass, and patience! Two things before we start: 1: We buy the replacement glass from Amazon: Andy says not to spend more than $10 and read the reviews and make sure most people have good things to say about the company. 2: The glass repair kits are model specific (i.e. if you have an I-Phone 3G you will buy a different screen than if you have an I-Phone 3GS) *BF says the mini magnetic screwdriver is a MUST and he uses a kitchen towel so the tiny screws don’t roll around and fall off of the table.

The damage: 1: Remove 2 screws at the bottom of the phone 2: Use suction cup to lift the glass out of the phone body 3: There are 3 wires that attach the glass to the phone. Here is the old glass. Stain PVC Any Color You Like. PVC is great: cheap, common, easy to work, and easy to join temporarily or permanently. Only problem is, it’s kinda ugly, much of which owes to the fact that it only comes in white, gray, sometimes black, and (if you’re willing to pay through the nose) clear. “Furniture grade” PVC pipe can sometimes be found with integral color, but you’re limited to factory shades and if you want matching elbows, tees, or other fittings, you’re out of luck, because fittings only come in white. Sure, you can paint it, but PVC doesn’t take paint all that well, and the paint is prone to flake and screws up the dimensional tolerances. With stain, you get color that doesn’t flake or add thickness, so you can stain pipe and fittings different colors before assembly and still expect them to fit.

You can even take them apart and reassemble them in some other way without affecting the finish. A Quick Trick. Just a quick post today. I wanted to share a little trick I found from Marian at Miss Mustard Seed (careful if you go to her site you may be there all day). This, in my view was a miracle worker on some old nightstands I found at a thrift shop.

I scored two matching nightstands for $20. Solid wood with dovetail drawers...not particularly my style but they had potential! Enter on Center Stage the Vinegar and Oil (not just for salads, people). Like Marian suggested, I did a mixture of 3/4 cup of oil and 1/4 cup vinegar and had some to spare. Note: You can use cider vinegar and olive oil...really whatever you have on hand. Mix together and dip a rag in it and simply wipe.... Before After...amazing right?! Here is the finished project a few weeks later. Maytag Dishwasher DWC7400AAW Complete Parts List. Maytag Dishwasher DWC7400AAW Complete Parts List. Repairing Wood Veneer Furniture: Video Series. Repairs on wood veneer furniture. Learn how to fix damaged or broken veneer furniture in this free woodworking video. Furniture serves many important, essential functions for people the world over.

In the last few thousand years, chairs, beds, desks, and tables have provided places to sit, eat, talk, work, gather, or sleep. Many people will spend more than a third of their lives in, at, or on furniture. It comes as no surprise, then, that humans have a unique relationship with this group of items they spend so much time around. In some ways, furniture has become a reflection of personality. When choosing furniture for their homes or offices, people are known to concentrate on design, giving it equal or greater weight than function and stability. One type of wood furniture is wood veneer, a thin type of wood that is usually glued onto core panels.

Measuring & Cutting New Wood Veneer Measure and cut new veneer for furniture. Tools for Repairing Veneer Furniture Cutting Wood Veneer.