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Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day STEM Activities- Science Kiddo

Celestial Valentine’s Day Cards. Science Valentines mini cards Printable PDF files by stephoodle. Here Are Your Best Science Valentines. In preparation for Valentine's Day, we turned to the Twitter-verse, asking our readers to send us their best love poems--but with a science twist.

Here Are Your Best Science Valentines

As expected, the responses were both clever and delightful, giving us all the warm fuzzies we need before the romantic holiday. Enjoy the witty word stylings of Popular Science readers, as well as a few from our contributors and staff. Your arms feel like homeostasis —@chairDebonair I’m attracted to you so strongly, scientists will have to develop a fifth fundamental force. —@jd010990 I wish I were adenine so I could bond with U. —@MrRussell0012 Roses are red Violets are blue, E = mc2 and that makes me infinitely hot for you. 12 Science Valentines. There are Valentine cards, ecards, and gifts for every taste imaginable!

12 Science Valentines

If you don't find a card or image that perfectly expresses your sentiments, you can easily make your own. And if you lack the imagination, skills, or time to create one, someone else probably has just what you're looking for. The scientific community is no exception -and they take advantage of every opportunity to make a pun when they can. Here are some valentines from different scientific disciplines. Keep in mind that for almost every image here, you can find follow the links and find more clever science valentines. 1.

Geek Love: Send A #Chemvalentine To Show ‘Em You Care. This week, I inadvertently started a #Chemvalentine meme on Twitter after seeing a tweet from @Sulfur_Blue about chemistry valentines: Get the chemistry flowing by sending a #Chemistry Valentine?

Geek Love: Send A #Chemvalentine To Show ‘Em You Care

What ensued was an outpouring of awesomeness from all the chemistry lovers out there. We here at Newscripts have compiled our Top 20 favorite #Chemvalentines just for you. 22 Valentine's Day Cards Fit For Geeks. With Valentine's Day fast approaching it's about time (presuming you haven't begun already) you started planning the presumably stunning, beautifully romantic gift you will be sending to the object of your desires next month.

22 Valentine's Day Cards Fit For Geeks

To assist in your preparations, we've made your job slightly easier by hand-picking for you a selection of cards - naturally all angled at the more geeky section of society given that you're currently on the internet, and all users of the internet are geeks, right? - to accompany the main present. Enjoy. Source: Ironic Sans Above: Let Darwin spread the love with this fantastic card, courtesy of the folks at Ironic Sans. Source: Pop + Shorty. Goldenrod Valentines - The Lab. Goldenrod Valentine Doily Fold one piece of goldenrod paper in half and cut out a heart shape from the center fold.Fold the heart shape 2-3 times more and cut out smaller heart shapes or other patterns of your choice, then unfold the paper.Lay the heart flat on a tray with 4-5 cm (1.5-2 in) rims (ie: baking pan, plastic container, or dinner plates work well) to contain the ammonia solution.Dip a cotton ball in the ammonia solution and swab the doily from side to side to turn the paper from yellow to red.

Goldenrod Valentines - The Lab

You may also use a squirt bottle for precision saturation or write a disappearing message like LOVE or BE MINE. You can also simply pour a small amount of the ammonia directly onto the doily.After your message fades away, use a candle or yellow crayon to write a “secret message” inside the heart doily and follow step four to make the message appear again.

Printable Chemistry Valentines + Some Chemistry Love Puns. This past weekend I thought it would be fun to make some geeky chemistry valentines.

Printable Chemistry Valentines + Some Chemistry Love Puns

I did an internet search for chemistry love puns and quickly realized that there isn't much out there. I grabbed an old chemistry book and started flipping through for inspiration. Nitty Gritty Science - Science Education Teacher Resources. Valentine’s Day is upon us and I personally feel that a science-themed valentine always gets a “reaction!”

Nitty Gritty Science - Science Education Teacher Resources

For the classroom, check out this FREE demo on Secret Messages, because let’s face it, who doesn’t like get a secret message on Valentine’s Day. This simple demo uses phenolphthalein and a bleach solution to reveal secret messages that disappear again when dry so you can use them again and again for other classes. Passing out Valentine’s? Check out these two ideas my girls and I made for their classroom Valentine’s Day party. 25 Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards For Adorable Couples. This one is for you Nerdy couples !

25 Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards For Adorable Couples

In recent years you may have been too busy or simply forgot to get your loved one a Valentine card , or maybe you just didn’t find the perfect card for that perfect geeky girl ? Have no fear ! The Awesome Daily is here ! Idea: Scientist Valentines. Thursday is Valentine’s Day, a holiday where it’s customary to give a card to your loved one just to say “I Love You.”

Idea: Scientist Valentines

But even before the Catholic Church decided to honor one of its Saints with a holiday on February 14, this month was celebrated as a month of fertility festivals going all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. I’ve decided to honor an entirely different group of people with this collection of romantic cards you can e-mail to your loved ones on February 14th, or any other day of the year. It's almost my favorite holiday~ Illustrations for Nerds in Love – It’s hard not to like these Geeky science posters by Nicole Martinez, they are available as posters and limited edition prints.

They are for the most part cute even is some of the puns are really cringe-worthy… Via Behance Network. Omar is the main/only contributor to He is a Computer Programmer based in Glasgow Scotland. e5e043d813d2af10630d36785064891d.png Photo by shmandyface. I sulfur when you argon. I sulfur when you argon. Printable Valentines. Print these wonderful NASA Space Place Valentine's Day cards and give them to family and friends! There are many galaxies besides the Milky Way Galaxy we call home. There are so many, we can’t even count them all yet! The Hubble Space Telescope looked at a small patch of space for 12 days and found 10,000 galaxies, of all sizes, shapes, and colors.

Some scientists think there could be as many as one hundred billion galaxies in the universe. Find out more. The sun sends lots of energy toward us all the time. Earth and the moon are very good friends, but they're not as close as they seem. We finally got to visit Pluto, Charon, and the Kuiper Belt! ValentinesActivities1. Edible Valentine's Slime. It’s no secret kids love to get messy and sticky.