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Materials and Motion

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Balloon Propeller (Newton's Third Law) by Kiwi Crate. K.Forces and Interactions: Pushes and Pulls - Next Generation Science Standards. Collage Animals: Free Lesson Plan Download - The Art of Ed. A Kindergarten Blog: Shoebox Car Derby (motion and gravity) Last week our class had a blast learning about motion and gravity.

A Kindergarten Blog: Shoebox Car Derby (motion and gravity)

To start the week off, we made a big chart with words about motion that the kids already knew. They came up with words like fast, slow, twisting, sliding, etc...... Our centers included experiments with 1) matchbox car race tracks and what the effects were when you moved the tracks at different levels, started the cars in different spots, and using different cars. 2) At another center, the kids played with moving toys and wrote down as many motion words as they could think of. Build a physics machine. Build a physics machine!

Build a physics machine

If you build it carefully, this crazy contraption demonstrates one of the basic laws of nature. This law explains many events we see every day. For example, why does a big truck come out the winner in a head-on crash with a small car, even if both are going the same speed upon impact? Science for Kids: Create a Marble Run. Egg Drop Challenge with Free Planning Printable {2014} 15 Easy Catapults to Make With Kids. Making a catapult with kids starts out as a craft and ends with a fun activity!

15 Easy Catapults to Make With Kids

Add a target or a competitive goal and now you have a game. It might possibly be the perfect toy! 15 DIY Catapults All these catapults to make at home use everyday objects – hopefully you won’t have to buy a thing! Upcycle the items in your kitchen junk drawer for hours of target practice. These are in order as seen in the photo above with a few bonus catapults at the end. Roller Coasters. How to Make Magnetic Slime. Magnetic Maze. We LOVE printables around here and lately Mr.

Magnetic Maze

Printables has been our “go to” for printables. If you’re like me you might get tired of printing them over and over. Especially things like mazes that you get one use out of before you can’t use it again. Magnetic Mud Science Experiment. Roller Coaster: Marla Frazee: 9780152057442: Books. Other resources available through the science curriculum office: Blow%20And%20Go.pdf. BlowAndGo2.pdf. Sci . Marble Maze. STEM Early Learning Kits - Complete Set at Lakeshore Learning. What%20Will%20a%20Magnet%20Attract.pdf. Push%20n%20Pull%20Puppets.pdf. Blow%20And%20Go.pdf. CCMMakeMobiles.pdf. Easy Marble Painting. All you need for this fun, messy activity is an empty box, some marbles or other small balls and paint.

Easy Marble Painting

Things to investigate Can you blow the balls into goals? Is it easier to blow a heavy ball or a lighter ball? What happens if you tip the box up? Does the ball move faster the more you tip the box? Does using more paint make the balls move faster or more slowly? Method We made some goals with some spare cardboard and sellotaped them to each end of our box. We then dropped to marbles into paint and each player used a straw to try and blow the ball into their opponents goal. We tested marbles, ping pong balls and soft craft balls to see which were the easiest to move. After the straw blowing test we then tried moving the box around to try to move the marbles in the direction we wanted. The more paint we added the harder it became to move the marbles. Other ideas. Backpack%20Bounty-AIMS.pdf. Ice, Water and Oil Experiment - FUN Science for Kids! My kids are so interested and amazed with Science, they love learning first hand how things in their environment interact.

Ice, Water and Oil Experiment - FUN Science for Kids!

I also remember loving Science as a child, I vividly remember doing this Ice, Oil and Water Experiment in Science class in grade 7. Here’s what we used for our home experiment – A large glass Vase (you could do a smaller sized regular drinking glass)Baby Oil – enough to fill your vase 3/4 fullFrozen Ice cubes filled with water and food colouringtongsempty syringes or dopplers Directions – Carefully fill your glass vase, have your child hold the ice using the tongs in the oil mixture, then patiently wait and watch…you will slowly start to see a coloured drop of melted water start to bead off the ice and gracefully sink to the bottom.

My 5 year old daughter found it hard to keep the slippery ice in the tongs so I grabbed some old medicine syringes, we filled these with coloured water, the kids had a great time squirting the water into the oil. Learn How Plants Absorb Water. How to Make Magic Aqua Sand. Wow!

How to Make Magic Aqua Sand

This is such a FUN and AMAZING play product that you can make at home! The kids will spend hours playing with this Magic Aqua Sand! I would recommend it’s made by adults for the kids to use under supervision. What you’ll need - Sand – sandbox or Craft Sand works best as it is generally a finer sand.Coloured Sand (you can either buy this or make it using the easy method found here).Fabric Protector Spray (we used Guardsman which cost under $4)Baking PaperPlastic containers to store your sandGlass VaseWater Instructions - Gr. 2 Pigs T2. Engineering Design Three Little Pigs. THREE LITTLE PIGS LESSON.