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Leyfi fyrir veggmynd. Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads. Hi!

Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads

We're Action Verb. We build two Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platforms that Engineering and Marketing professionals use to power their products and services. Our products include BrickFTP, a hosted file sharing service for business, and Vae Platform, a unique web hosting platform with an integrated CMS system. Our company consists of 10 full time USA-based Engineers, as well as sales and support outposts in Germany and Latin America. We're looking to grow our family by three faces. Our infrastructure platforms are used by over 2,000 enterprises and SMBs, including Mozilla, Canonical, UPS, DirecTV, GoPro, Marriott, and more. We've been able to achieve the rare combination of high double-digit annual growth and industry leading profitability. Remote Jobs: Design, Programming, Rails, Executive, Marketing, Copywriting, and more.

DIY 1: How To Build Your Own Photo Studio On a Bootstrapped Budget - Pixelz. In this first post, I will teach you how to set up a photo studio at home, on a bootstrapped budget. You will be surprised to see how easily you can turn your living room (or spare bedroom, garage, etc) into your own ‘portable’ photography studio so that you can consistently produce quality product images for your online store. The photo studio below cost less than $300 USD to set up (with camera!) And you will be pleasantly surprised with the results. You can use this setup to shoot a range of products such as clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelry, and more! Let’s get started. Part 1: The Shopping List Professional product photography equipment can be confusing and expensive. Tomas Jasovsky. Personal Branding Guide for Designers - Designmodo. Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands.

Personal Branding Guide for Designers - Designmodo

Being good at your craft is not enough these days, being unique and authentic will make the cut, but only if enough people know about you. As Michael Simmons writes, authenticity is key in the digital age. Having a strong personal brand and following can lead to enormous opportunities and recognition. Personal branding is becoming one of the most important key factors in any industry. Skills and boring resumes are not guaranteeing you anything anymore. Designer's Guide to Promoting Yourself and Your Work - Designmodo. You can be the most creative and productive designer in the world, but it doesn’t mean anything without paid work.

Designer's Guide to Promoting Yourself and Your Work - Designmodo

Designers can rely on repeat clients but it’s important to keep meeting new potential clients and building future relationships. How to Work as A Freelance Designer and Travel - Designmodo. Life as a freelance designer is not always as glamorous as it may sound.

How to Work as A Freelance Designer and Travel - Designmodo

There is often work to be done … even when you have travel plans. Sometimes you have freelancing to do while traveling for work (another job or other freelance jobs), but sometimes you have freelance jobs to finish when traveling for pleasure as well. And while it is not something we often like to talk about, there are tools and tricks to help you make the most efficient use of your time while traveling.

While I write frequently, there are not many personal stories in what you will read here. But today is a little different. So most of the tips that follow are from my personal experiences. That’s not always possible, but it should be a goal. How to Combine Traveling and Web Design Career - Designmodo. Traveling is an exciting experience, it opens your eyes, widens your mindset and certainly inspires you for more.

How to Combine Traveling and Web Design Career - Designmodo

I’ve been traveling since I left high school in 2011, I went to study Multimedia Design & Communication in Denmark, I did an internship in a design agency in London, UK and after a quick trip around the Europe, I’ve left for a journey of my life – a tour around the world as a digital nomad. What is a digital nomad, you may ask, a digital nomad is an individual with a certain skillset like writing, programming or designing, that leverages remote work opportunities to travel the world.

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Ideal Customer Exercise. Amber Dusick: Craft Vendor Booth Mistakes - or why I won't buy from you. I am a craft fair shopping veteran.

Amber Dusick: Craft Vendor Booth Mistakes - or why I won't buy from you

When I was a child, my mother was an arts & activities director of an organization that held craft fairs. I was raised behind the scenes of craft fairs. Craft fairs, handmade markets, handcrafted bazaars...whatever you want to call them, I was there. In my 30 years of craft fairs, I've picked up on a few things that strongly affect whether or not I'll buy from a seller. Whether or not I'll even step foot in their booth. Craft Booth Vendor Mistake #1 - No Prices: I'm an introvert. Craft Booth Vendor Mistake #2 - No Sign: I hate unmarked booths. Craft Booth Vendor Mistake #3 - Not Enough: Now some would disagree with me on this one, so take this with a grain of salt, but if I can see every single item in your shop just by casually walking by I will do just that.

DIY Temporary Tattoos! Made In Hawaii – Your one stop shop for all your branding needs! Wholesale: What the professionals know that you don't. I just lied to you.

Wholesale: What the professionals know that you don't

See that title up there? Total lie. I’m not sorry, though, and in a moment I’ll tell you why. But first, let me ask you this: How to create a line sheet that makes selling easy. Welcome to Buyers’ Pack 101 – a series of posts designed to help you create a smokin’ hot buyers’ pack.

How to create a line sheet that makes selling easy

(If you wouldn’t recognise a buyers’ pack if you found it eating your breakfast, step this way.) As we talked about last week, once you know how to do something the right way, you can start to do it your way. And that’s when the real selling begins. Before you read on: Download my FREE guide to five common line sheet questions that stump newcomers. How to Pitch to Shops Via Email - Lucky Break Consulting Blog. One of our central focuses in my Lucky Break University: Secrets to Wholesale Success class is the art of the pitch: knowing which shops to approach, understanding what they expect from you, and learning strategies for making your pitches more effective.

How to Pitch to Shops Via Email - Lucky Break Consulting Blog

There’s a distinct art to pitching and my curriculum teaches makers how to woo shopkeepers via email, phone and in-person. If you’re new to the wholesale game, then I recommend getting your feet wet with email pitches as they’ve proven to be the least intimating, lowest-cost entry point. What follows is my guide to getting started… Pros & Cons of Pitching via Email: Juxtapoz Magazine - Dear Every Artist and Illustrator Ever, First off, I would like to genuinely thank everybody that has sent in illustration submissions to Juxtapoz for review.

Juxtapoz Magazine - Dear Every Artist and Illustrator Ever,

I will occasionally promote a 'Call to Illustrators' encouraging reader submissions but it has just occurred to me that you may have ZERO idea how to go about doing this. So I'm going to do you a favor and write up a quick list to make all of our lives less painful and better your chances for future success, recognition, white tigers and rooftop jacuzzis. You're welcome.... #1 It's important to spell correctly. 5 Tips for Getting a Retail Store to Carry Your Product. Creating a great new product is an entrepreneur’s first challenge, often followed by a campaign to get that product on the shelves of a boutique shop or other bricks-and-mortar retail outlet. This is where focused research, knowledge of market conditions, and the power of persuasion come into play.

With persistence and imagination, you can make the dream of getting your product into a store come true. Here are five tips for making your best case to an owner of a retail store: 1. How to Approach a Store to Sell Your Product. 20 Questions To Ask Clients Prior To Designing A Logo. Before starting any project it’s essential to get the right preliminary information from your clients. This will help pave the way to a successful project, assist in bringing client’s vision into perspective and build a lasting relationship. Many of the questions below will also help in putting together an accurate quote for your client. Things such as deadlines, usage, etc. should take into account pricing. Since my primary focus in is logo design, below are 20 questions to ask your clients prior to beginning their new logo design.

Also, many of these questions can be applied to other forms of design, so feel free to integrate them into your questions for various forms of print and web design. Skillshare. 7 Ways to Earn Money as a Side Hustle. The freelance hustle is a constant juggle of new projects and clients. While it is exciting and rewarding, the hustle can also be exhausting and nerve-racking. Some weeks you’re overwhelmed with new gigs, some weeks it’s just crickets. Having other sources of income is important — to make those tough times a little easier and your wallet a little thicker. We’ve put together a short list of ways you can earn passive income as a creative entrepreneur. 1.

eHawaii Account Services. Business Registration. For those considering Hawaii as their legal business domicile, we offer the following benefits: Single Agency Jurisdiction In Hawaii, all business registrations are filed with the State of Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Business Registration Division. No county filings are necessary. Simple Registration Hawaii has streamlined its business registration forms. Hawaii Business License Applications. Do I need a business license in Hawaii? In Hawaii, if you are operating any type of business you will need a general business license from the State of Hawaii.

This applies no matter what type of business you are conducting, even if only a small, home-based business. The State and some counties also require specific types of licenses and permits based on the type of business being conducted. Teach Abroad - Teach English Abroad - Teaching Overseas - Teaching Abroad. Welcome to Augusta Sportswear. Print custom stickers - StickerApp. Do’s and Don’t’s of Submitting Artwork to a Gallery. Which Gallery Should I Sumbit To? Approaching a Gallery: The Initial Email (an Example of What to Send) At any point in an artist’s career, they many begin to seek out representation from a commercial gallery. This has several benefits for the artist, including more exposure, a better venue to show work (presumably), less self-marketing, and hopefully more sales (if that is what the artist is after).

Email Marketing for Artists: The Ultimate Free Guide - Online Marketing for Artists - Danielle Feinberg: The magic ingredient that brings Pixar movies to life. ACCESSORIES — Woosah Outfitters. Ways to package art prints... - Discussions - Etsy Teams. Forensic Art World. Kiva - Loans that change lives. Artist Inquiry. How to Start Licensing Your Art (and Why You Should)

Painting by Natasha Wescoat licensed to Murals Your Way When I began as an artist, I was really enjoying the experience of selling my work directly to people. It was so much more exciting than hanging it on a wall in a gallery. I had more control over my work, when it was available and where I could place it for sale. There was no middle man involved and I preferred it that way. But something was missing. Council of International Schools (CIS): Factor. It varies from school to school according to the cost of living in the host country, the size of the school, and local conditions.

Jobs Teaching in Australia. Your complete resource to employment from overseas. There are many rewarding opportunities for qualified teachers in Australia. A shortage of teachers in Australia means there are many jobs for overseas-trained teachers at all levels and in all different environments across the country. From jobs teaching in rural Australia in a small primary school, a secondary school in a coastal town, or a primary and secondary college in a major city. Creativemarket. Login to Hire Freelancers, Outsource Jobs, Find Work.

The 10 Campuses of the University of Hawaii System. 90 Retailers That Offer Teacher Discounts. Top 10 Marketing Tips From Full-Time Etsy Sellers. The Ultimate Guide to Telling Your Shop’s Visual Story.