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Kiva - Loans that change lives.

Kiva - Loans that change lives.

Virtual Tour: Panoramic Images: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History This comprehensive virtual tour allows visitors using a desktop computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) or a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) to take a virtual, self-guided, room-by-room walking tour of the whole museum. You can even browse a list of past exhibits, which is included on the ground floor map (see upper right map buttons). The visitor can navigate from room to room by clicking map locations or by following blue arrow links on the floor that connect the rooms. The desktop version includes camera icons to indicate hotspots where the visitor can get a close-up view of a particular object or exhibit panel. Please note: This tour is provided in Flash and HTML5 / Javascript versions. Peerbackers Strength in Numbers peerbackers is a new way to fund entrepreneurs. It is an online funding platform that allows business owners to raise capital from their “peers”—in small increments—in exchange for tangible rewards to those who contribute. We’re the connectors— our online marketplace directly links business people who are looking for a small amount of start-up or growth capital with individuals who are willing to contribute that funding in small increments. These individuals can be friends, family or complete strangers…but they all share one thing—at least $10 to spare and a desire to have a positive impact on the world.

Local Currencies Complementary Currencies Virtual Currencies Community Exchange Mozilla Firefox Brief History: The Responsa Project began in 1963 at the Weizmann Institute. Over the years it migrated to Bar Ilan University. An early version of the system was already running in 1967. In the first stages of the project, we decided to focus on the Responsa literature. Connecting Classrooms 'Connecting Classrooms prepares children to take their place in the 21st century,' says Karen Noble, Head Teacher, Juniper Green Primary School. Watch UK and Nigerian teachers benefit from gaining understanding of other countries’ education systems and become better equipped to teach about global issues, while improving their own teaching and curriculum. Connecting Classrooms is a global education programme, which offers: School partnerships - get the support you need to build a sustainable relationship with a link school Professional development for teachers - get equipped to tackle global themes in the classroom with our fully funded, regional face-to-face workshops and online courses British Council International School Award - gain recognition for your school. Connecting Classrooms also provides specially developed resources to help you and your partner school explore a number of social, environmental, and cultural themes.

Ed Tech Teacher Tool Dashboard We're here to help! Looking for a Place to Begin? Start here! Frameworks & Models How Memoto raised $500,000 on Kickstarter, part 1. Still being in something of a shock over the overwhelming response Memoto’s Kickstarter project has had, we feel we need, for reasons of self-therapy if nothing else, to put down in words what has really happened these past few weeks since we launched. We will do this in two parts, one where we describe the process leading up to the launch of the project and one where we disclose some lessons learned during the actual project. So, what’s Kickstarter? Well basically, it’s a website for crowdfunding projects.

Flattr: A Social Micropayment Platform for Financing Free Works People have been talking about "micropayments" since the early days of the world-wide-web, so I'm always skeptical of micropayment systems. Flattr is an interesting variation on the idea though. It's a voluntary system, without the overhead or chilling effects associated with "pay walls" and it puts donors in control of how much they spend, allowing them to split their donations among beneficiaries based on a monthly "pie" model. The greatest asset of Flattr is its simplicity of use -- similar in many ways to the various social networking services that abound on the web today. Flattr may well succeed, and it may fill a niche of financing small projects from free software to online videos. A Raisin in the Sun A Raisin in the Sun is a play by Lorraine Hansberry that debuted on Broadway in 1959.[1] The title comes from the poem "Harlem" (also known as "A Dream Deferred"[2]) by Langston Hughes. The story is based upon a black family's experiences in the Washington Park Subdivision of Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood. Plot[edit]

@moburns - Me too. I think it's a great "site" (it's much more than a site). I try to get as many people as I can to check it out. Glad you're part of it! by the_third_man Nov 30

I agree. I've made a number of loans through them and really love what they do. :-) by moburns Nov 29

A great site to help those in need who in turn help to build their own communities. by the_third_man Nov 29

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