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Ggle, a really Simple Online Mindmap #edtech. XMind Alternatives for iPad. | brainstorm and mind map online. 10 Note Taking Tips for The 21st Century Teachers. January 11, 2014 I am presently reading a book entitled " Orality and Literacy" by Walter Ong in which Ong provides an insightful analysis of the two concepts: oral cultures and literate ( both chirographic, typographic, and later on electronic ) cultures.

Ong argues that oral cultures were not able to develop logical and conceptual thought and that their thinking was purely operational and situational. Without a written language to store and save knowledge , there was no referential data for others to reflect and build on. Even for recollections, oral people drew on the heavy use of rhythmic patterns : In a primary oral culture, to solve effectively the problem of retaining and retrieving carefully articulated thought, you have to do your thinking in mnemonic patterns, shaped for ready oral recurrence. Anyway, I will share with you a review of this book as soon as I finish reading it.

Here are some interesting highlights from it : Popplet. Coggle. ExamTime - Changing the way you learn. XMind: The Most Professional Mind Map Software.