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Ggle, a really Simple Online Mindmap #edtech. XMind Alternatives for iPad. Brainstorm and mind map online. 10 Note Taking Tips for The 21st Century Teachers. January 11, 2014 I am presently reading a book entitled " Orality and Literacy" by Walter Ong in which Ong provides an insightful analysis of the two concepts: oral cultures and literate ( both chirographic, typographic, and later on electronic ) cultures.

10 Note Taking Tips for The 21st Century Teachers

Ong argues that oral cultures were not able to develop logical and conceptual thought and that their thinking was purely operational and situational. Without a written language to store and save knowledge , there was no referential data for others to reflect and build on. Even for recollections, oral people drew on the heavy use of rhythmic patterns : Popplet. Coggle. ExamTime - Changing the way you learn. XMind: The Most Professional Mind Map Software.