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Steam Locomotion - Locomotives & Model Trains - Part 2

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Killer Bee Hobby. Admiral - Model makers company. Canadian Air Power and Aviation. List of rail transport modelling scale standards. Scale Standards[edit] NEM[edit] MOROP (The European federation of national model railway associations) is a European organisation which publishes NEM-standards.

List of rail transport modelling scale standards

NEM-standards are used by model railway industry and hobbyists in Europe. The standards are published in French and German and both versions have an official status. Unofficial translations in English from third parties exist for certain NEM-standard sheets. Model railway scales and gauges are standardized in NEM 010,[1] which covers several gauges for each scale. No letter = standard gauge (prototype: 1,250–1,500 mm or 49.2–59.1 in)m = metre gauge (prototype: 850–1,250 mm or 33.5–49.2 in)e = narrow gauge (prototype: 650–850 mm or 25.6–33.5 in)i = industrial (prototype: 400–650 mm or 15.7–25.6 in)p = park railway (prototype: 300–400 mm or 11.8–15.7 in)

Union Pacific. Industrial Rail Trains Archive by Publications & Magazines. Plastic Scale Model Building | Scale Information & Building Tips. Forums, Blogs, and Modellers. Mass-Market Plastic Kit Manufacturers. Admiral - Model makers company. Welcome aboard. Aircraft Carriers. - Index to Ships in Books. Forums, Blogs, and Modellers. Mass-Market Plastic Kit Manufacturers. Publications & Magazines. Plastic Scale Model Building | Scale Information & Building Tips. Lamps for Models. 'Nontoxic' Printmaking & Printing. Dip Tanks for EtchingDue to its generous volume of solution and vigorous agitation, a dip tank represents the best facility for the mechanical removal of the crystalline sediments that ferric chloride generates as it etches.

'Nontoxic' Printmaking & Printing

Larger tanks can be custom made by most acid unit manufacturers (or plastics fabricating companies), preferably from welded polypropylene. For home use and smaller scale work, even a square bucket or plastic crate will make a very serviceable etching tank, especially if fitted with an agitation pump. Dip tank at RIT: Many print studios have customized dip tanks for etching. AerationTo agitate the etch solution; one or several tubes of fish tank airline can be fitted to a dip tank.

The air outlets should point upward and be connected to a powerful fish tank aeration pump. The Chemistry of Ferric Chloride The corrosive properties of ferric become clear when you look at its chemical composition. The white citric acid powder is synthetic lemon juice. Railroading. Railway modelling. S&D Models - 1/43 Scale Lamps -

The Rocket - Replica of Stephenson's 1829 Steam Locomotive. Lamps for Models. Express Models THE LED STORE. The design of model railways for operation. The tracks on a full sized railway are not just laid at random.

the design of model railways for operation

Every piece of main line, siding and loop that is laid has been put there for a reason. There are a number of reasons for the tracks to be placed where they are. The ideal is to have stations located in the places most suited to the passenger and freight traffic which will be using it and to link stations together with dead straight track which keeps running times to a minimum. The main reason that this doesn't occur is because of restrictions caused by the terrain through which the railway line passes. The terrain will often require many long tunnels, cuttings, embankments, bridges, and viaducts if a straight line is to be followed.

These factors give us quite a lot of help when it comes to building a model railway. There is another factor that affects the track arrangement on a full size railway and that is the operational requirements of the line. Model Signal Engineering Home Page. Welcome to the home page of Model Signal Engineering, the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of British outline semaphore signalling parts for model railways.

Model Signal Engineering Home Page

Model lighting. Run-roundLoop. When a loco-hauled train arrives at a terminus, the engine has to be detached, moved to the other end of the train via a loop line, and coupled onto what is now the front end so that the train can depart back to where it came from.


Even though railcars and “push-pull” sets have made it a rare sight on the main line, everyone who has ever been on a museum steam railway will be familiar with this operation of “running round”. If you want to model a rural branch line in Rail3D, you will need to have some means of reproducing this sequence. Fortunately, it is very straightforward to set this up. 1 Basic layout To keep things simple, we will confine ourselves to a station with only a single platform and a run-round loop.

The basic elements we need for the run-round loop This layout uses the basic elements we already know about — signals, switches and reversers — together with two new elements needed to allow shunting operations, the uncoupler and the shunt feature. SEEP COBALT TRAINTRONICS HORNBY POINT MOTORS 2013 - QUANTITY DISCOUNTS - WIRING INSTALLATION DIAGRAMS REMOTE SWITCH CONTROL CDU CRAVENMODELS MODELTRAINSUK for HORNBY, PECO, DAPOL TRACK, Model Railways, - POWER SUPPLY UNITS SIGNAL OPERATION, CRAVEN MODELS. If you do not mount your point motor correctly in central position with the centre position of the point, you run the risk of point motor burnout.


The smaller the gauge becomes, it is more important as the point movement becomes less and less. The PM-1 and PM-4 Point Motors have an added switch within the point motor itself and this internal switch will not operate correctly unless the point motor is installed correctly. If off centre, only one half of this internal switch will operate and possibly cause a burnout. You will need one of these. L&B MODEL SIGNALLING. Lynton and Barnstaple model signalling by Bob Barnard ed note: Bob is a professional signalling engineer and his work in this field is seminal.


Railway Operation Simulator - Homepage. Talyllyn Railway Operations. Train Operations Page. Introduction This page contains some articles about the planning, crewing, movement and control of trains.

Train Operations Page

It is not concerned with the type of trains except as how this might affect operation. Miniatronics. S&D Models - 1/43 Scale Lamps - Railway modelling. Model Railroading. Perth trains the fastest in nation. Fewer stations are allowing Perth's passenger trains to reach faster average speeds than any other metropolitan rail network in Australia.

Perth trains the fastest in nation

The revelation has emerged in a national rail report card released in WA this week. Railway modelling suppliers. Railway modelling suppliers. InterCity 125. "High Speed Train" redirects here.

InterCity 125

For high-speed trains in general, see high-speed rail. After three decades, the majority of the HST fleet is still in front-line revenue service under privatisation, and while the InterCity 125 brand name is rarely mentioned officially by the private train-operating companies (TOCs), the InterCity 125 still forms the backbone of intercity services on several British main lines. Most are expected to be replaced within the next 10 years by the Intercity Express Programme, but a number will continue in use on London to Devon/Cornwall services, where there are no plans to electrify the lines.[1] Engineers from the companies responsible have calculated that, with a certain amount of rewiring, the Mark 3 carriages used can be made to last until at least 2035.[2] The power cars now have new engines and new lights, and the coaches have been refurbished.

Background[edit] Production[edit] Prototype[edit] Production versions[edit] Introduction into service[edit] Un nouveau service en ligne pour convertir les vidéos de Youtube en MP3. Radio Contorl Model Cars Airoplanes and Boats.