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Working Steam Engine Model, Steam Power Plant. This is a fully working engine (power plant), using fuel pellets and special "steam oil" for the lubrication of internal moving parts - just like the Steam Tractor.

Working Steam Engine Model, Steam Power Plant

(A light household oil (3-in-1 or equivalent) is used for exterior lubrication.) Not just for children, these are equally cherished by adults. Although very safe, nonetheless we recommend that those under the age of 13 be supervised by an adult when the engines are running. The chimney smokes just like the real thing and the double-acting cylinder moves the centrifugal governor and the flywheel during operation. This engine will drive all four accessories - perhaps most of them simultaneously. This is a working piece of machinery.

Scroll down or Click Here to see how the double-acting steam engine works. (Picture also shows Workshop Combination Accessory) Additional Air Shipping Surchage applies to the Kit. Steampunk Clock with Thermometer: Home & Garden. Click Clock Antiques Finished Metal Wall Decor 34x17": Home & Garden. Steampunk Clothing from Gentleman's Emporium. Steampunk Solid Brass Goggles are Here to Rule! Here are proudly presented a pair of absolutely amazing solid brass goggles that will definitely make you go, “Wow!”

Steampunk Solid Brass Goggles are Here to Rule!

, as the Steampunk Solid Brass goggles have their own military look making you feel like a G. I. Joe while putting them on. You can put them on, go through places and see the world in an entirely different light and unlike other goggles you see and may use, these goggles are specially hand-made. Making these goggles is an easy procedure and you’ll realize how useful they can be if you keep reading this note. In order to make Steampunk Solid Brass goggles the way Mann & Koryakin have, their frames made first with the help of several power tools. You will be glad to know that our goggles are build from no kind of Aluminum, no sort of ‘recycled leather’, no synthetics, plastic frames. SteamBabySteampunk goggles props and accessories by steambaby. The New Airship Entertainment Online Store. Edmdesigns Artisan Studio ArtFire Buy & Sell Handmade. Decibel Artisan Studio ArtFire Buy & Sell Handmade. Steampunk Clock Parts.

Find jewelry making beads, gemstone bead sets, pearls, unique and unusual beads, beading supplies, jewelry findings, steampunk jewelry supplies, and Large Hole Beads, accessories, and chains to make beautiful beaded jewelry to sell, give as gifts, or just for yourself.

Steampunk Clock Parts

The best value for your money is at Pizazz Beads! Categories Gift Certificates Your cart Designer Kay's Blog Newsletter Signup Bill Me Later DKay Collections Collectibles, Antiques, Vintage Handmade Jewelry, Watches, and Home Decor. European Pendants Designer Kay Jewelry Blog for Bucks Jewelry Making Chains. Steampunk - Shop for Steampunk at Polyvore. The Pam Breeze-ly Top is back and better than ever!

Steampunk - Shop for Steampunk at Polyvore

We're happy to announce that we've listened to your feedback and updated the fit and quality of this gorgeous, ModCloth-exclusive garment. When you want a work wardrobe thats subtle, stylish, and a little bit romantic, make this breezy, black blouse your business! Everyone will want to copy the modestly marvelous style of this top - its gathered shoulders, low collar, and iridescent buttons always garner a good reception. This office-chic shirt works perfectly with a demure pencil skirt, feminine, camel-toned loafers, and a pearly hair clip. Its no prank - youre going to love this pretty, put-together piece! More... Victorian Clothing for Men and Women. The Mine furniture. Dress Like a Pirate - Abney Park Fashion : Abney Park Market, Steampunk & Neo Tribal Fashion & Music.

Steampunk Clothing, Corsets, Costumes, Jewelry, Dresses, Hats & Oddities @ Clockwork Couture. Steampunk Clothing, Corsets, Costumes, Jewelry, Dresses, Hats & Oddities @ Clockwork Couture.