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25 Strangest Geological Formations On Earth. SkyPorn. GeoGlyph + WM Toolbox - The Psychedelic Rainbow Mountains Of Peru Are Breathtaking. There Is An Underground Amusement Park In Transylvania. 100% Dracula approved.

There Is An Underground Amusement Park In Transylvania

By Sophia Softky, 27/2/2015 What does one do with a defunct salt mine dating back to the middle ages? Build an amusement park in it, apparently. Maps and Geography. : all metro, all city. - Recent Uploads. The Recent Uploads page lets you quickly find new images on PBase. - Recent Uploads

As people upload new public images to galleries, those galleries are added to the Recent Uploads list. Arrowhead golf course. Ten enduring mysteries of the Longyou caves. Located near the village of Shiyan Beicun in Zhejiang province, China, lies the Longyou caves - an extensive, magnificent and rare ancient underground world considered in China as ‘the ninth wonder of the ancient world’.

Ten enduring mysteries of the Longyou caves

The Longyou grottoes, which are thought to date back at least 2,000 years, represent one of the largest underground excavations of ancient times and are an enduring mystery that have perplexed experts from every discipline that has examined them. Scientists from around the world in the fields of archaeology, architecture, engineering, and geology have absolutely no idea how they were built, by whom, and why. First discovered in 1992 by a local villager, 36 grottoes have now been discovered covering a massive 30,000 square metres. Carved into solid siltstone, each grotto descends around 30 metres underground and contains stone rooms, bridges, gutters and pools.

HILIGHT : 네이버 블로그. Breathtaking Aerial Photos of New York City at Night From 7,500 Feet. Rare Photographs of a Flipped translucent Iceberg. Panoramio - Photos of the World. Dystalgia : Aurel Manea photography. Liwa Desert - Street View - Google Maps. Pinterest. Botanical Illustrations on Pinterest. The Plant Encyclopedia - Main Page. Albums de BioDivLibrary sur Flickr. Down at the end of the garden ...

Todays decay. Yesterdays memories. Completely Surreal Photos Of America's Abandoned Malls. Aerial Photographs of Volcanic Iceland by Andre Ermolaev. At first glance these photos by Andre Ermolaev look like twisting abstract paintings, but in reality are aerial photos of rivers flowing through Iceland’s endless beds of volcanic ash.

Aerial Photographs of Volcanic Iceland by Andre Ermolaev

Given its name and stereotypical depiction it’s somewhat surprising to learn that the small country named after ice is home to no less than 30 active volcanic systems. You’ll remember the eruption of the massive Grímsvötn volcano just last year that spewed some 120 million tons of ash in the first 48 hours and snarled air traffic for days. Of his photographs Ermolaev says: Iceland is a wonderful country; I would even say that it is a true paradise for all the photo shooting-lovers. Fuck Yeah Aquascaping. World's Largest Cave, Son Doong, Prepping For First Public Tours. The Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is the biggest cave in the world.

World's Largest Cave, Son Doong, Prepping For First Public Tours

It's over 5.5 miles long, has a jungle and river, and could fit a 40-story skyscraper within its walls. But nobody knew any of that until about six years ago. The recently discovered cave has been touted as the largest in the world, although other caves vie for the title of longest (Mammoth Cave in Brownsville, Kentucky nabs that title with about 400 miles of passageways) and deepest (Krubera Cave in the nation of Georgia). A local man discovered the cave entrance in 1991, but British cavers were the first to explore it in 2009. Tour company Oxalis has been running trial tours of the cave since two summers ago. The lucky people who have entered Son Doong so far, like photographer John Spies, have emerged with some amazing photos.

Photo Fun: Interesting & Cool Photos. Unique Painting Style of Valery Grygorenko [39 Pics] Oct 21 2013 Have a look at one of the most unique aviation and automotive painting styles we've ever seen!

Photo Fun: Interesting & Cool Photos

View Post See more photo posts. Breathtaking Photos of Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia [23 Pics. Breathtaking Photos of Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia [23 Pics] Apr 16 2012 Lake Baikal is the the worlds oldest and deepest lake.

Breathtaking Photos of Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia [23 Pics

Experts say that it is approximately 25 million years old (possibly older) and has an average depth of 744.4 meters (2,442 ft). Monsanto - Portugal Village Built Among Rocks. Monsanto is a beautiful village built in the Portuguese countryside.Featuring narrow streets carved from rock and granite houses squeezed between giant boulders, it looks like a real life Bedrock.

Monsanto - Portugal Village Built Among Rocks

At the top of the 400 feet high hill stands a very old square built fortress / castle. The castle played an important role in Medieval times when the Templars Grand Master built a castle which withstood several battles including the Napoleonic invasions. Awesome Nature Photos Of Incredible Places - 39 Examples. Nature photography tends to put a stronger emphasis on the aesthetic value of the photo than other photography genres, such as photojournalism and documentary photography. Apart from this difference, nature photography will always be more surprising than any other type of photography. Nature, with all its resources creates far more beautiful scenery than what a man can create artificially. Kochia Hill, Hitachinaka City, Japan Japanese Tea Field Tea Garden near Mt. One big photo » a picture is worth a thousand words.