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How to Start an Ad Agency

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How to develop a mobile app

Why Millennials Don't Want To Buy Stuff. Compared to previous generations, Millennials seem to have some very different habits that have taken both established companies and small businesses by surprise. One of these is that Generation Y doesn't seem to enjoy purchasing things. The Atlantic's article "Why Don't Young Americans Buy Cars?

" mused recently about Millennials' tendency to not care about owning a vehicle. The subtitle: "Is this a generational shift, or just a lousy economy at work? " What if it's not an "age thing" at all? So is technology the culprit, then? And there's the culprit. Humanity is experiencing an evolution in consciousness. This new attitude toward ownership is occurring everywhere, and once we recognize this change, we can leverage it.

A New Form of Competitive Advantage Even in this strange new world, the economic laws of scarcity apply, and they are precisely what's shifting. The biggest insight we can glean from the death of ownership is about connection. 1. 2. 3.

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