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23 Oct 2013, 18:01 Hi, and thank you for sharing your wonderful pattern creator. I'm getting the hang of it, but there is one option that I cannot figure out how to use. I go to Pattern Cooler home and select a pattern that I want to edit (colors). I click the option to edit colors but the editor never comes up. It seems as though it gets stuck and never gets to the editor. Please help :( Seamless Pattern Background Designs Seamless Pattern Background Designs
Today we will show you some examples of websites that are using beautiful and inspiring color combinations that match perfectly and create an eye candy result. From delicate and smooth colors to strong duos and super colorful pages, we have several styles to show you. Color is definitely a very important element of web design, and if you are familiar with the Color Theory used in visual arts, you may know that even with a lot of studies, the reaction to colors is pretty subjective and people react differently. Some reactions are based on background, others are based on personal taste and even psychological feelings. The color theory is actually a science that helps us design our projects, and it’s certainly something to consider when creating a website. In case you are interested, here are some nice color related tools: COLOURLovers, Kuler Adobe, Color Scheme Designer and remember you can sometimes use Firebug to discover which colors people are using in a design.

25 Examples of Perfect Color Combinations in Web Design

25 Examples of Perfect Color Combinations in Web Design
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Google+ Styled UI Buttons, Icon Buttons & Dropdown Menu Buttons Google+ Styled UI Buttons, Icon Buttons & Dropdown Menu Buttons Inspired by the web, and Created by Bruce Galpin (Social-IT-e Media). This is an easy to implement framework of Google+ styled buttons, icon buttons & dropdown menu buttons that look and work great in web applications. Download:
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