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Four Common Email Phrases That Make Recipients Reach For “Delete” To promote its new Athleisure Makeup line, Tarte partnered with social media "fitfluencers" to push the concept that "sporty is the new sexy.

Four Common Email Phrases That Make Recipients Reach For “Delete”

" The campaign, titled Hustle & Glow, includes a beautifully produced video in which a woman wakes up in her spacious Malibu mansion and heads to the bathroom for a full beauty routine in preparation to . . . go on a solo run. The video was met with wide appreciation from Tarte fans (and nearly 80,000 YouTube views), with many saying it inspired them to get out there and look good on the asphalt (or sand).

As athleisure becomes more than just a fashion trend, it’s extended into new, unexpected categories. How to Make Sure Your Emails Give the Right Impression. Given the avalanche of email we receive each year — 121 messages per day, on average — it’s no wonder that we have become somewhat desensitized to its impact on our professional brand.

How to Make Sure Your Emails Give the Right Impression

We’ll spend hours polishing our LinkedIn profiles and revising our résumés, but hastily hit send on an unintelligible missive simply because we’re in a rush. “Sent from my device, please overlook typos” is not a get-out-of-jail-free card for shoddy communications. Have you ever thought about the brand you’re conveying through your emails? Catastrophe chez Reuters : quelqu’un a cliqué sur "Répondre à tous" Email Charter. Reducing Email Noise in Outlook. If you are like me, you receive many emails at work.

Reducing Email Noise in Outlook

A pretty large chunk of these emails are just FYI types of messages that aren’t urgent, but you do need to read them eventually. Some emails are just happenings around the office that you may or may not care about, and some are just people over-using email groups you are currently a member of.