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Assertmodule 4. Well Formed Outcomes - the Power to Change Your World. The well formed outcomes pattern is a major organizing pattern for NLP techniques overall.

Well Formed Outcomes - the Power to Change Your World

It goes beyond “setting goals”. The metaphor of a goal suggests a destination and a conscious process. Outcomes set a direction. I may have an outcome to have an independent and happy child. ACHGuide11. Assertiveness Techniques. This page provides some simple tips and techniques that you can use to improve your assertiveness skills and also help others to express themselves in a more assertive way.

Assertiveness Techniques

Being assertive can help us to feel better about ourselves - improving self-esteem and personal confidence. Sometimes the way we react and respond to others can make us feel inadequate, guilty or regretful. Building Assertiveness in 4 Steps. All of us should insist on being treated fairly — to stand up for our rights without violating the rights of others.

Building Assertiveness in 4 Steps

This means tactfully, justly and effectively expressing our preferences, needs, opinions and feelings. Psychologists call that being assertive, as distinguished from being unassertive (weak, passive, compliant, self-sacrificing) or aggressive (self-centered, inconsiderate, hostile, arrogantly demanding). Because some people want to be “nice” and “not cause trouble,” they “suffer in silence,” “turn the other cheek,” and assume nothing can be done to change their situation. The rest of us appreciate pleasant, accommodating people but whenever a nice person permits a greedy, dominant person to take advantage of him/her, the passive person is not only cheating him/herself but also reinforcing unfair, self-centered behavior in the aggressive person.

To speak up, make requests, ask for favors and generally insist that your rights be respected as a significant, equal human being. Self-assertiveness. Self-assertiveness is having or showing the confidence and courage in stating your views, expressing your feelings, asking for what you want and enjoying your rights.


All this must be done with integrity, honesty, directness and respect for others. Being assertive is looking after your own interest, and not seeking some kind of bitter confrontation with someone, so have the rightful manner when you assert. In assertiveness, you must be fair to others by balancing their needs with your own. It is about maintaining your strong moral principles and self-respect while acknowledging their existence in other people. How you behave towards others is how you will want them to behave towards you. Self-confidence. When you have self-confidence you have the feeling that you can rely on your own self to produce successful outcome or have faith in your ability to successfully get or do what you want.


This positive feeling comes from your strong belief that you have the ability to do things well and deal effectively with any difficult problem or situation. Learn to live your life with self-confidence, which is essential to success. Self-confidence is undeniably one of the most important human traits. Many capable and intelligent people live a life of obscurity, failing to realize their full potentials. Never have that inferior feeling. Are you one of those who feel inferior?

Never have that inferior feeling

Feeling inferior is a terrible feeling which you should never have if you know that no one is born inferior. Much of your inferior feeling comes from comparing yourself with other people. However, it could be a belief which you have held on to since your childhood. As this belief is obviously false, you can change it.

5 Work Situations Where It’s Necessary to Be Assertive. 5 Work Situations Where It’s Necessary to Be Assertive Assertiveness is often confused with aggression but even though both characteristics involve sticking up for yourself and what you believe in, they are, in fact, very different.

5 Work Situations Where It’s Necessary to Be Assertive

The difference between the two lies in the level of respect you give yourself and the person in front of you. Assertiveness Techniques: These are the only 3 you will ever need!