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How To Stop Client Excuses and Change Their Mindset For Success. Three Subtle, Subconscious Ways We Procrastinate. 6 Things Successful Women Never Do in the Morning. “I’ve learned that the tone of your day starts from the moment you wake up,” says Beatrice Fischel-Bock, founder and CEO of Homee, a new home design app backed by Tinder CEO Sean Rad.

6 Things Successful Women Never Do in the Morning

“I now make it a priority to give myself time in the morning to make a cup of coffee, read the news, and get a start on email. By the time I get to work, I feel productive and ready for the day,” she says. For Bonnie Comley, co-founder of BroadwayHD and three-time Tony-winning Broadway producer, stress is an inevitable part of the day, so taking time out in the morning to be grateful is vital. The New Science of Embracing Performance Anxiety. It’s not that elite athletes don’t feel pre-race nerves; it’s that they know how to manage them.

The New Science of Embracing Performance Anxiety

Photo: Markus Schreiber/Associated Pres When runner Alexi Pappas toes the starting line of the 10,000-meter race at this year’s Olympics, there’s a good chance she won’t be relaxed. But nerves, and even pre-race nightmares, she’s written, “should not be feared.” Rather, “they should be embraced as a friendly indication that we care very much about the challenge ahead. I Stopped Comparing My Body to Everyone Else's for a Week—Here’s What Happened.

How to Help Clients Overcome Anxiety. The Worst Things to Say to Someone Who's Mourning. 9 ways to be a better public speaker. I read recently that people placed death third in a list of their biggest fears.

9 ways to be a better public speaker

7-Tips-Talking-About-Meditation1. What Is Self Determination Theory? Editors note: Throughout this article there are examples to download and use for your business.

What Is Self Determination Theory?

In all cases a picture is included. Simply click on the picture to download the .pdf to your computer. You know those clients you just love training? 6 "Tough" Coaching Techniques For Improving Client Experience And Accountability. Most of us preach moderation.

6 "Tough" Coaching Techniques For Improving Client Experience And Accountability

Fitness and diet needs to be a part of your lifestyle, not be a burden, or something that you run your whole life around. Consistency and moderation over the long-term is far better than getting all hardcore and “engaging beastmode” for a short period, then falling completely off the wagon. 7 Ways 'Fearless' People Conquer Fear. I need to Work My Way Up to the Gym. …Fuck I hate this line.

I need to Work My Way Up to the Gym

We’re not doing a good enough job. Obesity is still rampant, health care costs are increasing, and too many people are reasoning themselves out of exercise. The easy thing to do is to blame them, call them lazy, and condescendingly snicker when they grab a, well… Snickers bar. The Top 10 Drugs That Trainers Must Know About - Personal Trainer Development Center. The following is a guest contribution by Dr.

The Top 10 Drugs That Trainers Must Know About - Personal Trainer Development Center

Spencer Nadolsky. It originally appeared on PTDC coach Nick Tumminello’s blog and is copied here with permission. How Anxiety Works and How You Can Dissolve it. 12th December 2015 By Tomasz Kopec, MD Guest Writer for Wake Up World I work as a family doctor and I often see patients complaining of anxiety and panic attacks.

How Anxiety Works and How You Can Dissolve it

7 Tips for Dudes Training Female Clients. The majority of the personal training market is females.

7 Tips for Dudes Training Female Clients

Unless you have some special niche market with guys, most male trainers will have a lot of female clients. A while back, the PTDC published an excellent article on training female clients by Elsbeth Vaino. A lot of guys (myself included) found this very helpful and very informative (I had no idea about the sports bra stuff). As guys we think and act differently than women. 7 Things Never To Say To Someone Who's Suffering From Anxiety. When I was plagued by choronic anxiety, I woke up every day with a weight on my chest.

7 Things Never To Say To Someone Who's Suffering From Anxiety

I had trouble breathing, broke into cold sweats constantly, and would burst into tears with no warning. To make it through the day was truly a challenge. Many people suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and, fortunately, the problem is slowly being destigmatized. 8 Tips for Amateur Psychologists. The Surprising Thing I Learned from Studying My Brain on Various forms of Meditation for 7 Days. I‘ve been meditating since I was 14 years old.

It’s one of my most cherished daily rituals. And with good reason. As of 2015, over 1400 studies credit meditation and mindfulness with everything from longevity to increased productivity, happiness and even kindness. And so for the last 10 years, through Mindvalley, I’ve been building companies around mindfulness and meditation. Stop Taking Your Personal Training Clients for Bodybuilders. CLIENTS COME TO YOU FOR DIFFERENT REASONS. You need to identify those reasons in order to give the right advice. If someone comes to you because they want to step on stage, they should absolutely be treated like bodybuilders. If they have no such goal, time should be spent determining what results they expect from you so that you can deliver. The Problem with the Six-Pack. 5 Steps To Recover From Personal Trauma.

We’ve all had a few traumatic times in life, some bigger than others. While some people seem highly resilient to traumas, others get dragged into a downward spiral of depression and anger. The different between these two types of people comes down to how pain is managed, utilized, and dealt with both internally and externally. When a traumatic event occurs in your life, it doesn’t mean your world has to come crashing down around you. In fact, it can often be used as an opportunity for growth and personal evolution. What I Wish More People Understood About Losing A Child - Four and half years after the death of my oldest son, I finally went to a grief support group for parents who have lost children. I went to support a friend who recently lost her son. I'm not sure I would've gone except that when I was in her shoes, four years ago, I wish I would've had a friend to go with me. Losing a child is the loneliest, most desolate journey a person can take and the only people who can come close to appreciating it are those who share the experience.

The meeting was a local chapter of The Compassionate Friends, an organization solely dedicated to providing support for those who have lost children, grandchildren or siblings. The facilitator was a tall gentleman who had lost his 17 year old son eight years ago. The group of incredible survivors included parents whose children had been killed by drunk drivers, murdered, accidental overdose, alcoholism, suicide and freak accidents. How to Outsmart "I'm Too Busy" and Make Fitness a Habit. What's the most common justification for not working out? A recent U.S. News article outlined the top ten reasons people don't exercise. 8 Tips for Amatuer Psychologists. The 3 types of clients. Here's how to coach each type to success. A Coaching Power Tool Created by Nathalie Mollah. 9 Ways to Harness Your Willpower. “Lose Weight Without Willpower!”