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The weekend cook: Thomasina Miers’ picnic recipes – poached chicken with freekeh salad and kamut chocolate brownies. Half-term is upon us, and I’ll be spending as much of it as possible outdoors.

The weekend cook: Thomasina Miers’ picnic recipes – poached chicken with freekeh salad and kamut chocolate brownies

Whether or not you are in the grips of school holidays, eating outside is something we do justice to in Britain, not least because we are stoically unfazed by the weather, no matter our age. So arm yourself with rugs, jumpers and, if time allows, something homemade. Today’s chicken salad, inspired by a trip to Georgia, is bursting with bright, exotic, summery flavours from a profusion of herbs and light spicing.

Add the squidgy, nutty kamut flour brownies, and this is one picnic you won’t forget. Poached chicken with herby freekeh salad Slow-poaching gives the bird a wonderfully silky, soft texture. To serveSumac, or cayenne pepperPickled chillies Put the celery, onion, three garlic cloves, bay, salt and peppercorns in a deep pan that will comfortably hold the chicken, add the stock and bring to a boil. Remove the pan from the heat and leave the chicken to cool in the stock for at least an hour, or overnight. Green pasta with chicken meatballs. Goat’s cheese and herb stuffed chicken with risotto Milanese – olive magazine - olive magazine.

Red Coconut Curry Meatballs with Cauliflower Rice. Add some flare to dinner this week with these Red Coconut Curry Meatballs with Cauliflower Rice.

Red Coconut Curry Meatballs with Cauliflower Rice

They are packed with protein and great for meal prep throughout the week. Hey team, it’s Linley! Chicken and Feta Pie - Recipe - Connie Consumes. ‘Tis the season to spend money… fa-la la-la-laaa… Is that how the song goes?

Chicken and Feta Pie - Recipe - Connie Consumes

Because at the tail end of the year, I always find myself a little more cautious with my cash – aside from the usual dinners out and weekend getaways, there are also a raft of birthdays to celebrate, Christmas dinners to attend, and presents to buy for both occasions! However some might well argue that in reality, every season is one to spend, and the tail end of every pay cycle is when we start feeling the pinch… Mediterranean Turkey Burgers. Do you want to get results?

Mediterranean Turkey Burgers

With more than 100,000 Success Stories and counting, Beachbody has helped people of all ages and fitness levels get in the best shape of their lives. And you could be next! Honey, curry and satsuma chicken - Belleau Kitchen. …so I set myself a chicken challenge a couple of weeks ago and i’ve been gathering some great recipes from all over the culinary world… the idea is to do wildly different and interesting recipes alongside some old favourites… but, as always, this is about the love of chicken, not a task or a trial… which is why this conversation took place about an hour ago… …’Mum… I need an interesting thing to do with a whole chicken and quite frankly I can’t be bothered to cut it into portions… what ideas have you got?’

honey, curry and satsuma chicken - Belleau Kitchen

…’what about marmalade chicken?’ …’no… done that a while back… need something else…’ …’what about honey and curry chicken? …’oooh, what’s that? Kashmiri Chicken with Lentils and Green Beans - Belleau Kitchen. …. another mid-week chicken thigh treat from Belleau Kitchen… ….

Kashmiri Chicken with Lentils and Green Beans - Belleau Kitchen

I’ve adapted this dish from the marvelous Anjum Anand New Indian cook book… it’s one of those wonderful books that not only looks good, filled with stunning and tempting pictures but recipes that are very simple and aren’t too daunting to put together on a cold weeknight… and again something you could half cook in the morning and finish off after work… … about 6 months ago I realised that if I was to be taking this blogging lark seriously then my spice cupboard was in dire need of an overhaul… so off I went and pretty much stocked up with every spice available, so that at the merest whim I can pull a much loved ‘curry’ out of the bag without cursing some forgotten ingredient… I occasionally forget to restock the odd thing but I have enough now not to freak out about it… and adapt… which is why this isn’t quite verbatim from the book… but scrummy just the same!

– add the green beans and let it simmer for 5 mins. 10 hour honey and orange chicken thighs - Belleau Kitchen. … it’s odd, this lull time between now and The Big Day… I kinda feel like I should be eating sparingly… salads and soups… and it’s weird because with all the planning and lists i’m not that hungry… well my sweet tooth has gone completely out the window… but I still need to eat… … I thought I’d give my beloved chicken thighs the Gwyneth Paltrow 10 Hour treatment…it’s so simple with barely anything to do but leave it in the oven for 10 hours… giving me plenty of time to do some last minute shopping, wrap prezzies and generally enjoy a couple of good old-fashioned Christmas movies… I wasn’t quite sure how they’d turn out, not being the whole bird but boy oh boy are these babies good… succulent, tender to the point that they’re falling off the bone and they have the most intense chicken flavour… and the juices that have come out of the thighs are so clear and full of wonderful richness… i’m considering doing a Christmas Turkey this way just to see how it comes out!

10 hour honey and orange chicken thighs - Belleau Kitchen

Slow-cooked chicken thighs with orange, radish and honey - Belleau Kitchen. … it’s been two weeks since i’ve been back at Belleau and I can feel every hour of every day that I’ve been away crushing against my soul… ok, this may be a slight exaggeration but I feel like i’ve barely been in the kitchen let alone cooked anything worthy of writing down for such a long time.

slow-cooked chicken thighs with orange, radish and honey - Belleau Kitchen

We’ve just been so busy that there’s been a lot of food neglect and whilst I can’t yet tell you too much about the very exciting project that we at The Persuaders have been working on, what I can tell you is that it’s really cool, will involve the most delicious food and drinks – although this is not its primary function and although the activity will take place in London, it will be open for long enough throughout the summer to allow plenty of time for people to come and visit from far and wide… so if any of you out there are planning a trip to the big smoke then we have a rather wonderful surprise in store. I will tell you more over the next few weeks.

Pre-heat the oven to 120C. Chorizo and broad bean chicken thighs - Belleau Kitchen. … we’re back at the cottage after two long weeks and it’s quite incredible how much the garden has changed.

chorizo and broad bean chicken thighs - Belleau Kitchen

I always find that this time of year nature is at its most powerful. The Viking spends most of the daylight hours amongst the new growth, endlessly shifting plants and cursing the rabbits and slugs whilst I wave wistfully at him from the comfort of the kitchen window like a plaintive wartime housewife, a perpetual smile on my face whilst I beat eggs is a fugue of flour… but having not been here for just two weeks I can see why he’s so keen to tame it – and he’s designed a ‘country cottage’ style garden anyway so there’s an element of wildness in its nature but this is quite something. Chicken thigh, sausage and red lentil one-pot roast - Belleau Kitchen. …it’s almost the weekend again and i’ve barely had time to cook let alone blog but then it’s been one of those weeks, summed up nicely by a client who exclaimed on Monday that it already felt like Wednesday but was horribly disappointed because it was in fact just Monday… I started the week in Brussels which was sadly not a holiday and which was not in any way glamorous but more like going from one wet and foggy part of Europe, into a tunnel and then out into another wet and foggy part of Europe and i’ve also been to the highly unglamorous Luton – again sadly not to fly away but to check out the foyer of a new client – I know right, my life in the fast lane eh?

chicken thigh, sausage and red lentil one-pot roast - Belleau Kitchen

I’ve managed to squeeze in three HIIT sessions which have started at 7:30am each morning and ended two nights in a row drinking margaritas at my favourite bar in the world, Cafe Pacifico. I am absolutely and resolutely ready for the weekend… chicken thigh, sausage and red lentil one-pot roast pre-heat the oven to 170C. Nigel Slater’s oyster sauce chicken with citrus mint salad recipe. There was a bit of a flurry of aniseed, soy and ginger-scented cooking in the kitchen last week, as there often is when I have had one of my irregular trips to Chinatown. These are the trips where I return home with armfuls of bottles and jars, mostly red. I just needed, almost craved, the smell of oyster sauce to warm up a kitchen turned ice-cold by a dodgy thermostat.

Leafy greens, bok choy and mustard greens are regularly steamed and tossed with thick, glossy oyster sauce at home, but meat and fish rather less so. Yotam Ottolenghi’s slow-cooked chicken recipes. I can almost see readers’ eyebrows raising whenever I suggest leaving a pot on the stove to cook slowly for an hour or two. I think I’m expected to justify the time involved, even though I’m not asking anyone actually to do anything in the kitchen while it’s bubbling away. Much of the work is done for you while it cooks, leaving you free to get on with something else.

The advantages of slow cooking aren’t merely functional. The longer and slower you cook something, the more tender and concentrated in flavour the end result will be. This is heightened when there’s a minimal amount of liquid in the pan, because that means the meat braises and steams in its own juices, rather than dispersing the flavour in an ocean of sauce or gravy; this also helps facilitate an exchange of flavour between the contents of the pan, which generally features a mixture of meat and starch.

Chicken, with its mild flavour and soft, yielding texture, benefits from this method in particular. London Lunch Box: Blood orange chicken with sumac pickled red onion, pecans and goat’s cheese. Perhaps you’ve also grown a bit tired of the cold spell in London. I find it encourages hibernation and curling up on the sofa, with a blanket on top and Netflix in front of me. Here’s where cooking can be used as a tool for comfort, with slow stews, spicy soups and pies are always a good answer to whatever the question may be.

While root vegetables, cabbages, potatoes, pears and apples are all lovely to cook with, I do find that at this time of the year sometimes I just want a splash of colour. Both in my life and cooking. For the cooking part at least I’ve found a solution. There is something glorious about this crimson orange. An obvious option is marmalade – cook the flesh and peel, on a low heat for a couple of hours, and enjoy the intoxicating aroma filling the kitchen. Or for a lighter alternative snack, I like to pop the segments into the freezer, on a tray, until just frosted, say for around 20 minutes or so. Mary Berry's Spanish-style Chicken Paprika. Heat a large, non-stick frying pan or saute pan. Add the chorizo and fry until crispy.

Remove using a slotted spoon, drain on kitchen paper, and set aside. Keep 1 tablespoon of the chorizo oil in the pan and drain off any excess. Add 1 tablespoon of the olive oil. Moroccan chicken couscous with dates. Sesame Chicken with Quinoa. Sesame Chicken with Quinoa You will love this lighter Sesame Chicken with Quinoa recipe — just a simple saute served over flavorful quinoa.

I have learned this year that any sort of conferences or events that food bloggers attend are a pretty much guaranteed 24/7 gourmet food fest. Shredded Turkey Salad with fresh mint, miso massaged kale, flaked almonds, avocado and pomegranate - Madeleine Shaw. 20 best autumn recipes: part 2. Miso Poached Chicken Salad. Nigel Slater’s al fresco summer recipes. August’s saving grace is the chance to eat outside, those last days of long, lazy Sunday lunches in the open air. BBC Food - Recipes - Shredded duck with plums and chilli flatbread. Sunday Brunch - Articles - Stunning Chicken and Mango Salad Recipe - All 4. 24 Jul 2016. BBC Food - Recipes - Basque chicken with artichoke and pepper salad. Marcella Hazan’s roast chicken with lemon. Sriracha chicken with beetroot, avocado and black bean salad. Asian chicken, mandarin & cashew salad. Food - Recipes : Lush lemon pepper chicken. Barbecue chicken with fennel and celeriac slaw recipe. Chicken and freekeh salad with pomegranate. Chicken and leek pie.

21 recipe ideas for leftover roast chicken. There’s a great deal of chicken sacrificed at the altar of waste in the UK; a staggering 280,000 tonnes in 2012, of which 110,000 was avoidable. This has always seemed a bit odd to me as out of all the food stuffs wasted in the UK chicken is one of the most versatile; a bit of leftover roast chicken can take on so many new recipe guises that frankly it’s hard to know where to start. The Food Standards Agency recommends storing raw chicken at the bottom of the fridge for one to two days (the reason being that any liquid seeping out will not contaminate any other food stuffs, which can cause food poisoning.)

While it is probably hard to break the habit, don’t wash raw chicken before cooking as germs can be spread through splashed water. Cooking chicken at the right temperature will destroy any bacteria present, and you need to make sure that chicken is properly cooked through; the juices should run clear and the meat should not show any signs of pink. Cashew Chicken Curry (In A Hurry!) Sticky Marmite Chicken and Bang Bang Rice. BBC Food - Recipes - Five-spice whole roast duck with pancakes, cucumber, spring onion and plum sauce. Sticky orange chicken with parsnips, maple & pecans. Food - Recipes : Roast chicken with fruity spelt. Food - Recipes : Coconut chilli chicken. Red chile hot wings. These days, when you say you’re serving wings, most people assume it’s the spicy variety that were made popular in the far upstate New York city of Buffalo. In a nod to their provenance, when these wings were first introduced to Texas in the late 1980’s, they were always called Buffalo wings, a name that perplexed me.

My young mind reckoned they were named after the bovine mammal, which didn’t make much sense. Then I thought perhaps they referred to Buffalo, Texas—a small Texas town. Sunday Brunch - Articles - Thai Goose and Pomegranate Salad Recipe. Serves 4 hungry people as a main course, 6 as a starter. Honey Sriracha Orange Chicken - Recipe Girl. I have so been looking forward to summer – not because our weather in San Diego is all that different – but because I get to share my favorite grilling recipes with my foodie friends like my new obsessive worthy sticky, sweet heat Honey Sriracha Orange Chicken!

The weekend cook: Thomasina Miers’ recipes for chicken dumplings, and tagliatelle with blue cheese. Hells Chicken with Chargrilled Corn and Chilli Relish. Food - Recipes : Oven-roasted chicken with sumac, pomegranate molasses, chilli and sesame seeds. Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowls. Donna Hay - Recipes. Thai Chicken Green Curry Oven Baked - Bunbury Farmers Market. Donna Hay - Recipes. Mini Black Bean Turkey Burgers. Bill Granger’s Sticky Chicken Wings. RECIPE: Tandoori Chicken in a Tandoori Pot.

Spicy Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry Recipe on Food52. Mexican chipotle wings with creamed corn recipe. Food - Recipes : Whole tandoori chicken with coriander chutney. Half Baked Harvest - Made with Love. Food - Recipes : Chicken and lemon tagine with herby tabbouleh. Half Baked Harvest - Made with Love. Chicken Khao Soi Recipe. Thai Chicken Quinoa. Half Baked Harvest - Made with Love. Recipe: Cinnamon-marinated quail by Comptoir Libanais - Westfield Food - Advertorials - London Evening Standard. Sriracha Lime Chicken.

Chicken with plums, honey and spices recipe. Food - Recipes : Sticky jerk wings with sugared oranges. Recipe: Chicken and Orange Tabbouleh. Moroccan Spiced Grilled Chicken Breasts Recipe. Chicken Marbella Recipe.