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Shipping Container Homes. Shared Earth the Largest Community Garden on the Planet! Hyperlocavore. “Food Sovereignty” law passed in small Maine town to allow sale of locally produced food without interference of regulators. Town Hall in Sedgwick Maine Update March, 2013: Brooksville Becomes Ninth Maine Town to Pass Food Sovereignty Law.

“Food Sovereignty” law passed in small Maine town to allow sale of locally produced food without interference of regulators

Neighborhood Cows and Pigs: Real Food Sovereignty. “You don’t actually drink the milk do you?”

Neighborhood Cows and Pigs: Real Food Sovereignty

When acquaintances learn we have dairy cows on our small farm, many ask us that very question with incredulous expressions. We’ve also been asked, too many times to count, if we really eat the eggs from our hens. “Don’t they, like, come out of a chicken’s butt?” A colleague asked my husband. 7 Mega-Cartels That Kill the Free Market and Our Sovereignty. Activist Post Think we have a free market?

7 Mega-Cartels That Kill the Free Market and Our Sovereignty

Think again. Think it was free market capitalism that collapsed the financial system? Think again. What America has, and what we've had for a long time, is Cartelism. Shaping Traditional Oral knowledge: about project. "Observing the food and therefore changing the notion of food preservation, we could find the answer to current situations such as the overuse of energy and food wastage.

Shaping Traditional Oral knowledge: about project

My design is a tool to implement that knowledge in a tangible way and slowly it changes the bigger picture of society. I believe that once people are given a tool that triggers their minds and requires a mental effort to use it, new traditions and new rituals can be introduced into our culture. " This project is about traditional oral knowledge which has been accumulated from experience and transmitted by mouth to mouth. Particularly focusing on the food preservation, it looks at a feasible way of bringing that knowledge into everyday life. 'The Urban Food Revolution' Goes High Rise. Solviva Salad?

'The Urban Food Revolution' Goes High Rise

Five-storey vertical farms? A taste of Peter Ladner's new book on growing food in cities. Asked to create a concept for vertical farming in New York City, the architecture firm WorkAC designed this. The Urban Food Revolution: Changing the Way We Feed Cities Peter Ladner New Society Publishers (2011) TED - The Subversive Plot. Re:farm the city. I will share here a low cost solution for the recycling of organic waste, appropriate for apartments and urban housing that do not have a piece of land or an outdoor area.

re:farm the city

This construction is inspired by the Cadico earthworms nice project. The photos are from the composter I made here at home : ) It’s called a Vermi composter because we use worms in the process, uhuuuuu big thanks to the worms, they deserve! To make this kind of composter, it is important to use stackable supports to separate the different stages of composting. In this case, I used 3 buckets of margarine 15L reused.

You can ask for them for free at local businesses such as coffee shops, bakeries, juice houses, etc.. Grown in the City. Root Cellars. There are various types of Root Cellars including ones connected and those separate from your home.

Root Cellars

Some made from earth and others made from old freezers, culverts, cement or simple garbage cans. Whatever your choice they are excellent for year around food storage. Remember safety though and make sure your root cellar is well ventilated if its large enough to walk into. 15 houseplants to improve indoor air quality. A breath of fresh air In the late '80s, NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America studied houseplants as a way to purify the air in space facilities.

15 houseplants to improve indoor air quality

They found several plants that filter out common volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Lucky for us, the plants can also help clean indoor air on Earth, which is typically far more polluted than outdoor air. Other studies have since been published in the Journal of American Society of Horticultural Science, further proving the science. Who Are The Young Farmers Of 'Generation Organic'? : The Salt. Hide caption Maryland farmer Josie Johnson learns about extending the farming season by growing crops under caterpillar tunnels.

Who Are The Young Farmers Of 'Generation Organic'? : The Salt

The lecture was part of a conference for young farmers held in Tarrytown N.Y., in early December. All photos by Maggie Starbard/NPR Hide caption Young farmers get their hands dirty picking parsnips while singing worksongs during a workshop at the 2011 Young Farmers Conference. Hide caption Jack Algiere demonstrates how to harvest parsnips. He's the farm manager at Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, which hosted the conference. Hide caption From left: Mitra Sticklen, Rachel Fleury and Nate Kraus-Malett learn traditional farming work songs. Hide caption Young farmers let loose during a contra dance, a type of line-dancing.

For decades, as young people have been leaving farms behind, the average age of the American farmer has been rising. Some of these young farmers already have their own farms. Urban Permaculture Institute. The Homesteaders Free Library - StumbleUpon. Whole Earth Catalog Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. To Build Community, an Economy of Gifts by Charles Eisenstein. For a multitude of reasons, we need to need each other. posted Dec 27, 2011 Wherever I go and ask people what is missing from their lives, the most common answer (if they are not impoverished or seriously ill) is "community.

To Build Community, an Economy of Gifts by Charles Eisenstein

" Rocket stove mass heater.