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Event Marketing Tips/ Digital Events

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Boost turnout and conversions for your tradeshows, webinars, industry meetups, etc. with Callbox’s targeted, end-to-end event marketing solutions.

FREE [Webinar] Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second. With the ever-changing world of B2B marketing, companies from all industries are starting to realize the importance and immense impact that live webinars have.

FREE [Webinar] Sell the Webinar First, Your Product Second

More specifically in the sales department. It’s no secret that digital events have become one of the most effective tactics in reaching out and engaging customers – present and future. With the webinar’s increasing popularity, it opens doors of endless opportunities for your prospects to learn from you and your competitors. Get detailed information, tips, and tricks on how to maximize and make your webinar stand out from the crowd. The speaker Charmaine Española is Callbox’s Creative Director. Charmaine oversees Callbox’s content production operations and digital marketing campaigns.

As Callbox’s Creative Director, Charmaine has implemented a number of programs and campaigns that expanded the company’s reach, enhanced Callbox’s brand, and established the agency’s reputation in the B2B industry. Sales Leads at Lightning Speed. Webinar and Virtual Event Marketing - Webinar Leads. Whether it’s a long-before scheduled virtual event or one born out of suddenly having to take your trade show or seminar off the calendar, there are sales opportunities in it that you must not miss.

Webinar and Virtual Event Marketing - Webinar Leads

If it happens to be a quick replacement for a cancelled in-person event, no need to panic. Good businesses know to pivot rather than put everything on hold, and great businesses know to pick the right partner to pivot with. Business continuity relies on business agility. Webinars: Making the Digital Switch from Live Events. Reasons Why Webinars Fail and What You Can Do to Avoid Them. Sales Leads at Lightning Speed. Webinar Marketing: What Not To Do When Hosting Virtual Events. How A Leading Consulting Firm Won 2 Deals in 3 Months. A Rundown of The Top Events for Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs spend a great deal going to events, and for pretty good reasons.

A Rundown of The Top Events for Entrepreneurs

Regardless of the types of events they attend, entrepreneurs opt to acquire a lot of industry knowledge. One thing’s for sure, events give them an avenue where they can exchange and absorb ideas that can benefit them in the long run. This very much explains why most decision-makers prefer to engage each other in a more intimate setting. Think of how long-distance relationships don’t work out well and how face-to-face interactions guarantee long-term linkages. But apart from participating in an exchange of ideas, corporate events can also bring opportunities to network with influencers and grow a company’s appeal. On this note, an entrepreneur can always take part in such corporate events and provide his or her brand the exposure it deserves. #1. These, by far, are the best places to get your brand out into the world. Related: Get your First Tradeshow Clients with these Marketing Ideas #2. . #3. Freedom From Webinar Bloopers: Avoid These Common Webinar Blunders.

Callbox Spotlight: How Successful Tech Companies Leverage Outsourced Marketing. 5 Ways to Promote Your Virtual Event to Drive More Webinar Attendees. Capture Future Customers: Produce Content That Makes Prospects Buy. How to Set Up, Host and Maximize Digital Events to Generate Leads. Webinars: Making the Digital Switch from Live Events. Email to the Rescue: Creative Ideas to Contact, Connect and Convert. When part of the system is disrupted, the whole workflow will be adversely affected and may bring inadequate results.

Email to the Rescue: Creative Ideas to Contact, Connect and Convert

Take a run through on what resources are available around you and steal every opportunity it carries. That’s the key element to a fast and well thought approach in responding to disruption. In the live webinar, Ben Larry Belgica, Callbox’s Content Manager, will share embracive knowledge on how you can leverage Email Marketing as a business strategy at any given circumstance. The talk will cover detailed information ranging from list preparation, content, tools onto proper timing in sending emails. Discover what you might have been missing for ages in the Email to the Rescue: Creative Ideas to Contact, Connect and Convert webinar, and come out knowledgeable on how to focus on what you can do and not on what can stop you. When part of the system is disrupted, the whole workflow will be adversely affected and may bring inadequate results.

Event Marketing - B2B Telemarketing Services - Call To Invite. How do you get potential customers to show up and turn your tradeshow or seminar into an excellent lead generation and appointment setting opportunity? In our experience, it’s knowing what motivates people and building their excitement through effective call-to-invite campaign. We run call to invite campaign through telemarketing, targeting participants with precision, and call to follow-up to convert leads to customers.

These are the reasons why outbound telemarketing is hands down the best tool for marketing your events: Phone invitation is more personal.Outbound calling is flexible; it allows you to rework your approach during a conversation whereas email gives you only one shot at a copy.Event telemarketing results are easy to measure. Our event telemarketing process is quite straightforward. Cost Effective Ways to Use Interactive Content in Events Marketing and Driving Relationships. Callbox Event Marketing Solutions - Boost Event Attendees. Callbox can help you increase registrations and drive more revenue from your live events. We offer a flexible, integrated, end-to-end event marketing package tailored for tradeshows, webinars, seminars, product launch, industry meetups, and other live event initiatives.