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Life begins at 60! Kitesurfing off Necker - video. I blogged recently on sport, and my obsession with kitesurfing, thanks for all your feedback.

Life begins at 60! Kitesurfing off Necker - video

My nephew Ludo Brockway shot this footage of me kitesurfing off Necker over Xmas. Since I'm pretty proud of it I thought I'd share it with you! But I also wanted to use it as an excuse to speak again about kitesurfing. To me it's the best sport in the world. You can start at eight and keep at it until 80. So you just need to be able to get to a good lake or beach with good winds and you can embark on one of the most addictive, clean and enjoyable pastimes of your life. Steve's Feedly. Hiring Developers? Codassium Combines Collaborative Code Editing And Video Chat Into One Web App. As just about any startup in the valley world could tell you, hiring good developers is one helluva process.

Hiring Developers? Codassium Combines Collaborative Code Editing And Video Chat Into One Web App

First you’ve gotta find the rare developer who isn’t already drowning in job offers. Then you’ve gotta sit down and chat ‘em up to make sure they’ll be a good fit for your team. Then you’ve gotta make sure they can actually, you know, code. All in all, the process can take weeks, with a dozen false starts along the way. By combining a collaborative code editor with live video chat, Codassium makes the process a bit less painful. While I personally find the idea of coding on-the-fly while someone I hope will give me lots of money stares at my face terrifying, it’s a pretty standard part of the developer interview process.

Generally, this part of the process entails having the interviewee come into your office (which, in many cases, means flying them out to wherever you may be), or trying to juggle a video chat app like Skype alongside something like Collabedit. Man Vs. Machine Transhumanism's Rapture Age of Avatar (Beyond 2013) Spilltrend Twitter. Street Art. Spilltrend. Opaqueglitter: Carmen Kass Photographed By. SpillTrend. SpillTrend. SpillTrend. Philosophy. Woman Rights & Feminism. DESIGN & FORM. TED: Ideas worth spreading.


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