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Werken met kleurprofielen. N.B.

Werken met kleurprofielen

Welcome to Bruce Lindbloom's Web Site. Mat Border Calculator. Photo Tips > Matting & Framing. Get your photographs out of the computer!

Photo Tips > Matting & Framing

USA - All About Matbaords. Optical Print Centering. Pierre Renault in posted a very interesting method of optically centering a print on a mount.

Optical Print Centering

The original source seems to be Black & White Photography by Rand and Litschel. Here is my equation that determines the print position mathematically, and a script that graphically illustrates the results. The optically-centered print is slightly above center. De Diagonaal Methode. Educational articles and book excerpts on photography topics. How does a viewer's eye navigate an image's composition, and how can photographers influence the process when framing the image?

Educational articles and book excerpts on photography topics

Michael Freeman goes in-depth on everything from aspect ratios to Fibonacci divisions in this excerpt from his Focal Press book. This excerpt from The Photographer's Eye is provided courtesy of Focal Press. To purchase the book and learn more about the publisher, visit the Focal Press website. Photographs are created within a spatial context, and that context is the viewfinder frame. Download SimpleMind Desktop Trial for Windows or Mac. Kusho. This Time-Lapse Photo Series of a Nude Dancer is Breathtaking. THE LAB: DECOY - A portrait session with a twist. Verscherpen van je foto’s met Photoshop. SKETCHBOOK. This post neatly wraps up my “365-day” creative project to create Mini Mood Boards.


Looking back through all the daily posts, I must say I’m a little amazed at the body of work, as well as the effort it took to create. What started as an exercise of visual metaphors inspired by Twyla Tharp’s book “The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life,” this time last year, has become a great vehicle for art-direction, inspiration and connection. Along the way, I’ve showcased some of the best and most interesting work from the fields of fashion, beauty, photography, art, architecture and design. Jamy Osinga - Conceptuele fotografie. Do your colleagues look this ripped? SmugMug employees bare it all for Von Wong. Celluloid and Silver - Mounting Prints: Fine Art Photography, Black and White Prints. The following is a brief overview of my opinion on how to properly mount a print.

Celluloid and Silver - Mounting Prints: Fine Art Photography, Black and White Prints

This is only one of the many ways in which to do this. It is the way I decided upon after viewing many prints at galleries and museums. I will go into more detail below, but it should be noted that although I prefer a dry mounted print, this is not the current archival standard. What I am trying to do with a print mounting: - emphasize the image, not overpower it - provide a strong separation of the image from the viewing environment - produce a clean presentation of the image, with minimal distractions (i.e. wobbly prints) - maintain the archival life of the print through the use of high quality materials and methods OK, lets get started... Photo: Mat Calculator. Measuring for Mats - Logan Graphic Products. Accurate measurements are an important first step in mat cutting.

Measuring for Mats - Logan Graphic Products

Artwork must be carefully measured to determine the best opening to cut. Measuring Matboards. Introduction Custom matting requires precise measurements, the most important dimensions are the outside size and opening size.

Measuring Matboards

Presentation - What are the traditional rules for at photo mat measurements? - Photography Stack Exchange. CONVERTING COLORS IN ADOBE ACROBAT PRO Print Production> Convert Colors Step-by-Step Tudorial to Profiles Conversions PDF. Mehl-Shooting mit dem X-System - ah-photo video 50. Fotografie en plastische kunsten. Landscapes, Classical to Modern Curriculum. Roots in Antiquity Artists have been painting the landscape since ancient times.

Landscapes, Classical to Modern Curriculum

The Greeks and Romans created wall paintings of landscapes and gardenscapes. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the tradition of depicting pure landscapes declined, and the landscape was seen only as a setting for religious and figural scenes. This tradition continued until the 16th century when artists began to view the landscape as a subject in its own right. The artistic shift seems to have corresponded to a growing interest in the natural world sparked by the Renaissance.

Color Splash - Farbshooting - Making Of. De ruimte - deWeverij (kunstgalerij, art gallery, galerie) - kunst in Oost-Vlaanderen (Sleidinge, nabij Gent) Best of - Des images plein la rue!

Best of -

Dans le milieu des années 90, Vevey se dote du label « ville d’images », en référence à son histoire et à ses institutions en lien avec la photographie et le cinéma. La Fondation « Vevey ville d’images » prend ce label au pied de la lettre et transforme tous les deux ans la ville en véritable musée à ciel ouvert avec le Festival Images. Un Festival qui grandit.

Arthur Bagen Fotografie Eindhoven. Photo Series Magnifies Body Parts to Shift Self-Perception. How do you see yourself? Your perception is certainly skewed—especially when it comes to your physical body. Behind The Image: David Clapp's moonlight moorland obsession. In a new series of weekend guest blogs on Digital Camera World, professional travel and landscape photographer David Clapp will be sharing the stories behind how he made some of his favourite images. Sometimes it will be how he processed a photo; other times it will be how he simply got to his location in one piece! In his latest post, the Getty contributor tells us how an ongoing project shooting Dartmoor in moonlight keeps him grounded in his photographic roots. You can follow David on Facebook or Twitter, or keep up with his work on his photo blog. Les sables du temps. 10 Top Tips to Help Define Your Personal Photographic Style - Tuts+ Photo & Video Article.

So you've spent time developing your camera techniques and skills. You've aimed to understand exposure settings and endeavoring to get the perfect shot each time. Is Photography Art? Art Photographs There are many thousands of important art photographs in public and private collections worldwide and yet the majority were not made with the art exhibition in mind. Some were intended as demonstrations of what the new medium could do; others began life as documents, records or illustrations; only later were they seen as art objects.

John choy photography (Hong Kong) 香港攝影師蔡旭威. How to develop a photography project. Come up with a topic “Follow your interests outside the world of photography,” advises Magda Rakita. Disphotic - Probing Photo Murk. Luminance: Michael Muller. Digitale kleuren en meer... Links. Werken met kleurruimten; sRGB, AdobeRGB en ProPhotoRGB. Agne Gintalaite. The Joys of Extended Depth of Field. Color spaces in color management. A color space is a set of colors also called gamut. The gamut of a monitor represents all the colors it is able to display. Digital Photography Fundamentals: Understanding Resolution and Bit Depth.