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Forced Perspective Photography Transforms Action Figures Into Life-Sized. Anything is possible through photography.

Forced Perspective Photography Transforms Action Figures Into Life-Sized

While we’ve often admired the incredible photo manipulations created in programs like Photoshop, editing on the computer isn’t the only way to produce fantastical images. Using tricks like forced perspective can make things magically change in scale, transforming them into seemingly much larger or smaller versions of themselves. Wire Hon shows just how effective this technique can be with his forced perspective photography of action figures.

Hon, a Malaysian toy collector, has cast various DC and Marvel superheroes to appear in his portraits. The Hulk, Batman, Superman, Deadpool, and Black Widow are made to look as tall has Hon and his family. It might seem like Hon uses special equipment to achieve these amusing photos, but the process is much more low-tech than that. Behind the Scenes Photos Shows Great Photos with Any Budget. The keys to dominate infrared photography - Photo24. Si vous avez parfois la sensation d’avoir tout essayé en photographie, laissez-vous tenter par la photographie infrarouge, une technique qui vous surprendra !

The keys to dominate infrared photography - Photo24

Photographier un spectre lumineux que nos propres yeux ne peuvent capter, compris entre 700 et 1200 nanomètres (unité de mesure de la longueur d’onde qui fait référence à une millionième partie d’un mètre), c’est le concept spectaculaire du filtre infrarouge. En bloquant le spectre ultraviolet pour ne laisser passer que le spectre infrarouge, vous pourrez réaliser des cieux d’un bleu profond, des nuages d’un blanc éclatant et une végétation féerique.

Pinhole Photography

Digital Photography Tips. By Rob Sheppard and Bob Martin Digital cameras today offer superb image quality that competes directly with film.

Digital Photography Tips

These cameras look and act like traditional cameras with a few extra features. Tricky camera designs are quickly leaving the marketplace because photographers want to take pictures and not be bogged down by hard-to-use technology. Many things about digital cameras are identical to film cameras, a few things are slightly tweaked from film expectations, and a number of features are unique to digital photography. Some of the big differences can actually help you take better pictures than you ever did with a film camera. For quality results from any camera, the basics of photography still apply no matter how an image is captured. The "digital" in digital camera has caused even experienced photographers to worry that this new technology will be difficult to master. Digital cameras come in a variety of forms, from point-and-shoot pocket cameras to advanced digital SLRs.

Advanced Photography Tutorials. PHOTOGRAPHY LESSONS. Här är reglerna du behöver känna till när du fotograferar. Tre olika porträtt i miljö med en blixt – Fotograf Stefan Tell. Nyligen fotograferade jag nya pressbilder för Erik Titusson som för tillfället är chef på ALMA (Astrid Lindgrens minnespris) jag har arbetat för de senaste åren, och som snart kommer att starta ett barnboksförlag tillsammans med Piratförlaget.

Tre olika porträtt i miljö med en blixt – Fotograf Stefan Tell

För detta behövde han nya porträtt, gärna i miljö. Jag tog med kameran, en batteriblixt (Profoto AcuteB 600R), en PocketWizard samt lite annan utrustning och när vi var klara efter mindre än en timme hade jag flera bra porträtt i tre olika miljöer att välja från. Synd bara att det duggade och himlen var trist grå. Fotostation 1, receptionen Filmhuset på Gärdet har en stor och fin reception, med roliga små boll-lampor som hänger i klungor under det kopparfärgade taket (oskarpa blev de fina bokeh-bollar i bakgrunden, med reflektioner i taket). THE LAB: DECOY - A portrait session with a twist. Onlinekurser i foto - Lär dig fotografera. Tips, related & tutorials.

Single Picture Explains How Aperture, Shutter Speed, And ISO Work In Photography. If you’re a beginner photographer, it can be helpful to have a simple guide that helps you understand the different settings that you can toggle on your DSLR camera.

Single Picture Explains How Aperture, Shutter Speed, And ISO Work In Photography

While this helpful exposure chart by Daniel Peters at Fotoblog Hamburg won’t explain HOW the optics of photography work, it will show you exactly what happens when you tweak your camera’s settings. The three settings in this chart are part of what photographers like to call the exposure triangle. ISO is the digital camera sensor’s sensitivity to light. The aperture is a structure in your lens that works much like the iris in our eyes. It opens and close to let more or less light in, and also changes the depth of field, or how many different objects can remain in focus in the shot at the same time.


10 iPhone Camera Features Every Photographer Should Use. Are you making full use of your iPhone camera when you take photos? While the camera app is easy to use, some iPhone camera settings are so well hidden that you may not know how to use them. In this tutorial, you’ll discover 10 iPhone camera features that will radically improve your photos – and give you much more control over your iPhone camera. 1. Swipe Left For Quick Access To Your iPhone Camera How often have you seen a great moment unfold in front of your eyes, only to realize that it’s gone by the time you’re ready to take a picture? If your iPhone is locked, simply press the round Home button to wake up your phone, then swipe left across the lock screen. The camera will open instantly. But what if you’re already using the iPhone and you need to quickly access the camera? From here, just tap the camera icon at the bottom right and you’re ready to shoot! 2. The grid serves as a reminder to always think about composition when taking a photo. 3. 4.

What difference does focus make? 5. 6. Photography. How to take better pictures.