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Mushroom and Fungi

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Logs. How to Grow Mushrooms with Hydrogen Peroxide. Growing mushrooms in a laundry basket. Thought you might like to see a great way to grow mushrooms outdoors if you have a shady place that gets watered regularly… This technique also works indoors, but the laundry basket is usually bagged or boxed until the straw is completely colonised with mycelium. This technique has both upsides and downsides, but most importantly, it’s easy, and gets people growing mushrooms! Huzzah… Zodd’s oyster mushrooms VelaCreations’ colonised straw Fungifield’s golden oysters VelaCreations’ basket, bagged and ready to fruit VelaCreations’ fruiting oyster mushrooms Grow your own’s oyster mushrooms – delish! At Milkwood Farm, we’ve opted to grow our oyster mushrooms in double buckets. However, many home mushroom propagators use the laundry basket technique, and it illustrates yet another way oyster mushrooms can be grown inside, outside and upside down, once you have the basic knowledge, skills, tools and of course mycelium… mmm mushrooms.

>> More posts about mushrooms at Milkwood Farm. Oysters and phonebooks (fungi forum at permies) My background with growing mushrooms started out with doing everything sterile. I have been working bit by bit each year to try to reduce all the sterile measures I use and for this oyster mushrooms are great because they're so vigorous. This phone book I originally soaked in a weak solution of bleach water. The stem butt cultures involve no sterile technique whatsoever. I simply chop the butts off on my cutting board, tear off some cardboard or paper product from the recycle bin, and raid our cabinet full of plastic bags. I do continue to add materials which are not sterilized to these cultures. As for maintaining humidity it shouldn't be a concern while the cultures are in bags and have adequate water. Coffee Grinds to Mushrooms: A How to Guide | LunarHarvest. Yup. I’m not pulling your leg and I’m not kidding you around; oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) are a species of fungus that can digest coffee grinds, including the filters that they are often discarded with, and produce reliable crops of mushrooms.

I was skeptical at first but after doing what seemed to be no more than a month casually searching through online do-it-yourself blogs and investigating companies which distribute mushroom kits and spawn (such as The Mushroom Patch) I had the confidence to give it a shot. I was rewarded with not only beautiful and tasty oyster mushrooms but an acquired set of skills that I can now use to develop further cultivating techniques for this sadly underappreciated crop. Approximately one month after mixing together the coffee grinds and mycelium together, the oyster mushrooms are well into their first flush.

But why would you want to grow your own mushrooms? Step 1. Chances are, there is a coffee shop near where you live. Like this: Getting Started with Mushroom Cultivation. By Terri Marie Beauséjour Copyright 1999, all rights reserved. This article first appeared in Mushroom: the Journal of Wild Mushrooming. Subscriptions are $25 for four quarterly issues from Mushroom the Journal, 1511 E. 54th St. Chicago, IL 60615. The Wisdom of Simplicity If you have been intrigued by the prospect of growing your own mushrooms, perhaps after a bit of research you became daunted by the complexity and potential expense of "sterile techniques," "clean rooms," "laminar flow hoods" and "agar media.

" Or perhaps you are the more adventurous type. As chairman of the Cultivation Committee for the Mycological Society of San Francisco (MSSF), I have talked with many aspiring cultivators, and those are two of the most common roadblocks preventing progress in mushroom cultivation. Recognizing the need to help overcome these challenges, the MSSF cultivation committee has periodically offered classes and workshops on how to grow mushrooms. Goals and Objectives The objectives are: Voila! Oysters and phonebooks (fungi forum at permies) Growing mushrooms in a laundry basket. Chocolate Oyster Edible Mushroom. Chocolate Oyster Mushrooms, otherwise known as Italian Oyster mushrooms, are not only a delicious gourmet edible. they are extremely medicinal as well. They can reduce cholesterol, promote cardiovascular, boost the immune system, and are also prevent to be anti-tumour, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibiotic.

In a recent study, Oyster mushrooms have shown high concentrations of vitamin D when dried upside down in the sun. They are a superfood indeed! Cultivation of this mushroom is among the most user friendly of all the mushrooms. It fruits aggressively on grain, straw, wood, coffee, and almost any substrate you might spawn to. Very much affected by light, the chocolate oyster will start to fruit with even the slights exposure. When fruiting from bags it will produce up to 3 flushes and over 2 lbs of fresh mushrooms in total.

Alexis Williams wwff. Aug 22 I will be selling Phone book kits at the Stitsville Organic Farmers Market on Thursday between 3:30 and 6:30. Aug 15 After a week in montreal I found all sorts of mushrooms growing on my reject phone book stack. Aug 7 Strathcona was a sunny success. My mom explaining how the phone book kits work at Art in Strathcona Park. Aug 5 I smashed open some jars that had begun fruiting in an attempt to make a tasteful display for Art in Strathcona Park this Saturday. Aug 4 My knuckles are raw from knocking up jars and my fingers are bleeding from smashing jars to liberate the fruiting grain spawn within. July 26 ORP mycoremediation update: News today that the mycelium we transfered to straw in an area contaminated with oil from farming machinery is growing happily!

July 25 Herbfest was wonderful! July 19 I found some grey oysters sneeking out of a phone book bag today. I like them more than I thought I would. July 14 I met Claire, the representative of the Centertown Community Garden today. July 13 July 6. Oysters and phonebooks (fungi forum at permies) How To Grow Pink Oyster Mushrooms. The pink oyster mushroom is the perfect choice for the first-time mushroom cultivator. It grows at room temperature and anywhere warmer. Members of our cultivation group have used many different cultivation methods, and the only one that actually killed the mushroom was direct exposure to the sun and drying in a hot house. Cut or poke holes in the bag now, if you haven't already done so. Keep the straw block in a warm place.

P. flabellatus prefers 60° or warmer. Keep the straw moist, but not wet. How many holes should I cut in the bag? Retire on Less Than $2,000 a Month! How would you like to retire five years earlier than you planned, and then spend the next 16 years sailing across the world on an enjoyable vacation? Or, how would you like to retire on the money that you have saved up . . . right now . . . and never worry about "not having enough. " Or, how would you like to retire with such incredible financial health . . . that you actually inspire your accountant to use the same plan in order to retire early himself?

Well, that's exactly what happened to Dave and Linda Allen. And today, you'll discover how to make your retirement dreams a reality as well . . . whether you are already in retirement or years away from retiring, a mega-millionaire or living paycheck to paycheck! In fact, it's possible that you may find yourself retiring within the next five years . . . It's all thanks to an incredible book called How to Retire the Cheapskate Way by Jeff Yeager. To be clear, Jeff wasn't a multimillionaire or anything like that. Caroline Ireland. ‘Mushrooms of Immortality’: Reishi Mushrooms an Ancient Medicine for Modern Diseases. Elizabeth Renter, Natural SocietyWaking Times In China, reishi mushrooms have earned the nickname, “The Mushrooms of Immortality,” and if their longstanding reputation is any indication, this nickname could be appropriate for a few different reasons.

Some archaeological evidence points to reishi mushrooms having been used as far back as 7,000 years ago, and with good reason. The benefits of these mushrooms aren’t only applicable to diseases and conditions that existed thousands of years ago, but to those that plague mankind today as well. Reishi mushrooms are known for their red, oblong-shaped caps and tough texture and woody flavor. Unlike other conventional mushrooms, however, they aren’t the tastiest things to put on a salad or in a stir-fry, and instead modern man is most likely to reap their benefits from extracts. It’s these reishi mushroom extracts that have been used in a variety of scientific studies. Tags: chinese medicine, featured, full-image, health, reishi mushrooms. What Happened When a 65-Year-Old Had a Mushroom Trip.

Cassius Methyl, Guest | In August, a 65 year-old woman named Estalyn Walcoff had a life changing experience with Psilocin, the active chemical in psychedelic mushrooms, or ‘shrooms’, the Psilocybe Family of mushrooms. Estalyn volunteered to participate in a study of how psilocybin (which turns to Psilocin in the liver) affects the brain in cancer patients with anxiety and depression. She had severe anxiety from her diagnosis with an unspecified aggressive form of cancer five years ago until her experience with this drug changed her forever, successfully easing her anxiety about cancer. Watch her story below Estalyn took a seat in a comfortable room, and she was handed a pill by a few researchers. Without knowing whether or not it was a placebo, she took it, and within an hour she started to trip. Initially, she felt feelings of intense anxiety and panic.

“I experienced great anxiety[...]I experienced it as physical pain and then I began to see that it was actually a level of my mind. How To Grow Gourmet Mushrooms. Wild Mushrooms. Mushroom Adventures Mushroom Kits. Grow mushrooms at home. Chaga, culturing. - Fungi: Magic Mushrooms. MEAY -ish Agar used, Malt extract, agar, yeast. -3ml MEAY per 'Slant-Pod' See pics (^^^^^^), -mixed 62 ml water, 1ml for evapouration, with: -3 dash(~1.2g) agar, -4 dash(~1.2g) light malt extract, -1 smidge(~.12g) yeast xtract, -1 smidge coconut flour for fun. Heat in micro to simmer. Mix/stir. Right now largest 2 SP's have myc radius=1.0cm. current temp 15C/60F Yesterday was 0.9cm Previous day was also around 0.9cm but just thin surface branches.

Any desire for a write up on the 'slant-pod' or whatever it could be called and 'needle-tools'? Slant-pod = cheap(~35 cent), reuseable, sterilizable 10cc vacutainer with silicone ports covering holes drilled through glass for access and manipulation using flame sterilized needle-tools in open air... Erk Hey Deus, any pics of your chaga myc?

1.Growing oyster mushroom mycelium at home cheap and easy. Success story of mushroom cultivation. 25 Stunning Photos Within The Mystical World Of Mushrooms. Howto Grow Reishi Mushrooms + Reishi Tea. Health Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom. How to Grow Oyster Mushroom Spawn (Low Tech) : Inoculation II (Agar Tissue Culture Transfer) Another method to inoculate your grain, is by first propagating the mushroom tissue on Agar (or cloning). Measure out 5.75 grams of nutrient agar powder to 1 cup of clean water (ample for 5 or more Petri dishes). Begin to heat and stir until the agar is completely dissolved. As it begins to boil, continue to stir for a minute and then remove from the heat. Pour a thin layer into your Petri dishes and cover with lids. Wrap in aluminium foil and pressure cook with your grain (or for at least 30 minutes at 15 psi).

Move your Petri dishes, mushroom tissue and other equipment to the clean room. Allow the Petri dishes to cool completely. Taking the mushroom by its base, carefully spit it in two. Incubate for pleurotus ostreatus at 24°C (75°F) and for pleurotus pulmonarius (summer) 24°C to 30°C (75°F to 85°F). During this time, remove any Petri dishes that appears to be contaminated with other moulds.