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Hey there. Are your wanna get rid of some the software, which are no use for you now and make your slower. Try us out by visiting our website at to know more about our uninstaller programs.

How to use KMS activator for Office 2016? ‘KMS activator Office 2016’ is considered one of the best tools when it comes to activating a version of Office for free.

How to use KMS activator for Office 2016?

In this article, you will learn various aspects of Office 2016 KMS activator. With the help of a KMS activator, a user can activate various versions of Office by using kms and Windows on his device. Using it, you can activate Office 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. To simplify it for the understanding of the users, we may know what KMS activator stands for.

KMS means Key Management Server which helps us activate Office for free by undergoing a mechanism. For KMS activator Office 2016 free download, you need to follow the steps given below systematically: Now, you just have to wait for the success message. Remove or uninstall printer driver from Windows and Mac. In a working space, a user needs to connect to various printers one after the other.

Remove or uninstall printer driver from Windows and Mac

In this while, a user ends up with having so many printer drivers lined up on his device. Disable Google Assistant- A Complete Tutorial. Disabling or getting rid of the Google assistant becomes a necessity when this feature starts to annoy you by popping up unnecessarily or when you do not want to use it anymore.

Disable Google Assistant- A Complete Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn the best way of doing so without any further ado. But, before starting our discussion we should know it is and how helpful it is instead despite the fact that many users do not like it. Revo uninstaller: Powerful features and tools in Revo. Sometimes, the programs and files present on our system become hard to remove or uninstall.

Revo uninstaller: Powerful features and tools in Revo

In this situation, you might need to use an uninstaller and one the best uninstallers available in the market is Revo uninstaller. It helps you in removing any unwanted program from your PC. Along with removing unwanted programs or software, it also helps in the removal of the files that are associated with it such as registry entries that are left behind the manually uninstall function. Uninstall OneDrive- A Beginner’s Guide. As we all are aware of the fact that OneDrive and many other applications come pre-installed with Windows 10.

Uninstall OneDrive- A Beginner’s Guide

These applications and programs get enabled automatically whenever you sign in with your Microsoft account. If a user never uses these applications, then he may get rid of them whenever he wants. Display Driver Uninstaller Download. Display drivers act as a bridge between a microcontroller, microprocessor, general-purpose peripheral interface, and a specific kind of display device.

Display Driver Uninstaller Download

It accepts commands and then generates a signal to make the display device show the preferred image or text. There may be times when you need to uninstall your display drivers (because you want to install a new variety of drivers, the existing one got corrupted due to a bug or for some other reason). To uninstall or remove the same from your Windows 10 computer system, you need to use Display Driver uninstaller. DDU is a utility tool that is used to uninstall AMD and Nvidia graphics card drivers completely. In other words, DDU is the best tool to clean your graphic chipset completely. These drivers uninstaller tool was designed to be utilized in the situations where standard driver removal from the Windows control panel fails. How to uninstall Malwarebytes on mac? If you are a mac user, then you must be aware of the “Malwarebytes” that is available in all the Mac PCs and other mac devices.

How to uninstall Malwarebytes on mac?

This program helps a user to get rid of the harmful viruses, adware, ransomware, and other malware from your mac device. This keeps your device protected and makes it running like a new one. But, sometimes it becomes so problematic that you have to uninstall Malwarebytes. You may also want to uninstall Malwarebytes because you wish to install its upgraded version. If you do not uninstall the older versions of programs before installing the upgraded ones, then it may hamper the installation process. How to uninstall or reinstall iTunes on Windows and macOS? Nowadays, we see many users who want to get rid of iTunes from their devices.

How to uninstall or reinstall iTunes on Windows and macOS?

This could happen because of various reasons such as they do not want to play local music and there is another belter app on their device. In this article, we will learn the basics to uninstall as well as install iTunes from our Windows and Mac devices. Steps to uninstall iTunes from Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Begin by pressing the “Start” button or the “Windows” key.Now, type “add or remove programs” in the search bar.After this, click on the link that appears.When the“Settings” menu opens, scroll down until you find “iTunes.”Here, click “Uninstall,” consecutively for two times to complete the process.

How to factory reset MacBook pro? There are many situations when you have to reset your devices.

How to factory reset MacBook pro?

One could be that you are planning to sell it, or you are unable to update its operating system and another could be that your device is working inappropriately. In the first case, it is not just enough to delete the files because then there are chances that you might skip some files and the other person will get his hands on your personal data. In this situation, it is better to factory reset MacBook pro. Some of the essential steps to factory reset MacBook pro are given below: Step 1- Restart your device in recovery mode. How to access McAfee Security Scan Plan? For those who do not know what exactly McAfee Security Scan Plus is?

How to access McAfee Security Scan Plan?

It is a free tool that diagnoses your device completely and makes sure that you stay protected by actively checking your computers and PCs for updating the antivirus, firewall and web security. It scans the vulnerable threats from malware, other phishing websites, and the unwanted programs that are running on your computer. How to uninstall Microsoft Office on Mac? Today Microsoft office is equipped in almost all the PCs and Macs that people are using. But, sometimes the Office software available on your device starts to create hurdles in your work. In this situation, all you want to do is remove it from your PC. There might be other reasons for doing so. Sometimes, you want to fix certain bugs. At other times, you might want to install the updated version of the software and that is why you wish to uninstall the previously installed version of it so that you can download the updated version without any hassle.

How to uninstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 10? There is a default web browser in Windows 10 Operating System, but Microsoft has introduced a new web browser for Windows users. This all-new and light-weighted web browser is known as Microsoft Edge. This browser came as a replacement for Internet Explorer. But, sometimes it stops working as expected and you have to remove and re-install it.Since Microsoft Edge is a core or build-in part of Windows 10; therefore you cannot uninstall using the Control Panel.

How to uninstall adobe creative cloud? Adobe Systems has developed a set of creative applications for mobiles, desktops, laptops, and services which are used for designing, developing, and publishing audio, video, graphical, and interactive content for the various platforms and devices. It can be used for photography, UX, web, and more. Benefits of installing Adobe Creative Cloud Once you install Adobe Creative cloud application, it provides you some amazing services: It comes with an ultimate editing program, known as Adobe Photoshop CC, for motion graphics 2D and 3D.

It is a boon for the photoshop users.Adobe CC also has a vector-based tool which is built for professional artists and designers.It also comes with a photo processor and image organizer which helps in viewing, retouching images, and optimising.It has a platform built for the professional designers helping them to create content in a variety of formats.

What is Bitcoin Cash? Why is it gaining popularity over Bitcoin? Bitcoin Cash has originated from Bitcoin itself. It was started by the developers keeping in mind the future of cryptocurrency and its ability to scale effectively. In the year 2017, the Bitcoin miners split Bitcoin through a process called “Hard ForK,” creating a new version of bitcoin called Bitcoin Cash. It has the block size limit of 8Mb which is the increased limit of transactions. This means that through Bitcoin cash, two million transactions can be processed per day. Thus, Bitcoin cash was developed to evolve Bitcoin effectively over time. Some popular ways to buy Bitcoin through Credit Card/Debit Card. Buying Bitcoins can be simple as well as a complicated process. Since there are many methods to choose from for buying Bitcoins, a user needs to understand which method is more suitable than others.

You can buy Bitcoins using your cash or USD, using PayPal, or by using Credit Card/Debit Card, etc. so if you are planning to buy Bitcoin using your Credit Card/Debit Card, then this tutorial might help you for doing this. For further help, you can always dial the Bitcoin support number. How to uninstall Sophos endpoint from Windows 10, Mac? Sometimes the programs or the applications present on your device become the cause of your frustration. How to uninstall games on Xbox One? How to uninstall epic games launcher? One of the most talked-about topics is how to uninstall epic games launcher. But before that, let’s discuss what actually the Epic games launcher stands for. How to uninstall Skype for business.

Despite multiple video calling applications, Skype remains the one of the best. It is also one of the oldest and trustworthy VoIP software. But these days after the introduction of competitive apps individual users have numerous choices depending on their needs and features. How to Uninstall Apps on Android? Android today is the most used operating system on the phones around the world and run on different versions depending on the manufactures. How to uninstall chromium? For those who are not known to the concept behind Chromium, it is not only a browser, but it also a type of project that produces the source code that is accessed by Chrome. How to uninstall McAfee? How to uninstall programs on Windows 10. At times, many Windows 10 users come across a situation when they need to uninstall certain programs from their devices. The reason could be many such as the program is not working as should be or the program is not opening.

How to Uninstall Apps on Mac? How to uninstall Avast? There are many antivirus software available in the market that protect our data and keep our identity safe from hackers and cyber criminals. And in these, there is one name that stands out and that is Avast antivirus. HP Printer Support. Avast customer support services. Avast Support Phone Number. How to uninstall My.