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Top stats for Vietnam: Country profile. Vietnam Economic Statistics, vietnam Economic Indicators for the Year 2015. 03, Aug 2016, EDT.

vietnam Economic Statistics, vietnam Economic Indicators for the Year 2015

Welcome to the vietnam economic statistics pages provided by the beta version of's Econ Stats database. Economic Indicators For: Vietnam › Change country National or Regional Currency: Dong, VND Year of data: 2015 › Change year Number of Indicators Listed: 37 Full Dataset: From Year 1980 to 2021 Date of Last Update: 30th June 2016 Population: 93,421,835 (July 2014 est.) Area: total: 331,210 sq km ; land: 310,070 sq km ; water: 21,140 sq km Natural Resources: phosphates, coal, manganese, rare earth elements, bauxite, chromate, offshore oil and gas deposits, timber, hydropower Capital: name: Hanoi (Ha Noi) ; geographic coordinates: 21 02 N, 105 51 E ; time difference: UTC+7 (12 hours ahead of Washington, DC, during Standard Time) MapVIETNAM. MapVIETNAM is an interactive map of socioeconomic data at the province and district level for Vietnam.


Using Census data and periodical data from Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs and other related agencies, it offers data on several indicators alongside the poverty rates in that province/district. In addition to the maps, data files for each province and district and general files for all provinces and districts with a detailed list of sources per indicator can be downloaded directly from the site. These maps were developed by the World Bank. For more information, please contact: Disclaimer: This map was produced by Staff of the World Bank.

MapVietnam (bản đồ Việt Nam) là một trang bản đồ trực tuyến có khả năng tương tác với người sử dụng. How an Entrepreneur With an Idea Can Develop Technical Expertise. The world is full of infinite choices and numerous opportunities, but it is you who gets to decide what you do in your finite life and career.

How an Entrepreneur With an Idea Can Develop Technical Expertise

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In that case, how do you actually develop your idea? Related: How to Recruit a Great Programmer as a Partner So, do not let anything stop you from working towards developing your idea into a successful venture. 1. Success in any field involves constant learning, changing and evolving. Or, you could simply opt for an online course. Search michael e. porter. Telerik Reporting Demos. Barcodes Report This example illustrates the range of barcode signatures Telerik Reporting utilizes.

Telerik Reporting Demos

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What is a KPI?

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