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ARCHITECTURA: Designed interiors♚ Whisperingchocolate said: Hi, my name is Aina and I have an interview this Saturday to get into University to study my diploma in interior designing.

designed interiors♚

I was just wondering if you have any tips or advice? Love your blog btw. Make sure you’re as outgoing as possible! Smile. Bring a portfolio if it’s required. Planeofchaos said: You are planning to go to school for architecture? Is this message directed to me or to the person who asked me the question before you? Both Commercial and Residential are thoroughly taught at the school that I’m going to. Preppydecor said: Did you do a bachelor's in ID ?

Nope, I’m still doing my Diploma right now. I Like Architecture - Architecture Blog. Home and House Design - Collection of modern, minimalist, and eco friendly architectural design for your home inspiration. Modern House Designs. Concrete Home Surrounded by Vineyard features Shades of Brown The Magliocco House is located in Chamoson, Valais, Switzerland and was designed by Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes to take advantage of the vineyard, valley and mountain views.

Modern House Designs

Set on a picturesque slope the materials and design aesthetic chosen where carefully...... See All Images... 10 Apr 2014 | Concrete Homes Tiered U Shaped Slope Home features Exposed Steel Elements Strachan Group Architects designed Foothills House, located in Pokeno, near Auckland, New Zealand, as a contemporary country estate with a decidedly industrial aesthetic. See All Images... 10 Apr 2014 | Slope Houses Beach House with Geometric Screens built on Sand Dunes The Blairgowrie House by Wolveridge Architects is located on the southern tip of Port Philip Bay, Australia. See All Images... 9 Apr 2014 | Coastal Homes House With Wood-Look Concrete Covering See All Images... We Heart; Lifestyle & Design Magazine. AA13 - Design / Architecture / blog - Webzine - Magazine / Inspiration / Tendance.

Accueil. A Blog by A Lab on Fire. Via Marco Casagrande | Photo © AdDa Zei / Casagrande Laboratory Here is another fascinating project by Marco Casagrande and his team – “an architectural organism growing from the ruins of an abandoned farm-house in the jungle.”

A Blog by A Lab on Fire

Photos » Drawings » Text » Model » (Don’t miss to checkout the models of this project at the link above!) Contributed, organised, and mapped by you. Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide. ECRAN TOTAL. Design Milk. Metropolis Magazine. Architecture. Over the past seven years, at our creative agency, Access, we have worked with a number of residential and commercial property developers from Abu Dhabi to Sydney, helping them with development and strategy.


Yet we see so often the sad sight of yet another mediocre building going up. We see city councils approving mediocre design and we see cities looking uglier because of it. We see property developers rushing to get their building up, wanting to make a quick sale and profit, and not really caring or thinking about the aesthetics of the building. Does the building enhance the surrounding area or make it worse?

Will the building still look great 10, 15 or 20 years from now? What will the resale value be down the track? Property developers — and city councils — need to wake up and realize their influence on the cityscape and take that role seriously. The aesthetic of a building should be the Number One priority. What amenities does the building provide? Dezeen architecture and design magazine.