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Other Voices: The eJournal of Cultural Criticism. The New Yorker. Juxtapoz Magazine. ART PAPERS. Online Literature - Fiction, Poetry, Interviews. Art Project, powered by Google. Aesthetica Magazine - The Art & Culture Publication. Contemporary monkey // Saatchi Gallery. Tate Channel. LAND. ArtReview. Culture24's Best Contemporary Art Websites of 2010. Tate Channel If you’re snowed in over the holidays, it is always worth remembering that supplies of contemporary art are plentiful to anyone with an internet connection.

Culture24's Best Contemporary Art Websites of 2010

So here are half a dozen of the best portals, magazines and blogs to get you through to 2011. Saatchi Online Not content with perhaps the most accessible gallery around, the Saatchi brand now welcomes allcomers to share work online for a chance to grace the walls of the Duke of York’s HQ. No quality control, but that’s the charm of it. Tate Channel More than 250 artist interviews, more than 100 performances, and 50 films by artists are enough to make you wish Tate really did have a TV channel.

Frieze Magazine Hard copy will set you back the best part of £10, but Frieze online is currently gratis. For tourists in search of an eco-friendly, recession-proof destination, Manchester has it all – including a web guide to rival Time Out. LAND Magazine Contemporary Monkey. Archipelago. Kevin McMadden reads from his poetry, June, 2007 Sarah Arvio, A Reading from Sono, April 1, 2006 “The Virtuous Republic, A Civic Conversation,” Virginia Festival of the Book, March 2006, with Mark McGarvie and Barbara Smith; Katherine McNamara, moderator.


“Race in America,” Virginia Festival of the Book, March 2006, with Nick Kotz and Cheryll Cashin; Faith Childs, moderator. podcasts hosted by the Charlottesville Podcasting Network The Great Book of Gaelic / An Leabhar Mòr Institutional Memory (pdf) About Archipelago Contributors Download Edition Institutional Memory Archive Letter to the Editor Cover next page We encourage Readers to download and distribute this journal in our Download edition, a pdf file which can be saved, printed or read offline.

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