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Since 2016 December, Bakery-Wala have been delighting with yummy fruit cakes, chocolates cakes, photo cakes and many more. Everything began with the cake which we order sometimes reaches late that spoils the instant along with the enthusiastic for the taste.

So we chose to deliver cake at the lightening fast speed, yes you heard it right “lightening fast speed” but with special care to ensure your cold cake remains chilly when you get it.

Cake Tastes only great when it’s baked and chilly fresh. We promise to send you the cakes in a very time that you have mentioned at the transportation page. We provide fresh baked cakes for every occasions like Valentine’s day on time, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Fathers day, Mothers day or some celebration craving for cake. Now cakes that are online cake delivery in Indore. Hannah Obee's Salted caramel chocolate cake. Food - Recipes : Mississippi mud pie. Sinnlicher Schokoladenkuchen. Sinnlich – das ist das erste, was mir bei diesem Schokokuchen einfällt.

Sinnlicher Schokoladenkuchen

Sinnlich liegt nicht fern von Sünde und gerade diese beiden Assoziationen machen diesen Kuchen so verboten, dass man ihn unbedingt haben muss. Wer der Sünde nachgibt, wird belohnt. Ein lockerer, fast luftiger zartherber Schokoladenteig mit Orangenaroma und eine klebrige weiche Schokocreme. Zusammen absolut perfekt und zum Finger-abschlecken gut. Dabei war dieser Kuchen überhaupt nicht geplant. Allerdings hatte ich keinen Zucker mehr und habe deswegen nach einem Rezept mit braunem Zucker gesucht. Schokoladen-Perfektion. Ein Kuchen der am nächsten Tag noch besser schmeckt und mit dem man eigentlich alles machen kann.

Rich chocolate lavender cake + mascarpone earl grey german buttercream. Two years now.

rich chocolate lavender cake + mascarpone earl grey german buttercream

Two years of sharing recipes, dinners, photography, writing, and glimpses into my life with you all. And I’m so happy to tell you that right at that two year mark I had the shock & honor of winning the Saveur Best Food Blog Photography Award, both reader & editor’s choice. I couldn’t believe it. Slack jawed, no words, squealed at my cat couldn’t believe it (and that is not in character for me). There was so much talent in that category it honestly didn’t cross my mind that I would win at all.

For one, I swear profusely. Yes, I have a pathological need to put flowers, tea, and herbs in all the things; I don’t fight it, and it’s delicious. La Pêche Fraîche. “As the winter winds litter London with lonely hearts Oh, the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms Was it love or fear of the cold that led us through the night?

La Pêche Fraîche

For every kiss your beauty trumped my doubt.” —Mumford and Sons, Winter Winds Current mood: ecstatic. Reasons: Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer was released.The Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer was released two days ago and I have watched it 19 and a half times. Despite the half foot of snow that smothered Chicago on Sunday and the reading and pset sitting in my “to-do” pile, I am very, very happy. (I just watched episode 2 of season 1 for, incidentally, the 19th time… Am I obsessed yet? If you’re anywhere on Pinterest or instagram (hey, you! What is a naked cake? Here, check out this beautiful board of cakes. Toscakaka – Nordic Caramel Almond Cake — my blue&white kitchen. Makes one 20 cm / 8" cake I made a few small adaptions to the original recipe like adding lemon zest to the batter.

Toscakaka – Nordic Caramel Almond Cake — my blue&white kitchen

I think it was lovely but feel free to omit it if you wish to. Also, my great-grandfather was known to always double the caramel almond topping. It appears, however, that he must have been using a larger cake pan. I was baking this cake again last Sunday and decided to double the topping cause HOW CAN ONE NOT WANT MORE OF THAT CRUNCHY GOODNESS!?! For the dough125 g (4.4 oz) unsalted butter, at room temperature135 g (4.8 oz; 1 ½ dl; ⅔ cups) caster sugar3 eggs (M), at room temperaturezest of 1 lemon138 g (4.9 oz; 2 ½ dl; 1 cup) all-purpose flourpinch of fine sea salt1 ½ tsp baking powder2 tbsp milk, at room temperature For the topping55 g (2 oz) unsalted butter55 g (2 oz; 1 ¼ dl; ½ cup) sliced almonds3 tbsp granulated sugar1 tbsp all-purpose flour2 tbsp heavy cream optional: fresh strawberries (or other berries) and Greek yogurt or lightly whipped cream, to serve.

Brownie Butter Cake Recipe. Brownie butter cake – thick brownie and rich butter cake combined into one decadent and to-die-for cake!

Brownie Butter Cake Recipe

Bake the brownie first and then the butter cake. I am so happy that my contributor CP Choong is back with more sinfully delicious baking recipes. In this post, she is sharing an utterly gorgeous, rich, buttery, and decadent Brownie Butter Cake recipe, adapted from Kevin Chai’s “I love Butter Cake Too 2″ cookbook. CP Choong and I went to high school together, but we didn’t know each other when we were in high school. Our high school is the most famous Chinese girls school in Penang, attended by hundreds of students in each grade. Food - Recipes : Lucy’s strawberry slices. BBC Food - Recipes - Marzipan berry cakes. Perfect cream cheese frosting - all my top tips for success. Cream cheese frosting is yummy especially with red velvet cake and carrot cake.

Perfect cream cheese frosting - all my top tips for success

Made well it should have a consistency suitable for piping as well using for a cake filling or coating. Often people get in a bit of a pickle making cream cheese frosting and find that it is too runny. Follow my step by step instructions and it should work perfectly every time. This is sufficient to fill and cover the top and sides of an 8 inch round. 340g cream cheese 115g butter 340g icing sugar, sifted a few drops vanilla essence or 1 teaspoon grated orange zest Soften your room temperature butter with either the vanilla or the orange zest. Ta dah! Top tips Make sure your ingredients are room temperature.