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This week in class I’m going to start taking photos (and have students taking photos) using iPhone apps that let you provide an accompanying audio commentary.

The best app for this kind of excellent speaking practice exercise is Fotobabble. The web version is already on The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English list, and I’m adding the phone app there, too. Comment les facteurs affectifs influencent-ils l'apprentissage d'une langue étrangère ? The Lesson You Never Got Taught in School: How to Learn! A paper published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest evaluated ten techniques for improving learning, ranging from mnemonics to highlighting and came to some surprising conclusions.

The Lesson You Never Got Taught in School: How to Learn!

The report is quite a heavy document so I’ve summarised the techniques below based on the conclusions of the report regarding effectiveness of each technique. Be aware that everyone thinks they have their own style of learning (they don't, according to the latest research), and the evidence suggests that just because a technique works or does not work for other people does not necessarily mean it will or won’t work well for you.

If you want to know how to revise or learn most effectively you will still want to experiment on yourself a little with each technique before writing any of them off. Elaborative Interrogation (Rating = moderate) A method involving creating explanations for why stated facts are true. Effective Learning Skills & Strategies - Study Skills & More. What do you think about these two ways to cut a tree?

Effective Learning Skills & Strategies - Study Skills & More

One man is working hard, but is not productive in making fast progress. The other is working smart by using an effective tool, and is getting results! This page shows you ideas for "getting results" that will help you more fully enjoy the great adventure of learning. One of the most valuable things a teacher can do is to help students prepare for lifelong learning. Improved learning skills — concentrating, reading and listening, remembering, using time, and more — are immediately useful and will continue paying dividends for a long time. Teaching Learning How to Learn Strategies.

Questions to Help Teachers Teach Learning How to Learn Strategies. 1.

Teaching Learning How to Learn Strategies

What background information do my students need to be successful in my course? What prior content should they have? Can I provide ways for students to review this content if they don’t have it? What skills do I assume my students have that are related to being successful in this course?