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Chemistry. NOTE: For those of you who are having difficulty with the links in the above menu, click here!


All teacher documents were originally created in Microsoft Word and some were saved as Web Pages. Those may be easily copied and pasted back into Word for making any changes desired. However, some of the files don't translate back into Word that well. So, some files are in Word only. Where files are in both htm or html and Word you can click on the Word icon after the link.

Les sites utiles pour l'ETLV - [Biotechnologies et multimédia] DNL SVT anglais ressources. Lexique Français-Anglais - Site de Physique-Chimie. [LV-STI2D] Activités STI2D en anglais. > Site STI de l’académie d’Orléans-Tours Site STI de l’académie d’Orléans-Tours Vous êtes ici : Accueil > Ressources pour STI2D > LV anglais en STI2D > [LV-STI2D] Activités STI2D en anglais Par : Laurent Lhermet Publié : 20 septembre 2011 [LV-STI2D] Activités STI2D en anglais Quelques exemples d’activités STI2D en anglais Voici quelques activités technologiques en anglais proposées par l’équipe du lycée Rabelais de Chinon.

[LV-STI2D] Activités STI2D en anglais

Coffee printer Dyson bladeless fan Electronic test equipment Servomotors On batteries Compact fluorescent light bulbs zero-energy homes Les activités ont été réalisées avec l’application gratuite HelpNDoc [1]mais le résultat peut être lues avec un navigateur. Voir en ligne : Télécharger le logiciel "HelpNDoc" STL (selected by Emma Avery) STI2D (selected by Christine Reymond) How to Videos, Articles & More - Discover the expert in you. Enseignement technologique en langue vivante - Biotechnologies et Biologie Humaine. Rising Sea Levels: Causes and Solutions. The 20th anniversary of Earth Day in 1990 was momentous for me for a simple reason: My second book, Saving the Earth, A Citizen’s Guide to Environmental Action, was published on that day.

Rising Sea Levels: Causes and Solutions

It was one of a handful of books that came out that spring—including Bill McKibben’s groundbreaking End of Nature—that attempted to draw attention to a handful of environmental concerns that we all saw at the time as being grave, though not very well understood. Climate change was one of those concerns. “Global warming” was a phrase just starting to be heard, in large part due to the June 23, 1988 testimony of NASA scientist James Hansen before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources in which he explained how and why the Earth was heating up. Hansen, of course, quit his job at NASA just a few weeks ago to allow himself more free time to remind people that the risks he warned about more than two decades ago are still very relevant. We know what causes rising sea levels: Sounds simple, right? How to Give Clean Water to Africa. We're committed to providing a reasonable estimate of usage.

How to Give Clean Water to Africa

It doesn't help anyone to overstate the true impact of a water project. Most of our recent projects actually serve around 500 people, which we consider the upper end of a reasonable limit for any hand-pumped well. Spring catchments serve around 200 or so. Still, the number of people who use a water project will vary by location. If you've seen claims of wells serving thousands, ask questions. An overused well, for example, won't last very long. Managing a water project over time is just as important as how many people it can serve. Properly maintained, a pump can provide clean, safe drinking water for upwards of ten years or so before needing a complete overhaul or replacement.

Sources ETLV. Académie de Rouen - ETLV. PhET: Des simulations gratuites en physique, chimie, biologie, sciences de la Terre et mathématiques. Virtual Labs.