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Half Square Triangles

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Free Magic 8 Tutorial. Freshly Pieced: January Bee Blocks. Wait, it's January 23, and I'm already posting my bee blocks for the month?

Freshly Pieced: January Bee Blocks

That's got to be a record! This month's blocks were a lot of fun, and all over the map stylistically, which was nice. First, the girls from the Milwaukee Modern Quilt Guild have started a new local bee that I'm taking part in. Rebecca, who blogs at Pieces and Cream, was up first. She asked for the "Envy" block, designed by Angela in the 99 Modern Blocks book, and gave us fabric from one of my all-time favorite lines, Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow . For the Sew Beautiful bee, Cherie asked us for this Carpenter Star block in bright, springtime colors.

The Magic 8 revisited...trimming trick and cutting chart! Almost 3-1/2 years ago i shared the Magic 8 method on my blog.

The Magic 8 revisited...trimming trick and cutting chart!

That particular post has been pinned thousands of times, shared and re~blogged over and over. Well...the other day, i was thinking about this method and may have an idea to improve just a bit on the very popular Magic 8 method. Quiltcon blocks! Today my QuiltCon challenge block is one of many being featured over at the Modern Quilt Guild!

quiltcon blocks!

Mine fell in the category of traditional motifs. be sure to check out the previous posts too, there are some amazing blocks! I can't begin to imagine the quilt she's going to make with all the cool blocks she has to choose from! If you don't know what i'm talking about, there's a great description at their website. 20 blocks will be chosen to go into a raffle quilt, and the remaining will be made into quilts for 46 beds at the austin children's shelter. won't that be so great?! I thought i'd share with you the easy instructions for making this block. i used this method for making the flying geese, and i really like it. simple, easy, and fast. so, start with one 7.5" square and four 4" squares . i used two colors for my 4 inch squares. lay two of the same color blocks out in opposite corners. draw a line, corner to corner. stitch on both sides of the line.

24 Blocks. HST Tutorials and Tips For Accuracy. Half square triangles are incredibly popular blocks in quilting, as you have seen in The Bee Hive!

HST Tutorials and Tips For Accuracy

This week, we’re going to have a look at a few different HST tutorials (and the maths formula!) To make half square triangles, or HSTs, to help you improve your skills, your confidence and your accuracy.That way you can choose which method will work best for the pattern you are making and for the fabric you have to choose from! Just swap methods to create the desired finished size of HST, and you’ll be good to go. Four Patch Charm Quilt with Tutorial. I have had this quilt in the works for a few months and finally got to quilt it this week.

Four Patch Charm Quilt with Tutorial

When I loaded it on my machine I was planning on doing a panto but it kept nagging at me that it deserved some custom work so I gave in! :) Large pebbles and swirls it was! 10 HST Quilt Blocks – Quilting. HST (or Half Square Triangle) quilt blocks can be one of the most versatile block designs we have as quilters.

10 HST Quilt Blocks – Quilting

With a simple turn of the block, or change of color, your block can go from looking repetitive and “normal” to having a huge WOW factor in just a matter of minutes. For the Love of Half Square Triangles « Moda Bake Shop. Greetings Moda Bake Shop readers — It’s Karen Miller from Redbird Quilt Co here to share a little Half Square Triangle LOVE… In my recent “Chevron with a Twist” recipe we used Half Square Triangles made from Layer Cake slices to create pretty little chevrons and we added a touch of applique “twist”.

For the Love of Half Square Triangles « Moda Bake Shop

If you missed it, you can review that recipe by clicking here. In the process of designing “Chevron with a Twist”, I realized there were hundreds of ways to design a quilt using half square triangles (HST). Today I want to share just a few of these fun layouts with you. Epic HST Technique. As part of my goal to finish up some WIP’s, I broke out these blocks this week: These are quilt blocks from several years ago that I had made for me in a quilting bee.

Epic HST Technique

All the fabrics used are scraps from my stash-and I love these blocks. By, the way, this is not a block I would recommend for a quilting bee! –All those HST’s–the dear ladies in my bee are so appreciated! =) This block is an easy block to make though–if you don’t mind making lots of HST’s. And 8 Block B’s: Arrange and sew together to make the 16″ block: I need to make a couple more blocks and I plan to add sashing that includes HST’s as well. And, I thought, there has got to be a better way. And it hit me that, since I was making 2 1/2″ unfinished HST’s, I could use this ruler to trim up my HST’s much faster.

Just place, the diagonal line of the ruler onto the seam line of the HST and trim the 2 sides–so fast! Learning Curve. One of the things I love about quilting is that I am always learning new things.

Learning Curve

Some of them are cool; others are LIFE CHANGING! :o) The other day I was piddling around online when I came across this tutorial by Her method of sewing the corners is fabulous! Half-square-triangle short-cuts and easy square-up. I have been making a LOT of half-square-triangle quilt blocks recently.

Half-square-triangle short-cuts and easy square-up

Half-square-triangles (or HST's) are one of the greatest basic building blocks of traditional quilting. I'm not a super-duper-precise piecer, but I am a firm believer in squaring-up blocks - especially half-square-triangle blocks. It just makes the piecing come together easier and look so much nicer in the end. But as we all know, the square-ing up process can get kind of tedious. Right? Have Fun With Half-Square Triangle Quilt Blocks. Half-square triangle quilt blocks are not only versatile for quilting, they are also so simple to make. You can create a number of different creative quilt block designs using simple and unique arrangements of half-square triangle segments.

Half-square triangles are also the perfect way to use up fabrics in your scrap bin — keep a box of them trimmed to the same size, and once you’ve built up a good collection, start a half-square triangle scrap quilt! Photos via A Quilting Life. Tutorial Flying Geese Sew and Flip. I want to show you how to make flying geese one at a time with a super simple and effective sew and flip method. You will make perfect geese every time! Also I want to give you the Flying geese one at a time 'formula'. Rectangle = finished size of the unit + 1/2".

Squares = half of the finished size of the unit + 1/2". Here are some examples. How to Make 8 Half-Square Triangles at Once: The Magic 8 Method. If you don’t like cutting and stitching loose triangles together on the bias, or need to make lots and lots of half-square triangles for a quilting project, here’s a quick and easy solution.

Making the Magic 8 work for you. (Want to save this post? Click here to download a printable PDF version, PLUS get bonus tutorials for even more quilting hacks you need to know — absolutely FREE!) Step 1: Half Square Triangles - Free Quilt Block Patterns - Patchwork Square. Half-Square Triangle Block of the Month. HST Tutorial and Maths Formula - Blossom Heart Quilts. Half-square triangles, or HSTs, are one of the top quilt block units in quilting. The number of ways in how you use them is endless, and the number of HST quilt blocks surely number in the thousands! I would have to say that HST quilt blocks are my favourite for this very reason. You can make them any size, in any fabric and today I’m showing you how to make them using the two most popular methods – the traditional method and the alternative method.

Both require two squares of fabric, but the size and method of sewing will determine how many HSTs you create in one go. Traditional Method This method will create 2 HST units from your two pieces of fabric. To determine what size squares you need to cut, all you need to know is what finished size you need – that is, what size you want them to be once all sewn together – and then add 7/8″ to that measurement. Step 1. 2. Step 3. Alternative Method This method uses larger squares of fabric but you create 4 HST units from the fabric. Step 1. Half-square-triangle short-cuts and easy square-up. Half-Square Triangles & Flying Geese Quilting Tutorial. Sew half-square triangles from strips? Learn how (video + fabric giveaway!) Some of the most beautiful quilts on earth are chock-full of what can be a most tedious pieced unit: the half-square triangle. Popular designer Gerri Robinson is captivated by those little light-and-dark units, and she features them front and center in many of the quilts in her book, A Cut Above—but she doesn’t bat an eye at making them.

So, how does she get a lot of half-square triangles sewn in a little bit of time? A Cut Above is filled with quilt patterns for precuts, and Gerri needed a way to make quick half-square triangles that suited the cuts of fabric she uses—like Jelly Rolls. She says, “The use of special rulers and tools really expands your options.” (If you’re a quilter who goes gaga over gadgets, you know she’s right!) In the video below, Gerri demonstrates how pairing Jelly Roll strips with the ruler shortens her time spent making half-square triangles—and allows her to easily chain piece a whole mess of ’em at a time. Youtube. How to sew flying geese – 4 techniques.