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Free Animal Crochet Pattern Link Directory. The Case for Crochet Hooks Crochet Pattern. Crochet Pattern Central - Free, Online Crochet Patterns - Beginner Crochet Instructions - Crochet Tips, Tricks, Testimonials and More! Hooks. Jump to:Parts of a Crochet Hook | Materials | Specialty Hooks | All About Hooks, Part 2 - Hook Sizes All About Hooks, Part 1 - General Info© 2012 Sandra Petit, Buying hooks can be confusing.


Did you know that there are dozens of different kinds of hooks? I’m going to take some time to show you a few. I’m sure I will just touch the surface of this subject, but at least it will be a start. Parts of a Crochet Hook First, you should know the parts of your hook to aid in discussion with other crochet fanatics. Obviously the head or hook is an essential part of the entire tool and a large part of what makes it different from knitting needles. There are two basic hook types. You’ll notice the difference in Bates and Boye hooks as to the size of the shaft. Not all crochet hooks have a grip (also called the thumb rest). The handle is often the part of the hook where hook designers let their creativity flow. Materials Why choose one material over the other? Wood or bamboo are warmer to work with. Welcome! Free Crochet Patterns. Over 200 Free Crocheted Afghan Patterns.

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Over 200 Free Crocheted Afghan Patterns

Please let us know about any broken links that you find. THANKS Thousands of free patterns Search Over 200 Free Crocheted Afghan Patterns at We moved the baby blankets and afghans to Over 50 Free Crocheted Baby Blanket Patterns Subscribe to AllCrafts Updates We respect your email privacy View Our Latest Updates/Newsletter Bucilla Christmas Kits Online Free Crochet, Knitting, Sewing, Holiday Crafts and Patterns Download Free Fonts! Link to AllCrafts We love sites with free crafts! Advertise at AllCrafts Featured on AllCrafts? Grab a badge! American Heartland Afghan A Larksfoot (Arcade) Blanket Groovy-ghan. Crochet Hobo Bag.

I saw this bag and it totally drove me crazy!

Crochet Hobo Bag

For days! Can you imagine? As alluring as it could be, I had to restrain myself from placing another order to Knitpicks. They have some really wonderful wool yarns that are so soft and easy to crochet. I placed my first and only order of Wool of the Andes chunky and was very delighted at the quality as well as the price. It is not a very difficult pattern to figure out at all. So here it is, my inagural design that I finally managed to write down.Crochet Hobo Bag(inspired by the above Nordstrom bag) Pattern written by Dao Lam Materials: 2 skeins Wool of the Andes Chunky ( Hooks size K-11 (6.5mm), J-10 (6mm), and H-8 (5mm)

How to Do the Cluster Stitch. How to Do the Cluster Stitch The cluster stitch is made up of a number of stitches* that are half closed, then joined together as described below.

How to Do the Cluster Stitch

*The number of stitches varies from pattern to pattern. The pattern you are making will tell you how many stitches to use in forming the cluster you are making for that pattern. This example shows a cluster made with 4 double crochet: Directory of Crochet Stitch and Technique How-to's. Free Patterns and Instructions.