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Evil Friends - Portugal. The Man. Music for every moment. Rdio. Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 8, Windows 7 and 2008 R2 - Home. Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows 8, Windows 7 and 2008 R2 - Home. PicsArt - Photo Studio. Photo Studio: So Much Better Than a Free Photo Editor. DownloadThe fastest download Connect your camera to a computer and Zoner Photo Studio immediately discovers photos, makes back-ups and sorts everything into folders. Need to scan pictures or acquire from the Internet, a PDF or other source? Zoner Photo Studio can do it all. After every trip I connect the camera then let Zoner Photo Studio automatically update my collection with all my new photo memories. ManageThe easiest organization Keeping a well-organized photo collection is easier if all files are named and tagged.

Best of all, everything is automatically backed up so your photos are always safe. Within moments I can easily find birthday and holiday photos on the computer. EditThe best edit and retouch Exposure, Contrast, White Balance, Red Eye Removel, Sharpen and more--the most required tools are right at hand on the Quick Edits bar. Experts will appreciate the ability to work with RAW files. CreateCreate in new ways Wow your friends by creating photos that dazzle. FinePix XP200. Concours Photo - Participez aux concours photo et images. Prix photographique Ville de Levallois, 7ème edition Dans le cadre du festival Photo Levallois, dont la 7ème édition se tiendra du 10 octobre au 15 novembre 2014, la Ville de Levallois organise un prix photographique destiné à soutenir la jeune création contemporaine internationale et à découvrir et promouvoir de nouveaux talents.

Concours Photo - Participez aux concours photo et images

OnePage. OnePage helps you create an amazing website without pain.


It implements the one page concept instead of navigation through different pages. UI Developer/Designer needed, if your interested email me.. there's alot we can do.. OnePage is a distribution of Drupal and a set of great modules such as Chaos Tools & Page Manager, all wrapped nicely in an installation profile that is pre-configured and ready to use for your website. It's suitable for small corporate websites, personal websites, portfolios and blogs. It's designated to allow you to take control over your website in terms of content layout, look and feel. Navigation is replaced with contexts. OnePage. Designer Starter Kit. The Designer Starter Kit is ultimately to become one or more installation profiles, which a Designer that is new to Drupal can download and install, and right away start to do a design for this installation.

Designer Starter Kit

The thing that is lacking from the profiles is styling. There is an empty theme inside, but the styling looks, say, like Stark. The idea for this project originated at the Design Camp Prague 2010. We want to make it easy for a designer to get a kickstart. The installation profile (s) will be built for special use cases: Brochureware, Portfolio, Blogging, you name it. Donor Rally. Here's how Donor Rally works: Fans of your organization create their own personal (or team) fundraising pages.

Donor Rally

Campaign goals are visualized by the Donor Rally Thermometer. Each team promotes your cause using their social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and personal email lists. Donors then click to donate money. Donor Rally creates a healthy spirit of competition to see who can raise the most money before the campaign ends. Built by OpenSourcery . Restaurant. A Drupal Restaurant distribution Features Built on top of magic Apps to manage menus , events , blogs ..etc Widgets: Map, social links, hours and location, and contact forms.


Responsive out of the box. Demo . StarterKit TouchPro demo site. StarterKit TouchPro theme.

StarterKit TouchPro demo site

An installation profile that installs a replica of the demo site. Themes included: Arctica Tundra TouchPro. Volunteer Rally. Volunteer Rally is a volunteer management application that allows you to publish a calendar of available volunteer shifts on the web.

Volunteer Rally

Your volunteers may browse through calendar dates, choose shifts that they're interested in, and sign-up for them. Once they've signed up they'll recieve an email reminder one day before the shift. Site administrators are able to create shifts and specify a capacity for each shift. If you have an established, predictable schedule for your volunteer shifts, you'll be able to create re-occurring shifts that will save the the hassle of creating them one at a time.

Commons. Drupal Commons is a ready-to-use solution for building either internal or external communities.


It provides a complete social business software solution for organizations. Drupal Commons helps organize content into topic (organic) groups with blog, discussion, document, wiki, and event content types. It also allows users to create (user) relationships with each other in order to follow each other's activities on a site. Authenticated users can view a personalized dashboard containing content from all their subscribed groups.Download Drupal Commons 6.x from Acquia's website and 7.x-3.x from this project page on OpenideaL - idea management. Note: We are working hard to get OpenideaL 2 out somewhere in the beginning of February.

OpenideaL - idea management

OpenideaL 2 will have many new features and improvements, which will make this distro a killer app. Help is needed! OpenideaL (OI) is an online idea management system (IDMS) intended for organizations who wish to share with their clients strategic decisions and planification of future products and services. it serves as a tool for the clients community, for expressing their opinions and discussing around them. “Clients”, in the scope of OI, may be the customers of a commercial entity, citizens of a municipality and also employees in an corporate application. The objective of the discussion is usually an idea which the clients are interested in its implementation by the organization. The system also includes smart options of merging similar ideas, or focusing a discussion on a matter which interests the organization more than others. Cartaro. Cartaro is the web mapping platform that brings the power of the best open source geospatial components into Drupal.


With Cartaro you are able to set-up and run your own geo-enabled and OGC standards-compliant website with not more than a few clicks. The geospatial components used in Cartaro are PostGIS, GeoServer, GeoWebCache and OpenLayers. Cartaro is for organisations and individuals that need to run a light-weight spatial data infrastructure (SDI) without the need for extensive configurations and much individual programming. Cartaro is also for all websites that focus on CMS features while also having to handle geospatial data. Visit for details. Usage Survey We know many people do use Cartaro, but don't know who and how exactly. Drop Jobs. Drop Jobs is a distribution aimed at creating an extensible, fully-functional and robust job search website using Drupal 7.

It is somewhat similar to the Recruiter distribution in concept but has to fundamental architectural differences and aims to go much further as far as feature implementations and offering a more complete out-of-the box experience which more closely resembles current job search portals. Get involved! Join the Drop Jobs group! Open Academy. OpenAcademy is a Drupal distribution that brings the best in web publishing for higher education on a customizable Drupal platform. This distribution is a flexible, extendable package that lets university departments run fully functional, polished websites straight out of the box.

OpenMusicFestival. This is an attempt to create a streamlined Drupal distribution for music festivals, designed to be extensible and easy to use and maintain year-on-year. The initial use case is for a large, multi-stage music festival taking place over several days, though the flexible nature of Drupal means this can be easily adapted into serving any style of music festival. Artist listings The core, the artist content type enables listings with fields for bio information, links to external sites and the ability to stream YouTube and Soundcloud media. Event scheduler Artists are associated with events (a content type), which have a location (Complete with Google Maps) and start/end times. Open Hotel. Open Hotel is a Drupal 7 Distribution that helps you create a full featured Hotel site with online booking and online availability.

Features Online AvailabilityOnline BookingMultilingualPhoto GalleriesResponsive DesignGoogle Analytics E-Commerce IntegratedFree and Open-SourceEasy to integrate with any payments processor.Search Engines Optimized. Commons. Commerce Kickstart. Commerce Kickstart is the quickest way to get up and running with Drupal Commerce. It includes the latest versions of Drupal core, Drupal Commerce, and the other modules it depends on. OpenPublish. OpenPublic. Audience: Site administrators, Developers and coders, Documentation contributors, Themers For government and public policy organizations, open source only works if it’s built for the security, accessibility, and flexibility requirements of the public sector.

Open Deals Drupal Distribution. OpenFolio. Open Atrium. Recruiter. Julio. Audience: Site Maintainers. ERPAL Project Management and ERP. CiviCRM Starter Kit. One Page CV. Currently this profile is simple pre-defined set of nodes, blocks, views, etc covered by beautiful theme. But that's just a first stage of development. ERPAL – one smart solution. Open Source Invoicing, Projects & customer relation >> Home. Open source constituent relationship management for non-profits, NGOs and advocacy organizations. The new Google Maps – On Browser – Hello World – Google Maps.

Clearly. Web Clipper lets you save webpage text, links and images with a single click. Mind Notes. Milan Dinić's Blog. Extension. [OC < 5!] SVG Editor OwnCloud. Forecast. AutNo: Find Apartment Rentals Near Public Transportation. Create infographics & online charts. TuneCrawl - Find and play music from the most popular music streaming providers. Fly Photo Editor for Facebook. Podcast Gallery - The Best Audio and Video Podcasts. Skim the web! Buu700/ Free music and stuff. Fargo. AirDroid. Nextly - Smarter browsing using streams. The simple, secure way to connect email with your other cloud services. Discover beers, & say cheers! Previeweet. US Only. Hoverboard » Beautiful portfolios for designers & coders. Easily Remove Image Backgrounds Online - Clipping Magic. Fetchnotes. Simplenote. Keep. Project management and task management, time tracking and team collaboration software - for free - open source. Open Source CMS Demos & Information - OpenSourceCMS. Home of LibreCAD, 2D-CAD. The Open Source CAD System. Free CAD software * for your DWG files: DraftSight. DoubleCAD XT. WiseMapping Open Source. Keep. Goodreads. Accueil. High Quality Blender Tutorials. Share Book Recommendations, Join Book Clubs, Learn more about your Favorite Books and Share Books with Friends.

Blender 3D Architect. IMDb Movies & TV. DropTask - Visual Task Management for Individuals and Teams. Oak — A place to think. Open source P2P digital currency. StudentBook - All, what every student needs! Free Bibliography Generator - MLA, APA, Chicago citation styles.

A Quotation. My Study Life - The Free Online Student Planner. Full Text Translator, Language Translation. Art of Stars in HTML5 - NakshART. Ancient History Encyclopedia. TripIt - Travel Itinerary - Trip Planner. Dictionary of Numbers, Putting numbers in human terms.

Everystockphoto - searching free photos. Stock Photos, Royalty-Free Images, Video Footage and Music.


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