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Free computer forensic software tools. Tgalal/wazapp. Network-Fingerprinting-and-Exploitation1. تحدي : تطبيق الويب Hisoka : مجتمع الحماية العربي. Napachi. Registry Analysis. Software Reverse Engineering Techniques – Level 1 (W19) تحدي: تحقيق جنائي ألكتروني رقم (1) : مجتمع الحماية العربي. الكاتب: علي الشّمري | يوم: 22 يونيو, 2015 | التعليقات: 4 | القراءات: - عدد المشاهدات 2,558 في البداية رمضان مبارك على الجميع، وأدعوا الله أن يعيننا على صيامه وقيامه، وأن يغفر لنا جميع ذنوبنا.

تحدي: تحقيق جنائي ألكتروني رقم (1) : مجتمع الحماية العربي

قررنا في مجتمع الحماية العربي، عمل مسابقة أسبوعية خلال شهر رمضان المبارك، وتكون عبارة عن جريمة ألكترونية بسيطة وعليكم بالقيام بحل القضية وذلك بهدف زيادة الوعي في مجال التحقيقات الجنائية الالكترونية. المسابقات سوف تبدأ بقضية بسيطة، وبعد ذلك تتعقد شيئاً فشيئاً. خلال عملك في حل كل قضية سوف تكتسب خبرة ولو بسيطة في جانب من جوانب التحقيقات الجنائية الالكترونية وبإستخدام أداوت بسيطة ومتوفرة للجميع. Misc_tools_sheet_v1.pdf.

Testing tools. Computer forensics. The Difference Between Hackers, Programmers, Engineers and Computer Scientists  Author Anthony Scherba is the President and Founder of Yeti, a product focused development and design studio in San Francisco.

The Difference Between Hackers, Programmers, Engineers and Computer Scientists 

Yeti works with companies from large enterprises to startups on building innovative products that blend the physical and digital world. The terms hacker, programmer, engineer and computer scientist get thrown around a lot, and they're all too frequently mixed up as a broad definition of anybody who's working on software. But if you want to effectively clarify business needs and project goals, it's important to understand that these are not all the same thing (though someone who can program a computer can utilize different skills to achieve different outcomes). At Yeti, we try to make a clear distinction from when we're hacking, programming, engineering and applying computer science to our development process.

It helps with both our frame of mind and our goals for the development and product management teams. The Hacker The Programmer The Engineer. Pentest Box. OWASP ZAP 2.4.1 - Penetration Testing Tool for Testing Web Applications. ForensicChallenges. Computer Crime Investigation Using Forensic Tools and Technology. As more and more users go mobile and utilize interconnected devices, computers are often at the center of incidents and investigations.

Computer Crime Investigation Using Forensic Tools and Technology

Evidence for discussion in a court of law is often gathered thanks to the skills of digital forensic experts that can extract crucial data from electronic devices belonging to the affected parties. Law officials sometime depend on the testimony of computer forensic analysts specialized in e-discovery; these experts are called to work directly with police officers and detectives to aid in identifying, preserving, analyzing and presenting digital evidence to help solve crime cases.

The aim of the article is to provide an overview of computer forensics and the methods applied in the acquisition of digital evidence from computer systems and mobile devices for analysis of information involved in criminal investigations. It also touches on the latest forensics challenges: mobile forensics, cloud forensics, and anti-forensics.

Windows Functions in Malware Analysis - Cheat Sheet - Part 2. Shellshock - Shellshock Scanner. Common Assessment Tool Cheatsheets - Bugcrowd Forum. Hey All!

Common Assessment Tool Cheatsheets - Bugcrowd Forum

I have an unhealthy obsession for time savers when i'm doing pentest work. Since a lot of my time is spent on the command line I love cheatsheets. I thought i'd use this thread to post some of the more awesome cheat sheets I find =) please please please contribute more! @pwndizzle compiled several tools/techniques (windows, *nix, nmap, metasploit, ++) here in preparation for hs CREST certification: 2014_car_hackers_handbook_compressed. Common Assessment Tool Cheatsheets - Bugcrowd Forum. Rcs-9-admin-final. 15 Must Have Books for InfoSec Enthusiasts and IT Security Professionals. Aside from security articles, podcasts and videos, books are great resources for developing new skills, improving one’s career growth, and gaining extensive knowledge in the area of information security.

15 Must Have Books for InfoSec Enthusiasts and IT Security Professionals

If you are into network security, penetration testing, security research, exploit development, and teaching, then you should update yourself with good books that satisfy your hunger for knowledge. Bear in mind that there is no single courseware or book that covers all the skills and knowledge you need to be an all-in-one good hacker with expertise on exploit development, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, risk management, and network security. Each book has its own focus and topic, although some would cover the main issues in information security but not that extensive or should I say to its core.

Mastering network security, for example, is not just focusing on Network+, CCNA or CCNA Security courseware. Reverse Engineering With Radare2, Part 1. A couple of weeks back, the folks at RPISEC posted the lecture slides and lab contents of their Modern Binary Exploitation course, held earlier this year.

Reverse Engineering With Radare2, Part 1

The course is designed to take somebody with basic C skills and have them work their way through a series of reverse engineering challenges of increasing difficulty. This seemed like a great opportunity to fire up Radare2 and put it to work. - Free URL scanner. Version 6 Release of the REMnux Linux Distro for Malware Analysis.

I’m excited to announce the v6 release of the REMnux distro, which helps analysts examine malware using free utilities in a Linux environment.

Version 6 Release of the REMnux Linux Distro for Malware Analysis

REMnux v6 updates the tools that were present in the earlier revisions of the distro and introduces several new ones. Moreover, it implements major architectural changes behind the scenes to allow REMnux users to easily apply future updates without having to download the full REMnux environment from scratch. 23277. Interactive map of Linux kernel. Cybercrime_Forensics. Computer Forensics World.