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Mind Mapping from a Dyslexic Point of View. This week we got an inside look at how those with dyslexia can benefit from Mind Mapping, thanks to iMindMap user, David Matkin.

Mind Mapping from a Dyslexic Point of View

Read on for some first-hand experience of the power of visual thinking… My name is David Matkin and I am the dyslexia tutor at Portland College. I have worked with dyslexic people of all ages for the last 7 years. As well as working with dyslexic people, I am myself dyslexic. It may seem like the blind leading the blind, however it does give me an “inside view” of dyslexia.Planning Sometimes I can spend ages planning and not really getting anywhere. I use iMindMap to plan out my day, my week my month and it helps me visualise the things I’ve got to do. It’s much easier to see the jobs that I have coming up on my Mind Map than it is to see them in that pile of paper on my desk. I have a map of “down time” tasks and have links straight to the documents that I need for them.

Organisation One of the things that dyslexics find difficult is organisational skills. Cmc2008-p098.pdf. HOW TEACHERS CAN ACCOMMODATE THE DYSLEXIC STUDENT. *Do not give them open-ended questions that involve abstract or incomplete instructions.


*Do not base the student's marks on spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. Errors in assignments should be corrected for them. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are very abstract concepts for them that the right brain does not easily process and cannot visualize them as concrete images. If these errors must be corrected before a student hands in an assignment then permit someone else to edit the mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Parents are often helpful in this.* Look for ideas, not clerical errors. An illustration would be to ask them to point to the "back of a chair". Accessing the ELTJ. Grammar exercises for learners of English as a second language.

135 Self-Education Resources For Lifelong Learners. Self-education and the embrace of lifelong learning is becoming a critical mindset to navigate our rapidly changing world.

135 Self-Education Resources For Lifelong Learners

Lifelong learning can be a catalyst for earning more money in your career and it can be a gateway to self-employment. Fortunately, the Internet has made it easier than ever to find the right resources to spark your curiosity and learn what you need to know. In this post, I have compiled some of the most useful self-education resources that I’ve found online. You will find online courses and tools to master new skills, learn languages, find classic books, broaden your mind and interact with other lifelong learners. Find MOOCs Online: Take free online courses from the world’s best Universities. Lectures and Video Learning Websites: Watch Streaming Documentaries: Digital Skills Training: Digital Skills Portfolios: With so much informal learning now happening online, your credentials are less important than what you can do with your knowledge. Open Educational Resources: ESL without Photocopies.

Main9. The English Teacher Vol XXII October 1993 The Acquisition of Language According to Krashen PETER CULLIPMiri Educational Centre Some years ago, I tape-recorded one of my English language teacher colleagues in operation in the classroom.


As a normative speaker, she wanted to review the tape with me in order to gain some insight into how she could possibly improve her classroom language. On self-monitoring the tape, she was totally surprised and somewhat alarmed at the frequency and consistency with which she omitted the final 's' from simple present tense verbs agreeing with third person singular subjects. There are, in addition, a number of other puzzling phenomena which characterize the typical second language classroom or learner. Krashen (1982, 1985; Dulay et al., 1982) provides the answers - or so many of us believed. This paper attempts to briefly examine Krashen's major hypotheses and to reflect some of the major current concerns with these suppositions and their implications. Comments. Teaching knowledge database. A Virtual School Blog by Connections Academy.

Learn English from movies. Lenguaje - Assessment Practices in the English and French Component of a Foreign Languages Teacher Education Program. Assessment Practices in the English and French Component of a Foreign Languages Teacher Education Program* Prácticas evaluativas en el componente de inglés y francés de un programa de licenciatura en lenguas extranjeras Pratiques d'évaluation dans des cours d'anglais et de français d'un programme de formation d'enseignants de langues étrangères Carmen Faustino Universidad del Valle, Cali - Colombia E-mail: Irina Kostina Universidad del Valle, Cali - Colombia E-mail:

Lenguaje - Assessment Practices in the English and French Component of a Foreign Languages Teacher Education Program

Films For Action: Watch And Share Films Made To Inspire Action For A Better World. Abstracts-and-biodatas-The-Image-Conference-Córdoba1.pdf. 0322_FLA_2005_Khalil.pdf.