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Food desert questions. Food desert- food availability. Food desert01. Script. The First Lady Introduces Let's Move. The first lady announces. Great West food desert-Utah By Chris Bodily- June 5th 2018. The shocking truth about food deserts and American obesity- by Rogers- 2012- Pittsburg Post Gazette. Life where basics are missing- by Remie Geoffroi- April 23rd 2018. By Shirley Cannon June 2nd 2020. Microfarms : bringing fresh produce to food deserts. Jamiah Hargins knows the modest frontyard at the corner of Angeles Vista Boulevard and Olympiad Drive like the back of his hand.

microfarms : bringing fresh produce to food deserts

A military brat who grew up moving from one country to another, he has traversed the yard’s 970 square feet countless times. He and a small team of volunteers spent a month cultivating the land, installing equipment and planting sloping rows of vegetables, including bok choy, Tuscan kale, rainbow chard, red cherry tomatoes, basil and chives. Video-agriculture-intensive-aux-etats-unis-malbouffe- We and our partners do the following data processing based on your consent and/or our legitimate interest: Store and/or access information on a device; Select basic ads; Select personalised ads; Measure ad performance; Develop and improve products; Create a personalised ads profile; Create a personalised content profile; Select personalised content; Measure content performance; Apply market research to generate audience insights; Ensure security, prevent fraud, and debug; Technically deliver ads or content.


These technologies may process personal data such as IP address and browsing data to offer following functionalities: Use precise geolocation data; Actively scan device characteristics for identification; Match and combine offline data sources; Link different devices; Receive and use automatically-sent device characteristics for identification.