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Net. Twitter's Ghost In The Machine. This morning I woke up to something a bit odd.

Twitter's Ghost In The Machine

Around 20 people had sent out nearly identical messages linking to my Twitter page. I have no idea how it happened—I also heard from one user that they were getting DM's (private direct messages) with links to my blog. Also, no idea why or how. Use Twitter to Find Customers. Boloco, a burrito restaurant chain with 16 locations often runs ads in a Boston newspaper.

Use Twitter to Find Customers

The ads contain coupons for the chain’s popular burritos for a special price of $3. It makes sense to advertise in Boston, since 13 of the chain’s 16 restaurants are there, but CEO and co-founder John Pepper wished the ads could also bring customers to Boloco restaurants in New Hampshire and Vermont. So, when he ran one recent ad, Pepper also posted a photo of the coupon on Twitter, inviting diners to bring in any image of the coupon -- a photocopy, printout, or even an image on a mobile phone -- to get the discount.

“It was a way to bring people outside Boston in the print advertising, and a way to increase our visibility,” says Pepper, whose Twitter ID is @boloco. The tactic proved wildly successful, he says. Connecting with customers Most business that use Twitter think of it mostly as a promotional tool, a way to announce new products, perhaps gain readers for a blog. Boost sales with Tweets. Stephen's the ultimate fan but Hugh still bemused by Twitte. The day Twitter kicked CNN’s behind & @ev bought m. Yesterday is the day when Twitter thoroughly beat CNN.

The day Twitter kicked CNN’s behind & @ev bought m

Badly beat CNN. Embarrassingly beat CNN. And most other USA-based media too. Over on friendfeed we’ve been talking about this for the past 12 hours. Here’s one thread on CNN’s horrid news judgment. This second thread is interesting because of the number of interesting news sources linked to by various people. ReadWriteWeb wrote a good post to CNN. I’ve been clicking “like” on the best items about Iran that have come through friendfeed.

OK, so last night something else really weird happened. My friend Luke Kilpatrick (he lives a couple of blocks away from me) invited me down to the Ritz at about 9 p.m. tonight. It was dark, so I couldn’t see who else was there around the fire ring out back. Anyway, I was pretty passionate about this CNN story, since every hour we had been turning through the channels trying to learn about Iranian news (my wife is Iranian and hadn’t been able to call her relatives in Tehran). How the Twitter age of rolling information has 'robbed fans. By David Derbyshire Updated: 01:59 GMT, 3 June 2009 A constant stream of electronic 'junk' is damaging people's ability to think compassionately, scientists say.

How the Twitter age of rolling information has 'robbed fans

The deluge of information from 24-hour news, mobile phones, emails and social networking sites such as Twitter moves too fast for the brain's 'moral compass' to process, two studies suggest. Twitter, where people post short updates about their lives for friends to view, has soared in popularity thanks to celebrity users such as Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross. It has about 10million patrons worldwide. People are becoming so over-loaded with technology and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, that they are losing the ability to think compassionately, research reveals If brains become numbed by the stream of digital information, then people could lose the ability to feel altruism or sympathy for others, researchers claim. 'Our brains' attention levels are finite.

No Contest: Twitter And Facebook Can Both Play A Role In Brandin. 15 Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends. One of the great things about TwitterTwitter reviews is that it is a great place to track emerging trends.

15 Fascinating Ways to Track Twitter Trends

When major events or big stories occur, people tweet about it and it inevitably ends up at the top of Twitter Search as a top trend. But this only scratches the surface of tracking Twitter trends. There are a wide variety of web applications, Twitter accounts, and even iPhone apps that can help people do everything from track popular hashtags to graph out recent Twitter trends. As Twitter grows, this information will only become more useful for understanding what is popular at any given moment, or even what was popular in the past. Web-based Applications 1. Information Is Overrated - Digital Marketing: Using Social Media to Listen to Consumers - A. 4 Real Offline Uses Of Twitter. Twitter in Active Moms Magazine I love when I see businesses who are using social marketing to its fullest potential.

4 Real Offline Uses Of Twitter

I particularly love to see them incorporating their social media marketing into their offline promotions. It is fun to see things I had not yet thought of. I will typically write these strategies down and keep them in my bank of ideas that I think are cool, because I know at some point I might be using the same technique for myself or a client. Offline Twitter Use #1 In a magazine – The whole reason for writing this post came from something I saw in one of those local free magazines that you get while eating out.