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What to Pack. TSR Wiki > Life > Gap Years and Travel > What to Pack Before I left for my trip I must have looked at about 20 websites that listed hundreds of things that you could take on holiday.

What to Pack

Here is my recommendation for what to take - with nice pictures to look at! Clothing Clothing A specially designed-for-travel towel (available at hiking shops - my personal favourite is Countryside) is a real space saver and not too awkward to use. Summery/Daytime Things Summery/Daytime Things A bag for daytime use A foldable hat A pair of sunglasses in a nice hard case Pair of flipflops or other shoes for when it's too hot for your trainers A little battery-operated fan Toiletries - Ones you only need at a hostel Toiletries Razor Make-up Little Compact Mirror Dental Floss Tweezers (good for splinters too) Toothpaste Toothbrush (with case is a good idea) Shampoo Shower Gel Moisturiser Hairbrush (you can get small foldaway ones) Toiletries - Ones you may need during the day Day Toiletries Washing Washing.


Portugal. Italy. France. 10 hidden gems of Europe. There’s no place like Paris, Barcelona or Rome - but Europe has untouched corners that match the big hitters on beauty and charm, and with far fewer tourists.

10 hidden gems of Europe

Take the road less travelled with these ten hidden gems of Europe. 1. Burg Satzvey, Germany Whisper it: this fairytale castle is a short ride from touristed Bonn and Cologne but remains off most travellers' radar. Its medieval castle walls, moat and quaint setting will delight even the most jaded visitor. 2. Image by Snake3yes The Battle of Hastings may be well known as the bloody standoff in 1066 that inspired the Bayeux tapestry, but few make the journey to see where it happened. 3. Image by AiresAlmeida With a cathedral twice the size of Paris’ Notre Dame, it’s sacrilège that this town is seldom visited. 4. Image by curtis_ovid_poe Sure, it’s hard to tear yourself away from the many pleasures of Amsterdam. 5.

It’s strange for a capital city to be an unsung wonder, even if it is in one of Europe’s most petite nations. 6. 7. 8. 9. How to See the World: Art of Travel; European and World Backpacking; On$25 a Day or Less.


7 Abandoned Wonders of the European Union: From Deserted Castles to Retrofuturistic Factories. Beyond Castles: 7 Abandoned Wonders of the European Union Article by Urbanist, filed under 7 Wonders Series in the Travel category.

7 Abandoned Wonders of the European Union: From Deserted Castles to Retrofuturistic Factories

(Check out our complete collection of 100+ Abandoned Buildings, Places and Property.) The European Union may appear on the surface to be a unified body but underneath each member country retains a unique and complex history. The rich stories of individual European nations can be read in part through the amazing abandoned buildings found across the continent.

It is truly remarkable how intact some of these structures are even after centuries. German Military and Hospital Complex Berlin, Germany has been at the center of European history in many regards, most recently as the divided core of Germany before East and West reunification. Belgian Beautiful Castle and Cathedral Mesen, Belgium is the smallest town in Belgium with fewer than 1,000 residents. Danish Deserted Refrigeration Factory Complex English Abandoned Water Pumping Station. Phrases in 5 common languages to know when traveling in Europe. Traveling abroad this summer?

Phrases in 5 common languages to know when traveling in Europe

These helpful phrases will open doors and help you gain immediate acceptance. You don't need to be fluent in the language of the country that you are traveling to, but learning some key phrases makes a great impression. If someone hears that you're trying to speak the language, they will give you their respect and help. From saying hello to asking how much something cost; knowing some important phrases will set you up for an amazing trip. Its also a great way to meet and connect with people, you can find a secret spot that only the locals know or the best place to eat in town. Your pronunciation doesn't have to be perfect, all that matters is that your trying and that means a lot the locals.

Here are some helpful phrases in 5 common languages to know when traveling in Europe French, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch The Basics: Hello: bonjour (bohn-zhoor) Please: S'il vous plaît (see voo play)