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Facebook. Craft for OKIDO magazine. By Kate on April 24, 2011 The lovely people at Okido magazine asked me to do a craft project for their latest issue which is all about the weather.

Craft for OKIDO magazine

OKIDO is jam-packed full of things to keep little hands and minds occupied. Check it out…it’s just lovely! I made this ‘rainy day mobile’. It’s really simple – all you need is paper, thread and glue. Follow the diagrams below to construct the raindrops… …you can sew them too if you would prefer – then you only need to cut out two shapes for each drop – rather than four. I ♥ OKIDO – hooray!! Colorful Patterned Owls. We took a break from Halloween crafting this week by reading The Little White Owl by Tracey Corderoy and Jane Chapman.

Colorful Patterned Owls

After completed our Little White Owl Craft we decided we wanted to make the colorful patterned owls depicted in the story too. Paper plates work so well to make owls, so we stuck with them on this project. Start by painting three small paper plates one color. After they are dry, use a different color to paint a pattern on one of the paper plates to use as the body for the owl. We mimicked our favorites out of the story in the picture above.

After the pattern is dry that you painted, take another one of the painted paper plates and cut it in half to use as the wings. Next, use a generous amount of school glue to attach the last paper plate to the body as the head of the owl. Lastly we cut a slit out of the top of the owls head to finish our owls. Happy hooliganshappy hooligans. This adorable owl craft is simple to make, and although owls are typically thought of as being a fall or hallowe’en animal, I think these little guys are cute enough to make at any time of the year. toilet rollsfabric scrapspaintgoogly eyesbuttons/gems/jewelsglueorange felt or construction paper (beaks) Start by squeezing the end of a toilet paper tube to form the ears of the owl.

happy hooliganshappy hooligans

You can tape it in place, but I made ours up ahead of time, and used my glue-gun. Then have your hooligans paint the tubes. Tortilla Tepee's. I was browsing through an issue of the Mailbox Magazine at the library a couple months ago (issue for Oct/Nov 2011) and saw this idea to make tepee's out of a tortilla.

Tortilla Tepee's

I've been so excited to make them with my kids during Thanksgiving time. I wanted my children to grasp the concept of how Indian's made shelter. First, we talked about how tepee's were a portable tent made of buffalo skin. We picked up a couple of non-fiction books about Indians at the library that had pictures of tepee's also to help with our discussion. To make the tepee, glue two popsicle sticks together like pictured below. To make the buffalo skin, follow the directions in the pictures below. My favorite part was watching the kids draw pictures on their tepee's with markers. BRICOLAGE enfant et garderie. Life Cycle of a Chicken. To start off our learning about Birds, Luke and I made a "Life Cycle of a Chicken" poster the other day.

Life Cycle of a Chicken

I saw the idea in The Mailbox Magazine a while back. We started by reading some fun books about Birds. First, a DK Eye Wonder book called "Birds". I just found the Non-Fiction area in the library about Birds and grabbed a couple books that looked good. "Five Little Chicks" by Nancy Tafuri. "The Perfect Nest" by Catherine Friend. Then we set out to make our Life Cycle Poster. At the top of the egg we talked about how chickens start out as an egg. BRICOLAGE enfant et garderie. BRICOLAGE enfant et garderie. Activités pour le Préscolaire: anatomie. The anatomy of the hand is in the spotlight today.

Activités pour le Préscolaire: anatomie

L'anatomie de la main est à l'honneur aujourd'hui. The material I used is as follows: - 5 straws; - construction paper sheets; - A paper plate, a piece of cardboard or Styrofoam tray depending on what you have; - String; - A pair of scissors; - A hot glue gun, but I guess you could use white glue allocating drying time long enough. I invite you to watch the following short video to show you the movement of a finger. Le matériel que j'ai utilisé est le suivant: - 5 pailles; - une feuille de papier construction; - une assiette de carton, une morceau de carton ou une assiette de styromousse selon ce que vous avez; - de la ficelle; - une paire de ciseau; - un fusil à colle chaude, mais j'imagine que vous pourriez utiliser de la colle blanche en allouant un temps de séchage assez long.

Je vous invite à regarder le petit vidéo suivant pour vous montrez le mouvement d'un doigt. 1. 2. 1. 2. 3. Paper Plate Flying Saucer. Boys and girls alike will love making this fun UFO from paper plates and craft jewels.

Paper Plate Flying Saucer

This is a great project to chase away the cabin fever that comes with freezing winter temperatures! If you can remember, come July 2nd it will be UFO Day! So tuck this project away and save it for that special day too. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax / Check out this great Lorax craft, perfect for kids any age! Catherine Fortier. PandaDanbo_Papercraft.jpg (Image JPEG, 1600x1271 pixels) - Redimensionnée (52. 1000 & 1 TRUCS.

Catherine Fortier. 1000 & 1 TRUCS.