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Shopping. Avatar. Building. Secondlife 1. Sculpties. Textures. Scripting. Animation. SL Business. Clothing Tutorials - Second Life Wiki. Resources - Another. Older Skins Untitled (F generation, Jan 2008) 512x512 Raster format, female PSD zip archives (Photoshop CS) Seven Deadly Sins (E generation, Nov 2007) PSD files (coming soon) Experimental Skins (zomg!) Half-assed Male mods (F generation, Early-Mid 2008) 512x512 Raster format, male. 50 Tips and Tricks to Create a Learning Space in Second Life | College Degrees. The popular virtual world of Second Life attracts online gamers, former Sim City addicts, entrepreneurs-in-training, and tech-savvy teachers. The educational possibilities through Second Life allow teachers and employers to reach out to students beyond their traditional classrooms and school districts, expose young children to global issues and new friends around the world, design their own avatars and environments for highly customized training sessions and interactive discussions, practice real-world skills and manage real-life situations in a safe environment, and most of all keep students engaged in a technologically-driven society.

For tips, tricks and resources that will help you make the most of the virtual world, check out the list below. Training Purposes Employers and educators who want to train new hires or test their students can use Second Life in the following ways. Blogs and Websites Examples of Second Life in Education More Tips and Ideas Resources Communication Tools.

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